Newly elected SIO president vows to bring student issues in political debates

By news desk,

New Delhi: Newly elected national president of Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) Sohail KK has vowed to bring students issues in mainstream political debates, particularly during the next general election.

After being elected president of the 25-year-old Muslim students’ organization SIO last week at the organization’s central advisory council meeting, Sohail KK, 28, said: “Students’ and education issues are always marginalized in every election debates and people of the country are always misguided by vested interest of politicians and communalists.”

Suhail K.K, national president, SIO

Suhail who hails from Kerala was elected president at the end of a 3-day (Dec 15-18) meeting of more than hundred representatives of SIO from all states in New Delhi.

“Suhail KK from Kannur in Kerala is elected unanimously national president of the 25 years old student organization which has lakhs of associates across the country,” says a statement from SIO. A Rafiq from West Bengal has been appointed as general secretary of the organization which is believed to be the student wing of India’s Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

The Islamic group of students has been in news for its stem opposition of sex education last year which culminated in national campaign by most of the Muslim and other organizations which eventually forced many state governments to withdraw sex education proposals.

SIO’s national conference in Mumbai to Redefine Education in India too attracted thousands of students who conducted rallies and protests, conferences and public gatherings in the country. SIO raised voice for making education inclusive for all social groupings of the country particularly the marginalized ones. The organization also drew ire of many organizations in Kerala during union election in which SIO successfully countered left party’s candidates.

SIO has blamed authorities for illegal detention and torture of Muslim students by police and campaigned against state terrorism after Batla House controversial encounter.

“SIO is going to chalk out a detailed program for it in January 2009 in which newly elected members of central advisory council will take decisions about their next steps to intensify struggle social justice in education vis-à-vis political challenges before the nation,” says the statement.

Newly elected central advisory council will hold its first meeting in January to discuss the issues at length. The council has 15 members which include Md Hashmatullah Khan and Zubair from Karnataka, Omair Anas, New Delhi, A. Rafiq from West Bengal, Shibli Arsalan, Bihar, Mohammad Azharuddin, and Fzal Quraishi from Maharashtra, Tanvir Parekh, Asif M, Musab Iqbal, Sibghat Husaini from Andhra Pardesh, Shakir T, Shahin K M and Shihab from Kerala, and Mohammad Arif from Rajashthan.




SIO doing good

Assalamu Alaikum...
Pleasure to know that there is a common muslim students organisation with having branches all over india aiming on educations and social upliftments.
Great SIO goahead....


"This religion is easy. No one becomes harsh and strict in the religion without it overwhelming him. So fulfill your duties as best you can and rejoice. Rely upon the efforts of the morning and the evening and a little at night and you will reach your goal."

May Allah increase our love for His Prophet (peace be upon him) and assist us in following him in both our outward and inward actions. And may Allah gather us together with those who will receive His blessings - the Prophets, their upright followers, the martyrs, and the pious - for they are the best of companions.

aaww,SIO president Suhail kk

aaww,SIO president Suhail kk sould be clarified one point here that every body knwo that SIO is a small group like "frog in a wel" even it worked here for 25 years.Then how SIO will take the student issues in political debates ? what SIO did against the ABVP criminels in campus? now the campus is one of the recruiting ground of RSS and fascism is the main threats to Indian democrecy and the community as well.

Dear Brother, Assalamu

Dear Brother,
Assalamu Alaikum, I would like to clarify one thing that SIO is not a small group, it has thousands of members and lakhs of Associates and sympathisers. It is a very systematic organisation. As of now, SIO is the biggest muslim students organisation in india. Most of the Organisation work are in the campus side. Alhamdhu Lillah in Kerala few places sio members won the campus election. Lot of Dawah work going in campus. Some of the important programmes of SIO are EID-get-together for students, dawah training camps for sio members, Dawah programmes for non-muslims, Anti-Cyber Evils programme, Anti-sex education programme, Educational Awareness programme for muslims, Tharbiyath camps, Etc., But i know there are still lot of miles to go, let sio will keep concentrate on the focus. Requesting every muslim student should be a part of sio as a member / Associate / sympathisers. There are lot of organisations came but now nowhere because of no strategic plannings. SIO still striving because of strategic plans and implementation with Allah's help.
SIO will never go in anti-government policy. It will never take violence in hand, it will work under rules and regulations. It is fighting against the Fasicism (RSS-ABVP) by conveying the real face of these people to the students especially in the campus. SIO always beleive in conveying the right message to the right people, only few percentage of hindus are in fasicst mind, more than 80% hindus are normal people, conveying the message to these people is the utmost duty of all muslims, this policy will have a big impact...Insha Allah

An outsider's view

What I have to inform you who question that what SIO have done in campus to oppose communal activities of ABVP etc is that, SIO only had a workable or effective plan to oppose such activities. This a view of an outsider even who is working for some organization which actively opposing SIO. What I found that while some Muslim groups encouraging tension in the campus, SIO entered to the heart of students though its strong philosophical stand bonded with Islam. Daewa of SIO forced a lot of Hindu brothers (otherwise who would be intellectual strength of communalists) to think about wrong in being communal and to retain from being opposes of Muslims.
SIO is in the right path. It's daewa is the most effective in campus. With out accusing silly questions, try to work together. May Allah help alla of us

Assalamu Alaikum brother K K

Assalamu Alaikum brother K K Suhail,
My prayers for you.The expectations of all who are anxious about the future of Muslim community in India is on your organization.All of the thinkikng muslims of India may be praying to the Almighty for the success of your organization.Your organization represnt the young generation of Muslim community..Please do maximum to fulfill our expectations.Please try to get the support of both Muslim and non-Muslim students.If your organization is morally spiritually and intellectually able to lead the Indian Muslim students, Allah will not abandon you.