Colors of Ramadan in Surat and Ahmadabad

By Ilyas Khan Pathan for,

Ahmadabad/Surat: Rander town was united with Surat, the Diamond city of India, 34 years ago, witnesses the month of Ramadan, this year with peace and great zeal. It remains cool and calm during the whole year, but gets very active and excited in the month of Ramadan.

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It’s said, that during the Caliphate of Saffah Abbasi, a group of Arab Muslim traders came from Kufa near Najaf in Iraq to Rander in Surat and settled there.

A view of Market in Rander after iftaari

As in any other place in the country, the stalls of fruits and foods are the routine feature every year in Surat but food items differ as per the culture. Lajpuriya, Lords, Modan foreign fruits like Duriyan and Guyawa’s Kulfi are the most famous among Rozedars in Ramzan. Eggs fill with Chicken Keema called Pedhiwala and Mama’s Parathe popularly known as Rangooni Parathe are the important ingredients of Iftar. Shoeb Kalu’s “Sanch no Icecream” is famous for its verity and quality.

The area near the Chunarwad Mosque becomes an eating joint during Ramadan and the whiff of fried Parathes and other fried items will haunt you forever. But due to emergence of fast food and different people of different culture, Tandoori Biryani, Chikcen Seekh, Alu Poori and Pizzas have added to feast the Muslims of Surat.

Rangooni paratha by Pedhiwala in Rander

Sadly, on the initiative of a BJP corporator, Surat Municipal Corporation has ordered to close the 40 years old Chowk Bazar, which was the famous Ramzan market in Surat. The Corporation is not paying any heed to the wishes of local of Local Muslims.

Ahmadabad, the capital city of Gujarat is gearing up for Eid. The crowd in the Ramadan Bazaars is growing with every passing day. When TCN talked to the Ahmadabad locals about their favorite feast in Ramadan, it was really surprising that there was nothing in the menu that can
be called a Gujarati. In Iftar, Rozedars opt for Fruits, Chana Chat and other fried items like Pakode, Keema Roti and Milk with Toasts is the usual item in Saheri.

‘Khir-Kurma’, a special variety of sevainya, being prepared in Ahmadabad

Ahmadabad is also known as a hub of Bakery Products and in Ramadan the business grows faster. Bhajiya or Pakode are favorites during Ramadan, specially the ones made of Potato. Gota, a fried dish is the only specialty in Ahmadabad.

Women buying bangles for Eid in Ahmadabad

Sweet sevainya on a stall in Ahmadabad

People in Ramadan usually get out for shopping after Iftar or Travih Namaz and have dinner with Chicken Biryani, Kebabs, Chanp and Bhuna. To avoid the rush of Eid, People in Ahmadabad, are shopping till dying.