Haryana assembly election returns 5 Muslim MLAs

By Twocircles.net newsdesk,

New Delhi: Haryana assembly election result has sprung some surprises. Congress was expecting easy ride back to power and become first party to achieve this feat after 1972. This ride become bumpy and came to a halt short of 6 MLAs due to strong showing by Indian National Lok Dal (INLD). Congress poll managers will ensure that it reaches that magic number.

This time 5 Muslims MLAs become victorious compared to 3 in 2005. It is a impressive performance and can be contributed to facts that most of seats had multi corner fight. Jaleeb Khan contested as independent from Hathin after Congress denied him a ticket and defeated official Congress nominee by margin of more then 6000 votes.

The Jagadhri constituency witnessed a triangular contest among sitting Congress MLA Subhash Chand, former minister Akram Khan of the BSP and former MLA Kanwar Pal of the BJP. Akram Khan defeated Subhash Chand by a margin of more than 4000 votes.
Naseem Khan and Mohammed Ilyas contesting on INLD tickets won comfortably from Ferozepur Jhirka and Punahana respectively.

District Congress president of Mewat, Aftab Ahmed defeated nearest rival Sanjay of BJP by margin of 16904 votes.

In Sohna, Zakir Hussain of Bahuja Samaj Party lost to Dharambir of Congress by only 505 votes.

Four ministers in the Hooda government -- Finance Minister Birender Singh, Transport Minister Mange Ram Gupta, Education Minister A.C. Chaudhary, and Cooperation Minister Meena Mandal -- as well as state Congress president Phool Chand Mullana lost in the election.

There were 1,222 candidates, including 68 women, in the fray.

Constituency Winner Party Runner Up Party Margin
Ferozepur Jhirka NASEEM AHMED Indian National Lok Dal MAMMAN KHAN Indian National Congress 18194
Hathin JALEB KHAN Independent HARSH KUMAR Indian National Congress 6473
Jagadhri AKRAM KHAN Bahujan Samaj Party SUBHASH CHAND Indian National Congress 4328
Nuh AFTAB AHMED Indian National Congress SANJAY Bharatiya Janata Party 16904
Punahana MOHAMMED ILYAS Indian National Lok Dal DAYAWATI Bahujan Samaj Party 2688


Better than ...

It is better than Maharashtra that out of 90 seats, Muslims bagged 5 which amounts to 5.5% of seat. In comparision Maharashtra returned only 11 out of 288 maing it a paultry 3.8%.

While Muslims constitute as much as 15% of population in Maharsthra Haryana hardly has as much percentage. North India seems to have many exceptions than Central, Western or Soutern India.

Name of Mr. Sultan

The Muslim MLAs represent 6.6% in Haryana Assembly not 5.5%. The reputed Magazine has not provided exact figure of Muslim MLAs of Haryana Assmebly. AS the name of an independent member of Assembly (Mr. Sultan) was left, his name must be included in nearest publication.

Md. Imdad Alam

The Hope is Still Alive

To see the result of coming election 2009, Maharashtra, Haryana and Arunachal pardesh is up to mark but the situation of muslim in Marashtra is too bad where very few 5 muslim elected including Malegaon' Jama Masjid Imam. In Haryana which elected 5 Muslim MLA is good achievement. To see the result its show that Indian National Congress was not in mood to give more ticket to muslim but other party BSP and Inidan National Lok Dal given ticket to muslim its a good trend. We know the congress mind set, it is party which always crushed muslim several time several election and several places, for congress muslim is vote bank not above to that but hope is still alive till the % of representation in parliament as well in state assembly achieved according to population of muslim in all places.

Congress knows how to use muslim votes.

COngress has been (mis)using Muslims votes to come power. They r using fear of BJP to get votes without doing any concrete sincere effort for Muslim uplift.

Sachar committe fact made this point very clear.

U can read one article published on tcn about how to increse muslim representation. Where regional parties are strong, cong is forced to give more tickets to muslims but when there are direct fight between cong+ and BJP +, then they forget muslim.

Compare the number of Muslim MLAs won in Haryana and Maharashtra.

Muslim MLA- 5 (5.5%)
Major Parties: Cong, INLD, BSP, BJP, HJC
Population: 5.78%

Muslim MLA- 11 ( 3.8%)
Major Parties: Cong +, BJP+, MNS
Population: 10.6%

Make regional parties strong not Natonal parties.

More parties, more ticket, more chances of winning


The exact number of Muslim

The exact number of Muslim MLAs in Haryana is 6 not 5 as you have mentioned, as the name of Mr. Sultan an independent candidate from Pundri was left . Please include and publish in nearest publication.

Imdad Alam

Independent MLA from Pundri- Sultan Singh s/o Ram Kala

Imdad Alam sb,

We appreciate your comment regarding Sultan Singh.

Full name of independent MLA from Pundri, Haryana is Sultan Singh s/o Sh. Ram Kala.

TCN newsdesk


Thank you for giving currect information about the name of Mr. Sultan. This refers to Website "Haryana watch" I do not know to which organization does it belong? in its edition of October 24, 2009 put heading "Six Muslim Jihadi win Haryana Assembly elections" prior to this, I had visited ECI website to see final results of Haryana wherein the name of Mr. Sultan found without Surname. I am very Thankful to your management for responding to my E-mail quickly. I hope this Journal will be very informative and raise voice in favoure of weaker sections of all communities of India.

Best regards,

Md. Imdad Alam