Jamia Nagar encounter: public refutes police claims

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi, TwoCircles.net

New Delhi: The Special Cell of the Delhi Police today killed two Muslim youths, suspected to be associated with the shadowy terrorist organization Indian Mujahideen, in an encounter at Jamia Nagar area.

While the police arrested one, other two escaped from the scene, claimed the police.

It was around 10:30 am when the police reached House No. L-18, near Khalilullah Masjid in Batala House area under Jamia Nagar Police Station. They cordoned the house and the adjoining area and asked the residents of a flat on the fourth floor of the building. But in response firing started from the flat and the police responded in the same coin and two persons were killed, said the police.

People in the neighbourhood have some other story. They say the operation started in the wee hours of Thursday and around 10 the encounter took place. They deny that there was any crossfire. They also deny there was any announcement by the police.

While the police is highlighting the bullet injury of a police officer of the Special Cell, they are saying little about the suspected people killed and escaped. No information has been given about the person who was arrested from the flat.

The locals also refute the police claim that two suspects fled from the scene. They say it is impossible to escape from the fourth floor flat as it is attached with other buildings and the police had cordoned off the entire area.

When this correspondent reached the site the entire Batala House was turned into a security zone. Scores of TV channels were there and the police was not allowing the mediamen to reach the building.

Neither the suspects killed nor one arrested were shown to the media. The Special Cell officers sped away with the bodies and the arrested person.

As the building is a few meters away from Khalilullah Masjid, the word went round that encounter is taking place at the mosque and in an hour thousands of people have gathered there.

Several locals were furious that the whole design was to tarnish the image of Muslims and Jamia Millia Islamia University. It is believed that those people described as suspected terrorists were JMI students. And all of them were from Azamgarh.

It should be noted that on Thursday, the Gujarat Police had brought Abu Bashar, alleged mastermind of the Ahmedabad serial blasts, to identify the places he stayed and the persons he met. Abu Bashar is from Azamgarh.

They brought him to Zakir Nagar and Abul Fazl Enclave. They detained many people for questioning.

They took him to Abul Fazl Enclave area and arrested Md. Rashid, a Ph.D. student of Jamia Millia Islami, from C-81.

When DCP South Delhi asked whether these suspects were involved in the Delhi blasts, he declined to comment.

When he was asked how huge quantity of arms and ammunition were smuggled to the building while the police and Special Cell sleuths were conducting combing operations in entire Delhi, again he had no answer.


Delhi Police' encounter in Jamianagar!

The contention of the local people of Jamia Nagar leads people to think that it is also a "yet another fake encounter"!Why did the police not show the arrested person
or the dead bodies?How could they say that there were five persons in the flat, of whom 2 were killed , one arrested and two fled!
In the much adoed "attack on the Parliament", it is alleged that the five bodies of terrorist killed were not claimed by anybody and remained in the mortuary of a hospital.
An investgating reporter discovered they were not circumscised!
Two Gujarat police encounters were proved "fake"!

How dishonest you people

How dishonest you people are. and disloyal. is this what ur religion teaches u? not an iota of shame and pride in one's honesty?

It is very easy to say

It is very easy to say everything you said.pointing fingure to others is very easiest way to clean own sins.
now i think similar case in Batla house happened when one terrorist was killed in 2000 concerned with lal qilla case,police said he was from pakistan lasker toeba and afterwords there parents came to delhi and they said he is from UP how police is identifying him as pakistani.but they dont know our police and media is best in cevering up,i remmember i was continiously reading news paper during those days,everyday media people was targetting police for this fake encounter as per police also they shoot him from outside and bullets penetrate the doors and reached inside to hit that guy,but his body was lying just 90 degree from the door,now media people asked them how bullet can travel 90 degrees to hit him,police was silent and all the way to stairs there was blod spot it shows they killed him somewhere outside and brought there to show the encounter...ter
and what happened to that case suddenly after 10-12 days that news was not in any news paper.so who instructed media not to print that news.i dont know....you guess..

WHAT HAPPENED TO GUJRAT RIOTS CASE disclose by TEHALKA no action against those culprits because they are hindu and supported by BJP/RSS/VHP no body can touch them,but if those people were muslims the scene must reversed.

in case of yesterday encounter at jamianagar childs were killed of 13yrs 14 yrs and 16 years.what do you think about this.

now i believe time has come that the hated feelings between hindus, muslims and cristians are incresing day by day and i think its becoming worst everyday.
this will lead to civil war.
i am sorry if it heart anybody feelings....


