Why was Syed Modi killed? The whodunit remains unsolved

By Sharat Pradhan, IANS,

Lucknow : Bhagwati Singh may have been sentenced to life for murdering badminton champion Syed Modi 21 years ago, but the million dollar question remains unanswered - why was the ace sportsman killed and who got Bhagwati to pump four bullets into his chest on the night of July 28, 1988?

The sensational murder continued to hit the headlines for months because it had all the ingredients of a Bollywood masala movie - love, passion, money and crime surrounding the death of a sporting hero.

The role of Modi's wife Amita Kulkarni, then herself a name in Indian badminton, her alleged affair with then Uttar Pradesh sports minister Sanjay Singh and his close nexus with Rae Bareli outlaw-turned-politician Akhilesh Singh, as also some revealing infamous letters written by Amita's mother to her, added more spice to the story each day.

Their connections with Subrata Roy, head of then up and coming Sahara Chit Funds, also aroused a lot of media interest.

CBI charge-sheets against Sanjay Singh, Amita and Akhilesh for "masterminding" and "conspiring" the murder were knocked off in the prolonged court battle that was fought right up to the apex court by renowned lawyer Ram Jethmalani and his daughter Rani.

The only ordeal that Amita and Sanjay had to go through was a brief stint behind bars but eventually they got a clean chit from the High Court as well as the Supreme Court. Both were now happily married and into politics- Sanjay was Congress MP from Sultanpur and Amita the party legislator from Amethi.

Sanjay and Amita's reprieve came in handy for Akhilesh to get relief on the plea that his co-accused were acquitted, leaving the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) high and dry.

Of the two other accused, both Balai Singh and Amar Bahadur Singh were shot dead in mysterious circumstances shortly after being released on bail. Both belonged to Rae Bareli, the hometown of Akhilesh Singh.

Yet another accused Jitendra Singh got the "benefit of doubt" to be set free. He was accused of driving the vehicle from which the shooters - Bhagwati and Amar Bahadur - had fired the shots, while Modi was coming out of the local badminton stadium on the fateful night 21 years ago.

"The affluent and the influential literally got away with murder and poor Bhagwati Singh has been nailed," lamented the convict's relative accompanying him Saturday when Lucknow Additional District and Sessions judge Sheshank Shekhar ordered Bhagwati to be sentenced to a life term together with a fine of Rs.50,000.

The judge turned down CBI's argument for a death sentence to Bhagwati, who pleaded for a "milder" treatment on the plea that he was the sole bread-winner of the family and had two young daughters to marry off.

Even the court failed to establish Bhagwati's motive behind the murder. Sure enough, he proposes to move the High Court against the trial court's verdict and is quite hopeful of "getting justice".

But how many decades would the new court battle take to answer the question, which would unravel 'who' was behind the Indian badminton star's murder, could be anybody's guess.


Syed Modi Murder case

This report took me back over 20 years. The news of murder of Syed Modi on the early morning while he was practicing was a shocking news. Very soon it was very clear that Amita Modi ( the then wife of Syed Modi) had an affair with Criminal-Plitician Sanjay Singh and murder of Syed Modi is related with the said love affair.

Even till date I am failed to understand the complete episode and have many un-answered questions;

1. When it was known that Amita and Sanjay Singh had an affair, why Syed Modi married to her ? In fatc as per the media reports, it was Sanjay Singh who hooked Amita Kulkarni with Syed Modi and the marriage took place at Sanjay Singh's home.
By the way Sanjay Singh was already a married person.

2. Later some differences occurred and Syed Modi was murdered and later Sanjay Singh married to Amita Kulkarni.
Now Sanjay Singh had 2 wives.

If Sanjay Singh was so desperate to Marry Amita Kulkarni, why not he did at first place instead of hooking up Syed Modi.

Anyway, India lost a shining star of Badminton and the real culprits are still freely roaming or in fact enjoying the power.

This remind me another point;
As per the India law (not from Hindu religion), Polygamy is not allowed for Indian Citizens who follow Hindu religion, then how come these well known people have more than one wives.
Here are few examples of Polygamy in Famous people of India (which is against the Indian law);

1. Dr. Sanjay Singh (Politician, Now in Congress, previously in BJP)
2. Ram Vilas Paswaan (Lok Jan Shakti party)
3. Dharmendra (BJP)
4. Chandar Mohan (INC)

Anyway, as we know the famous saying; everything is fair in love and war.

Syed Modi Murder

It is just so shameful that apart from Bhagwati Singh, the rest of the conspirators have been let off by the courts.

Retribution will catch up with Ms. Amita Kulkarni-Modi-Singh and Mr. Sanjay Singh. After all they managed to put an end to what could have been a glorious career. But what is baffling is why did they have to go to such great lengths and murder Syed Modi - why didn't she just walk out on the marriage. It is indeed a murky world of love and politics.

May Syed Modi's soul rest in eternal peace.

Famous people with two marriages

Why do we forget Boney kapoor having two wives. A famous director but still!

The multiple marriages could

The multiple marriages could have been made by temporarily converting to Islam and accepting Islam through Affidavit. Kishore Kumar had converted to Islam to marry Madhubala. Read some from here too:

M A Jinnah had changed his date of birth and made it 25th December. How he did that is not clear.
Affidavit has a huge power. One can change name, date of birth, religion etc.

It pains me even now to

It pains me even now to recall this unfortunate incident. May god grant Syed Modi peace in the afterlife. It will be wrath of God that will hit his killers.

It was the kid !

The time Modi was murdered, Amita was carrying and she later delivered a boy child, which, media claimed to be of Sanjay's sire. Perhaps, Modi wanted to disclose that this baby wasn't his. Sanjay had a political future to pursue and did not want to take any chances, little did he know that CBI and the media would rip open every bit of the affair etc. But again a bad taste in the mind of the sports loving fraternity and the Indian Public, desperate to seek justice. I condemn the Juciary and the Judges, while the entire Indian Public believed that the culprit were Sanjay and Amita, yet the judges let them scotfree. The case needs to be reopened, the way Arushree murder case was.