Indian Muslims protest against Talibani terrorism

By news desk,

New Delhi: Murder of Mufti Sarfarza Naeemi in Pakistan by terrorists has prompted some Muslim organizations to organize a protest at Jantar Mantar yesterday.

The protest was jointly organized by Raza Academy, Muslim Students Organization (MSO), and Islamic Educationa Board of India. These organizations that represent Barelvi Muslims said that they are protesting the continuous and targeted killing of Sunni (Barlevi) scholars by extremist elements in Pakistan. The latest in the series is the killing of India born Mufti Sarfarz Naeemi of Jamia Naeemia in Lahore.

In a statement issued today, they said that they refuse to recognize Taliban and its associates and condemn their inhuman and un-Islamic acts. The statement declared the Talibans as terrorists and thugs.

They also demanded the Pakistani government to punish the culprits involved in killings of Sufi Shaikhs and provide adequate security to Barelvi scholars, dargaahs, khankahs and masaajid.

They also promised to promote Sufi version of Islam which promotes love and harmony between communities to defeat extremism.

Exhortation in the name of ‘jaziya’ was condemned and Taliban declared a danger to India as well. The statement demanded adequate protection at Ajmer for the annual Ajmer Sharif urs due later this month.

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USSR First and then the U.S. Created Taleban Terrorism

Development specialist Dr. J. W. Smith, founder and Director of Research for the California-based Institute for Economic Democracy,summarises the humanitarian catastrophe of Afghanistan, commenting on Brzezinski’s admission of the U.S. operation in the country:

“Afghanistan was also a U.S. destabilization. In 1998, Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s National Security Advisor admitted that covert U.S. intervention began long before the USSR sent in troops into Afghanistan.

A country rapidly developing and moving towards modernization was politically and economically shattered, almost 2 million Afghans were killed, the mostviolent and anti-American of the groups supported by the CIA are now the leaders of Afghanistan.

These religious fundamentalists set human rights back centuries to the extent they are even an embarrassment to neighbouring Muslim fundamentalists, and both Muslim and non-Muslim governments within the region fear destabilization through Taleban fundamentalism.”

But note that Mr. Smith fails, to take into account the illegitimacy of the Soviet puppet regime and its policies of repression.

The fact is, both the U.S. and USSR bear responsibility for having attempted to control Afghanistan,thereby shattering the country in the process. If these powers had merely attempted to help the Afghan people develop their country, rather than enforce hegemony over the country for their own self-interested strategic
designs, there would have been no such humanitarian crisis.

One can therefore conclude that, as a result of a string of proxy wars that were the result of manipulation by both the U.S. and the former USSR, Afghanistan has been plunged into a state of
perpetual humanitarian catastrophe.

This poster is not a

This poster is not a follower of Barelvi ideology.But i heartly congratulates Barelvi organizations for conducting such a protest march against Taliban.As we all know, both Taliban and Pakistan army are linked to CIA through ISI.It is only CIA which plays in Pakistan.ISI leaders frequenly visit USA and discuss details with CIA.But our arguments are taken only as conspiracy theories by politically illiterate Indians.So if we allege America, no one believe us.So instead of alleging and protesting against the hidden hands of terrorism, we should protest against the public face of terrorism.It is Taliban and organizations like LeT.

The U.S. Created the Monster and now fights to destroy it.

When the Taleban took power in Afghanistan (1996), it was largely orchestrated by the Pakistani secret service [ISI] and the oil company Unocal, with its Saudi ally Delta. Furthermore, it appears that at this time Pakistan’s support for the Taliban drew the approval of public and private Saudi authorities, the CIA, and the American oil company UNOCAL

As Human Rights Watch reported at the end of the year 2000 in a succinct overview of the tragedy plaguing Afghanistan:

“Afghanistan has been at war for more than twenty years. During that time it has LOST THIRD OF ITS POPULATION. Some 1.5 million people are estimated to have died as a direct result of the conflict. Another 5
million fled as refugees to Iran and Pakistan; others became exiles elsewhere abroad. A large part of its population is internally displaced.

Throughout the war, all of the major factions have been guilty of grave breaches of international humanitarian law. Their war making is supported and perpetuated by the involvement of Afghanistan's neighbours and other states in providing weapons,ammunition, fuel, and other logistical support. State and non-state actors across the region and beyond continue to provide new arms and other materiel, as well as training and advisory assistance. The arms provided have been directly implicated in serious violations of international law.”

“Criticism of the Taliban, whether it comes from non-Muslims or Muslims, is often heavily overlaid with prejudices or political interests.” It is therefore important to ensure that facts are separated from propaganda. Nevertheless, Crescent admits that the Taliban regime has undoubtedly been highly repressive, to the extent that therein “the phrase ‘Islamic justice’ [is] used as a synonym for tyranny.” Numerous reports of “draconian restrictions on women” being enforced in the name of Islam unfortunately reveal harsh realities.

The U.S. role, in cultivating extremism while establishing the network of Afghan fighters who later went on to form the various warring factions, was
particularly crucial and damaging. The U.S. support of the Mujahideen involved inculcating extremist religious ‘war values,’ garbed with Islamic jargon. Central Asia expert Selig Harrison of the Woodrow
Wilson International Center for Scholars recalls that:

“I warned them that WE WERE CREATING A MONSTER. They told me these people were fanatical, and the more fierce they were the more fiercely they would fight the Soviets.”

The U.S. government was well aware of the monster it had created. As U.S. journalist Ken Silverstein notes:

and even during that consolidation—the international community had largely ignored this repression, a fact that at the very least illustrates the extremely fickle nature of the West’s promotion of humanitarian principles.

Indeed, even when the Taliban had gained power, despite public professions of opposition to the
regime’s abuses of human rights and repression of women, certain leading members of the international community had approved of—and indeed supported—the Taliban, in a bid to secure their regional strategic and
economic interests.

Is it not a huge SHAME?. Having done the greatest harm and having destoryed one third of the population of a nation, instead of massively helping them economically to bring them back to civilization, we still directly or indirectly encourage tribal warfare out of political and selfish interests.