Me Indian and try to be Indian


There are 2 things....First thing is that we have lost our faith in police,civial Judiciary and our so called politician....Let me clarify you...i am an indian first...then Muslim or Hindu.......then might be i am an Indian..or might be and second thing this divison between Hindu and Muslim is first created by British people to get their stergic advantage and then out so called politician to get their votes...every body's report sheet is tainted.....You know the greatest danger of our democracy is that some so called secuar parties supports some of this issues for only for vote bank....Gujurat is same in our secularism ...simillrly..Kashmir is other side of coin....due them only..entire system got corrupted....

Now about this point...yes it is very true...that police make fake encounters...it is also true that police is liable to answers quetions when this is something relating to matter of death and life of a civilan...but the point is ...it is also true...major terrorist attacks that has been carried out in India is carried out by one particualr community.......we can ot deny the fact......so i think time has reached...where this false show of secular nation and democracy should be completely finished ...and let know every one the truth...India as a nation are not united....it once for all decide...either break the country for once and last...create nation based on the religion...and at least for the rest of the time evry bodt will be in peace......


Thanks for writing this truth in such a good manner and its really going to disclose this hardcore fact atleast infornt of large number sleeping people of this country who think that all muslims are illitrate and do not have any sense to think. These Hindi news channel people are bastered and nothing have to show truth but they have to runt the channel 24X7 keeping happy to the majurity. All media, police,polititians are from the same community so there is no one to listen the truth fro us, and this is the better way to convey the truth to atleast those hindu people who are not interested to listen media's fake stories but some facts only.

All media channes did not show the story of Orrisa where BAJRANGDAL AND SHIVSENA TEERROSISTS attacked on several churches and killed hundreds of christians. But Media was busy to show JAMIA NAGAR FAKE ENCOUNTER atleast till 10 to 15 days after the happening.


I proud to be a Muslim and will be ever as I proubd to be a Indian.

Thanks for writing this

Thanks for writing this truth in such a good manner and its really going to disclose this hardcore fact atleast infornt of large number sleeping people of this country who think that all muslims are illitrate and do not have sense to think. These Hindi news channel people are bastereds and nothing have to show the fact but they have to runt their channel 24X7 keeping happy to the major community. All media, police,polititians are from the same community so there is no one to listen the truth from us, and this is the better way to convey the truth to atleast those hindu people who are not interested to listen media's fake stories but some facts only.

All media channels did not show the story of Orrisa where BAJRANGDAL AND SHIVSENA TEERROSISTS attacked on several churches and killed hundreds of christians. But Media was busy to show JAMIA NAGAR FAKE ENCOUNTER atleast till 10 to 15 days after the happening.

First media said ABU BASHAR is mastermind then said ATIF is mastermind then said AMIR RAZA is mastermind then said the person cought in mumubai is mastermind actualy they are confused themselves.


I proud to be a Muslim and will be ever as I proubd to be a Indian.

Fantastic !! love our cops

Fantastic !!

love our cops that hate to tell the truth. You bunch of jokers ask the parents of those arrested.

Where in the world have we heard that 20 year olds have planned and carried our bombings in various cities across a country.

After carrying out such successfull attacks which idiot will stay in the house only to be caught unaware !!

Muslims have been continuosly marginalised in India with no presence in the Government Sector although they make up 20% of the population.

Where are the killer of the Gujarat Riots / Ani-Sikh riots / Bombay Riots etc. Why is Bajrang dal left alone to burn churches and christians all over india ?

I laugh when i watch Indian news full of non-sense. And the Indian media i must praise for its idiotic/childish reportings. Watch bbc / cnn and you will understand how blind we are.

After 9/11 almost all americans posted their personal investigation into the destruction of the world trade center. Surprisingly all of them claimed that it was an insiders Job !!

Wake-up Indians do something before this disease spreads.

see whos preaching us abt honesty...

well...dear how can u claim those ppl as dishonest??how can u so easily dissaprove their claim and believe in police which have a history of fake encounter..?i know u among the people who justified the ansal plaza encounter,u r the same people who justified the encounter done by vanzara even u ppl gone beyond the sense of humanity in justifying the killind of sohrabuddin's wife...i know u r the among those innocent moron who were of the opinion that Dr.rajesh talwar murdered his own daughter..(police claim)...why dont u ppl see both side of story...why always act with stereotypic prejudice?...

can u tell me whre 2 terrorist fled while all the area was covered by police?u know what is problem with indianm subcontinent mentality?they always beleive wat they want...never look toward reasoning...always act with biased and empty mind...

good reply

Very apt reply,well done..This is the way to answer
Polite at the same time with hard facts...
our country men will one day start realising the efforts of thousands of Muslim fighters who have got martyred in the process of our freedom struggle,the true history cant be hidden for too long.


