PM intervenes, properties restored to Raja of Mahmoodabad

By Staff Writer,

Patna: Thanks to the intervention of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Raja of Mahmoodabad will smile again. His properties spreading across Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal worth Rs 30,000 crore declared ‘enemy property’ by a central government ordinance last week will be restored to him as the government will not pursue the ordinance.

At the persistence of Home Ministry President Pratibha Patil had issued Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Ordinance on August 2 nullifying the 2005 Supreme Court order that had restored the properties to Amir Mohammad Khan, erstwhile ruler of Mahmoodabad in Sitapur district of UP, after a long battle of 32 years that Khan had fought to claim the inheritance from his father who migrated to Pakistan and acquired its citizenship.

Palace of Raja Mehmoodabad [Photo by]

The ordinance was to be replaced by Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2010 scheduled to be tabled in the ongoing session of the Parliament. But now the government will allow the ordinance to be lapsed on August 28 as the Bill has now been struck off the list of parliamentary business.

The Ordinance was promulgated last week at the behest of the Union Home Ministry, which had reportedly argued that the Supreme Court ruling has opened a Pandora’s box as owners of similar ‘enemy properties’ across the country coming forward to seek their restoration. Khan’s properties originally belonged to his father who was a founding member of the Muslim League and migrated to Pakistan during Partition. His wife, Begum Kaneez Abdi, stayed back in India. The property was identified as evacuee property after Partition and thereafter declared ‘enemy property’ in the wake of the Indo-Pakistan war in 1965.

But Khan approached the court claiming ancestral rights over the properties. After a 32-year legal battle he won the case in 2005 when the Supreme Court ruled in his favour and asked the government to hand him all his properties back. The court observed that since Khan had chosen not to migrate with his father to Pakistan and has stayed on in India as an Indian citizen, he was entitled to reclaim his rights over the properties taken over by the custodian — an official appointed by the Centre. However, the order did not go well with the Central Government.

Amir Mohammad Khan [Photo by]

The Centre first promulgated an ordinance which even barred courts to restore enemy property to heirs and then the Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Bill was drafted. However, Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid is said to have mobilised political opinion against the Ordinance and he led a team of MPs to PM urging him to withdraw the ordinance which will create chaos in UP.

Raja of Mahmoodabad has prime properties worth several thousand crores of rupees in Lucknow, Sitapur and Lakhimpur-Kheri districts in UP and Nainital in Uttaranchal. An Oxbridge alumnus, 63-year-old Khan has the Butler Palace in Lucknow and almost half of the Hazratganj Market in the city and the Metropole Heritage Hotel in Nainital.

Soon after the ordinance the Mayawati government of Uttar Pradesh had reportedly started implementing the ordinance by ordering the sealing of buildings and land. Since the bungalows of the district magistrate, superintendent of police and chief medical officer in Sitapur are also Raja’s properties, the official machinery reportedly had begun working overtime to get possession of these buildings.



British agents are living in palaces

British agents living like Royal in India in their own palaces. Muslim freedon fighters and their decendant are liviing like beggers.

Mahmudabad Properties

Mohammad Amir Mohammad Khann should now return all that he stole from his relations. He never earned his living and usurped his siblings and cousins share. Thief.

Rubbish. Utter Rubbish!!! He

Rubbish. Utter Rubbish!!!
He is an educated, honest, upright and generous man and whoever says this is talking rubbish! Go ask his electorate.

Whose electorate?

Whose electorate? Mahmudabad's or Abidi's. You fool, raja's expense account was in in BCCI. I should know. Junior Clerk I was but I knew his numbered account in Ledenhall Branch.

Sulaiman Khan swindle money

Sulaiman Khan swindle money from his sisters home sale and thei textile mill. He bribed his electorate and money was sent by ICIC Grand Cayman. My brother has more details of Sulaiman's utter dishonesty.

Sulaiman Khan got his sisters

Sulaiman Khan got his sisters to sign blank paper authorising sale of their textile mill, Mohib Textile in Pakistan. To this day they do not know how much Sulaiman got the mill sold to Saigols through Abedi in Pakistan; Sulaiman stole most of the proceeds and invested it in long term deposit account in UBS Geneva (Switzerland) and continued to live off his US$ 1 million credit line in ICIC Grand Cayman, and that too he never repaid. How? By testifying falsely against Abedi and for the liquidators of ICIC, in 1996 December.

Quickly do this., Raja Sahib.

With due respect to Raja Sahib Mahmudabad : Well, you have now got the properties back., but again., this is phyrric victory. What should you do now ? YOu must immediately donate these properties to Muslim Organisations., like Karamat Hussain Girls High School, Muslim Boys High School, etc. etc. Bring in the students and literally shift them here. Have these gift deeds registered., immediately., and hand-over Possession to the Muslim organisations. Fill these buildings with students. ISKO AABAAD KAR DO, JALDI SE JALDI., is se pehle., ke Politicians dobara is par jaaiz / na-jaaiz qabzaa kar len ! Once you have the students inside the Palace, it will be difficult to evict them., cuz it will become a political issue. I request Raja Sahib Mahmudabad., to understand the ugly reality of the situation., and to immediately... gift over these properties to Muslim organisations... and hand over their possession... Otherwise his condition will go the way of the Nizam of Hyderabad., Mukarram Jah Bahadur., who is living in 2 rooms in Turkey....

