Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidyabhyasa Board publishes results of public exam

By Staff Correspondent,

Kochi: The Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidyabhyasa Board has published the results of its public exam. The exam was attended by more than two lakh students in six countries and 79.98% among them won.

Students from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Pondicherry, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep wrote the exam in India. The exam was also conducted in Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Malaysia. Students in fifth, seventh, 10th and +2 classes studying in 8825 madrasas wrote the exams, said the Board officials in the press conference.

The first three rank holders in different classes are:

Fifth standard

First – KT Marva of Izzathul Islam Madrasa, Malappuram, Kerala

Second – C Muhammed Faseel of Darussalam Madrasa, Palakkad, Kerala

Third – CH Maimoona Sahana of Busthanul Uloom Madrasa, Kasargode, Kerala

Seventh standard

First- K Athiqa of Madrasathu Darul Hudal Islamiyya, Al Ain, UAE

Second – P Mufeeda of Al Madrasathul Islamiyya, Malappuram, Kerala

Third – Suba Masood of Markazussunna Madrasa, Dubai, UAE

Tenth standard

First – MK Majida of Hidayathus Sibyan Madrasa, Malappuram, Kerala

Second – CK Fathima Suhra of Sirajul Huda Madrasa, Malappuram, Kerala

Third – M Raseena of Darussalam Madrasa, Malappuram, Kerala

Plus Two

First – NK Sharafiya of Izzathul Islam Madrasa, Kannur, Kerala

Second – AP Nisar of hidayathul Islam Madrasa, Malappuram, Kerala

Third – T Rafeena of Irshadul Ikhvan Madrasa, Malappuram, Kerala

Among the 1, 62,557 winners, 1,276 secured distinction marks (above 80%), 12,876 secured first class (above 60%) and 17,894 secured second class (above 40%). The marklists will be distributed in 127 division centres at 11 am on September 12. Students can apply for re-valuation till October 10.

Cash awards will be distributed to the rank holders and the respective teachers. The first rank holder in plus two as well as the respective teacher and institution (madrasa) will be awarded the Panakkad Umarali Shihab Thangal Memorial Award which comprises of a cash prize worth Rs 5000. The results are available in the following websites:

The Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidyabhyasa Board was founded in 1951 as the education board of the Samastha Kerala Jam’iyyathul Ulema (EK sunni faction). The Board runs madrasa where Islamic subjects such as the Qur’an, Hadith, Islamic history, fiq’h etc. The Board has the most number of madrasas in Kerala. It runs madrasas in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Pondicherry, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep in the country. Besides, its madrasas are present in Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.