Delta Meghwal Death Mystery

    Death of a Delta

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    She was named Delta after the river deltas. A river delta is formed when a fast moving river meets a body of standing water like ocean and loses its speed and deposits at the meeting point all the sand that it was carrying. River deltas have lots of economic benefit. Perhaps, parents of Delta Meghwal also thought that she will be beneficial to the whole community or just like in Mathematics delta will represent the difference or change. All hopes and aspirations of the 17 year old came to an end on March 29, 2016 when she was found dead in a water tank.

    Death of a Delta: Part 2 visited Nokha to investigate the story of Delta Meghwal. Within a couple of hours we realized that it is a town still living in 16th century. We call it a town of 16th century because discrimination on the basis of caste & creed still prevails in the town.

    ‘राहुल गांधी ने भी मुझे धोखा दिया’ –डेल्टा मेघवाल के पिता

    दलितों की लड़ाई के अहम योद्धा मंगनाराम मेघवाल

    नोखा: जानिए एशिया की सबसे बड़ी मोठ मंडी को

    …और मैंने नोखा को ‘डेल्टा’ के लिए लड़ते हुए देखा

    ‘मैं अंतिम सांस तक डेल्टा के इंसाफ़ के लिए संघर्ष करूंगा’ –राहुल गांधी

    डेल्टा मेघवाल और उसके पिता का दर्द…

    डेल्टा मेघवाल मरी नहीं, मारी गई है…

    सवालों के प्रहार तले डेल्टा मेघवाल की मौत

    क्या महज़ राजनीति का मुद्दा है डेल्टा मेघवाल?