‘Bajrang Dal to play major role in checking religious conversion, love-jihad,’ says leader

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The Hindutva right-wing organization Bajrang Dal has reiterated its commitment to checking religious conversion and love-jihad at the grassroots level. 

Sana Ejaz | TwoCircles.net 

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PRAYAGRAJ (UTTAR PRADESH) — Right-wing Hindutva outfit Bajrang Dal has reiterated its commitment to check and end religious conversions and love-jihad across the country, IANS reported. 

“Love Jihad” is a conspiracy theory disseminated by the Hindu right-wing in India alleging that Mulsim men are trying to lure Hindu women into Islam by way of romantic relationships and marriage. The Hindu right-wing claims that it [love-jihad] is part of a broader demographic “war” by Muslims against India and an organised international conspiracy for domination through demographic growth and replacement.

In recent years, allegations of ‘love-jihad’ were frequently made against Indian Muslims accused of crimes. 

In November last year, TwoCircles.net reported how the grisly murder of a Hindu girl allegedly at the hands of her Muslim boyfriend quickly turned communal with widespread allegations of love-jihad made. The case was yet another example of how an entire community was targeted for the crime of one and how easily polarized and communal the debates around the issue became. 

To counter religious conversion, several states in India have enacted anti-conversion laws which its critics say is regressive and offensive.

‘Formation of Bajrang Dal in response to Jihad’
Bajrang Dal, under its expansion drive, plans to reach out to every lane, locality, colony, village, block and city to protect and spread the Hindu religion, culture and tradition.

IANS quoted the National Convener of Bajrang Dal, Neeraj Doneria as saying, “The formation of Bajrang Dal was done in response to jihad and the organisation would be carrying out its activities extensively and none can pose any sort of hindrance to it.”

“Bajrang Dal was the organisation to give a befitting reply to anti-nationals,” he said. 

Doneria said the organisation is working tirelessly to serve and protect the Hindu community. “At a time when religious conversions and love-jihad are posing major challenges across the country, all the patriots are looking to the activists of Bajrang Dal to take up mass awareness and check religious conversions and love-jihad,” he said. 

“Whenever there has been an attack on Hindu dignity and faith, the activists of Bajrang Dal stand like a rock. We have to play a major role to check religious conversion and love-jihad at the grassroots level,” he added. 

Sana Ejaz is an independent journalist from Bihar. She tweets