Does Inspector Mukesh Sharma killed by Police themselves?
Police has to make lot of false claims due to our corrupt judicial system but let us not give handle to ANTI NATIONALS.

underminimg the sacrifice

Very true. I don't understand why the article chose to ignore that three police men were also wounded in the operation. By raising doubts over this operation, the journos of this website are truly undermining the sacrifice of brave officers like Mohan Sharma. There is clearly no way police would kill themselves for a fake encounter.

It is sad that such reactions have been invoked after this encounter. It raises several questions in minds of people like me who still try to believe that any Indian is equally faithful to the nation.
Is it true that people of Jamia Nagar claimed that it was a fake encounter? If yes, that means these people clearly want to support terrorists and want to pressurise police and prevent them from carrying out similar operations in future.
If that's not true, then the only conclusion possible is that journos on this website are reporting false news and trying to invoke feelings that mulsims are being victimised in India. This again in my opinion points to anti-national journalism.

Can anyone answer these questions raised by a person who still believes in secular India?

Police VS People

The questions you raised are good one.Let first we all salute to our coup for their ssacrifice.
Here the question is to whom the people believe, the people or the police?The narration of the people regarding about this event is not verifying the police calims.
second,i am unable to understand that in most of the european and American nation there is less than one percent of cases of encounter of Terrorist.but in our country there are so many cases of the encounters.why? other hand we donot believe in busting of the entire netwrok of terrorist by caputing them but we prefere to eliminate them.Is this a sound policy ?
Third,questioning the emthod of encounter doenot means the people supporting terrorism.In our constitution there is gaurantee of Fundamental rights to the citizen of India and that right cannot be violated just by saying of communalist people .This is the right which makes India a great nation.otherwise what would be difference between afghanistan,pakistan and India?
4 why there is mentality of our people to look everything on the basis of religion and community?Jamia is muslim populated area so the voice of people cannot be rely ?while in the case of cannught Place encounter the same people supported the people view and questioned the our police method.In my oinion i can say i can say that our police is best one.And our police is trampling under two parts of communal people and politcian gameplan.once our police force will be nuetral from both these group it will be more respected and more lovingly.

Re: police vs people

While replying to your query, let me first clarify that I am no expert in this field. So my answer is based on whatever I read in other media, books, tv etc.

Regrding encounter cases in India, I think the answer is obvious. Howmany blasts have occurred in USA after 9/11? Not a single !! Even in European countries, you will find it hard to list down terrorsit attacks in past decade. Now compare it with India. Just in past few months we experienced blasts in 3 different cities. Terrorists have proved that they can strike at will. They are everywhere in India - hidden among the most innocent of the civilians - and thats the reason for so many encounters. Its difficult to nab them when they are armed. They kill or get killed!!

why there is mentality of our people to look everything on the basis of religion and community? Yes thats the million $ question.
Historically answer lies in unfortunate partition in 1947. But in modern times a greater reason is that terrorists have glorified themselves as jihadis and highlighted religion as their cause - that's the reason of suspicion towards muslims in general. Moreover reaction of people in Jamia Nagar adds to this suspicion where instead of supporting cops, people chose to accuse them of fake encounter and providing misleading facts.

I hope my response answers your question to some extent.

That is the point. Three

That is the point. Three other policemen got injured, are alive and in good condition. Why they have not been brought on television or print media to describe the events leading to killing of the brave police officer and the terrorists. Is Delhi police hiding some unfortunate truth about killing of the officer?

Criminals not terrorists

Having been closely related to and familiar with the functioning of police in India, I can answer your question.

Why and how the police got wounded is because they must have been tipped off by some local about some petty criminal/s , residing in the flat in the Jamia Area.
To keep true to the current media and police propaganda of 'terrorism' and stage a false encounter (instead of arresting the criminal/s), the police had gone to the house, least suspecting that one or all of the criminals could be armed. Hence, Ms Kiran Bedi's remark that it was surprising that the 'encounter specialist' had gone to capture 'terrorist' without even a bullet-proof jacket.

So, he was caught unawares by the 'return firing' and got killed and thus became a 'martyr by accident'.

