‘Mossad’ active in India too: Palestine Ambassador

By TwoCircles.net Staff Correspondent,

Kochi: The Israeli spy agency ‘Mossad’ is very active in India too, said HE Adli Sadiq, Palestinian Ambassador to India. The ‘Mossad’, which has a powerful network in foreign countries, has got influences in the media and security fields. They are in contact with several other fields too, said Mr Sadiq when he came to Kerala for a national seminar held in the Farook College in Calicut.

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Mr Sadiq said that even government servants get paid by the ‘Mossad’ in European countries. The Mossad is making all problems in Palestine. The agency creates problems in countries and come with solutions too. The Mossad organised the bomb blast in Egypt in 1955 aiming at worsening the ties Egypt had with Britain and America. The Mossad organises blasts in countries where Jews live in order to create an impression that Jews are not safe in the country.

In order to solve the Palestine issue, the only need is to implement the UN resolutions. The 242nd resolution of 1967 is enough to implement all decisions related to the Quds. The 194th resolution of 1948 gives the Palestinians the right to live on their land. The Palestinians are ready to settle the problem even by ceding their own lands. But Israel does not agree to any of this. The Mossad has men in the anti-Israel alliances also. They even approach the leader of the anti-Israel protests in Palestine to influence him.

Palestine has the political support of the Arab countries. But due to the excess of checking, Palestine does not get many of the aids nowadays. The country lost aids from several voluntary organisations in this way. It is difficult for Palestinians to send their money home. There are five million people in Palestine and 7.5 million outside as refugees.

Mr Sadiq expressed his hope in the US president Barak Obama. But he said that America and other countries were postponing the discussion on the Goldstone Report which has been tabled in the UN Security Council.

Adli Sadiq reportedly writes a column in the famous Arab newspaper ‘Al Hayath’. He came to India as the new Palestine Ambassador two months ago. He has served in Oman, Germany and Rumania earlier. He has also been once the deputy Foreign Minister of Palestine.

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