A reward for their faith in Indian Secularism

It is a high time for the Muslims in India to understand the farce of secularism in India.Just to get medals and cash rewards muslim Children are Killed in cold blood and then labelled as Terrorists.The oppression of Kashmiris was an eyeopener but unfortunately indian Muslims turned their face from the day to day fake encounters in Kashmir.Now its your turn.You always stood with your country against us this is a reward for that.Visit my blog to find that our babies are killed and the world remains silent.

Fake Encounter

I have read all the related news. Best of my knowledge this 'encounter' is 100% fake. Kill someone and blame Muslims are the present Indian Police policy. There are so many fully proved fake encounters, like Ansal Plaza encounter in Delhi.

Shivraj Patil had to do something immediately to keep his minister post. I believe that he directed these Police encounter. The killed encounter police man was the leader of the encounter gang. He was acting according to scenerio. If he survived the man behind the screen will be exposed later sometime. So elimination of the troop leader was also programmed. I found no other chances to murder the police officer at site.

At the same time I deplore the killing of two innocent students and demand an enquiry by sitting Supreme Court Judge.

Anyhow the truth will come out. At the same time people should agitate against the fake encounter killings. Some political parties or some organisations should come forward to agitate.

Indian freedom should exist. India should be free from terrorism. Now the threatening one is the Police terrorism and state terrorism. We found it in Gujarath (Muslim genocide), Orissa (Christian genocide) and New Delhi (Sikh genocide.

As an Indian I request to Muslims, Sikhs and Christians to unite themselves with the support of majority peace loving Hindus to plan their future existence and eliminate fanaticism and terrorism from our lovely Motherland.

Well done sister..Your plea

Well done sister..Your plea to the peoples of the other faith is command able. your wisdom in able to analyse from the main stream journalism the true facts is amazing...I has a lay man of indian society has lost faith in the police,so called secular politicians,media(indian and international)also in Indian judicial system..the only hope for millions of indian muslims like me is honest country men like you..may God bless you..

Well done.

Hi sister,
well done . this is the need for this era.
lets unite and eliminate fanaticism from india.

Justice never die in India

Thanks you

that is the king attitude we required from all communities so we can come up from so many problems of India is dealing wright now,so we remain as great people of India

What Really Happened?

Who killed Police Officer? When he smashed the front door of the suspected terrorists’ room, immediately the terrorists shot and killed the police man! Police story is that!!

But Sharma has no wounds at front side of his body, but back side. It is clear that somebody from back side shot him and killed.

Who was behind him? Obviously there was no one but Police men. Due to some reasons (an enquiry will bring the truth) they knowingly or mistakenly killed their leading policeman.

Now they have no other choice except to charge the students who are residing in the room. If the police arrested the students, the students will expose the truth. Then the police shoot and killed the innocent students. Then they kept a AK47 and Pistols and proclaimed to media that they killed very hardcore terrorists

The story ended, but the loopholes bring the truth. A clear photo shows that the encounter specialist Sharma has no wounds on body except his backside.

Home Minister Shivraj Patil, decline to comment on police encounter, when press asked about the incident, on the same day. It means the encounter story was a fiction., created by Shivraj Patil or MK Narayanan or the police officers who accidentally killed Sharma. No one is beyond doubt.

Prime Minister should oust Shivraj Patil and MK Narayanan, security advisor, from their posts and an enquiry is needed by a sitting Supreme Court Judge.

Say the truth dear countrymen. Say the truth dear media men. Try to bring the truth out. And one day it will come out.


Inspector Sharma was not in police uniform. When he knocked unsuspecting terrorist could have opened the door. On being identified as police some terrorist standing behind could have panicked and opened fire. SO could Sharma have got bullets in his back??? Victimization mentality should be avoided by everyone. India is a land of MINORITIES. Tamils, Kannadigas, Maharashtrians, Sikhs, Muslims, Nairs, Pandits, Yadavas, Catholics, Pentecostal, Syrian Christians, Mukerjees, Nagas, Manipuries, Mizos, Jains,Shias, Sunnis, etc etc are all minority when compared with the vast Indian population.

Jamia Fake Encounter

It was 100% fake encounter.
Inspector sharma who was killed in the encounter is said to have been killed by its own men.

And sharma is the same guy who was involved in ANSAL PLAZA ENCOUNTER in 2002.


Minorities always cry foul..

Minorities always cry foul.. how can we forget there was a proceeding for Osama after he was killed.. Even if they knew they were real terrorists, they will cry foul.. Congress is always there to forgive all their bad deeds, what will they do?