Probably u r expecting too much


u r expecting too much from raja saheb. you can see only this atttiude from the greedy west. Bet nothing is going to happen.

Satwa, O' Satwa !

Satwa : O' Satwa : What a fine site. I want you to write a fine brief (in your classic style)., develop the thoughts of Lawyer Sharif (mentioned on this post) and mail it "Express Delivery" along with a print-out of the beautiful site (The Joy of Giving) to Raja Saheb Mahmudabad, Mahmudabad House, Lucknow. Or., if it is too much pain., browse and find out the address / contact address / tel no / email of the Raja Sahab., and i shall call him.. and beg him.. to donate his property(ies) to India's poorest community..the muslims.. who are poorer than even the SCs and STs as rightly documented by the Sachar Committee Report appointed by the GOI and further reiterated by Justice Ranganatha Mishra, Former Chief Justice of India's Report.

I will beg before the Raja... O' Raja.. the indian muslims are the poorest community of india. the govt (Central and state) is in the hands of RSS. RSS believes in Hindutva. What is hindutva ? It means : rape muslim girls and kill them., steal their belongings, gold., jewelry, utensils, homes, lands., kill their men.,BUT take their assets. Islam and Muslims are bad., but their GOO is good.... God has given you a chance, Raja Sahib : YOU CAN DEFEAT R.S.S. IF YOU GIVE YOUR ASSETS TO MUSLIM ORGANISATIONS., and FILL ALL THESE PROPERTIES BY LIVING MUSLIMS. If the RSS tries to touch them, it will become a political problem. Dont go the way of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Be smart., and dont let RSS succeed.

I agree, Hinduism today is nothing but Hindutva (hate for Muslims)., and my fellow traveller Kanchi Iliaiah rightly calls Hinduism as nothing but "Spiritual Aparthied".

Send me the address and contact number., O' Satwa Gunam... O' Satwa Gunam... where are you...

Muslim are rich


You can reword your sentense. Indian muslims are rich with large number of poor people. Start form azeem prmji who owns 85% of wipro shares.

People are poor when the denominator increase without increase in numerator. Problems is with the community and not with the world. Stop blaming the community and take responsibility.

Just go around and ask the muslim whether they give the shares as prescribed by quran. I think that will be enough to bring up the poor among the society, if the denominator growth is controled.

Why you always END-UP being WRONG ?

"satwa gunam" on 8 August 2010 - 8:46pm. under title: Muslims are....

Why you always END-UP being wrong "satwa gunam" ?

I believe you NEED TO do "more research", before posting your comment(s). Or as I wrote earlier, you need to go back to school.

Azeem Premji of Wipro is a PARSI - not Muslim.

If you don't know PARSI religion, then you are not Indian.

Thank you.

An Indian

Indian/Azim premji

Indian == u r wrong..

Azim Premji is a Muslim..

Forgive Indian


Forgive indian, he sees everything with a jaundice eye of hatred, where truth is never seen.

Azeem Premji

Many facts about Azim Premji

Premji’s greatest fault is that he is a secular Muslim in ”Hindu” India



What Makes Premji a 'Muslim Tycoon'?


Richest Muslim entrepreneur in the world, Azim Premji, chairman of Wipro


show secular hindi in muslim states


Pls show the number of secular hindu in "muslim" states all over the world. Further you could see the knowledge and conviction of the "INDIAN" in his comments.

Satwa Gunam or Daridra Narayanan ?

Satwa, O' Satwa : I requested you to research and find out for me the contact address / email / tel. no. of the Raja Sahib of Mahmudabad. You side-tracked it., and got on with your loose-talk. You are now sounding pathetic., and just like Daridra Narayanan. Chee.

Satwa, will you....

You are invoking a thing which you blamed on Muslim for Islamisation. How on this earth you want a Premji to pay his Zakaat just because you want Muslims to fend themselves off and then say that we are part of the system. This is pure apatheid. You are the person who say the days of 'Shariat' are long gone, so why ask Muslims to be feding self-off and then be part of system. It would be better if the Muslims are off the list of taxpayers and are asked to lookafter themselves. You are sure not to agree to this. How can you expect 'others' so many things while doing nothing yourself? I think Muslims would be better off with many more Taj Mahal etc if they are left alone without a penny. This is more true when people like you are at the helm of affairs. What the problem you think is if a state becomes muslims majority state? The state feels neglected and demands legitimate rights. Kashmeer is an example for all of us to see. The rules are for all or none but selective application will not leave only your house intact. Remember this.

Open letter to Raja Mahmudabad

Asar Kare Na Kare Sun Tow Ley Meri Fariyaad

If only i can reach you, Raja Saheb Mahmudabad : After 32 years., you have seen the fragility of it all. I am sure you have realised the fluid nature of life and wealth.

Your father Amir Mohammed Khan was a Sufi and a man of great stature., intellectually and spiritually. He lived a very simple life. I request you, son of a great father., to immediately GIFT the properties in hand., and hand over physical possession to these organisations. (KABZAA HO JAAYE. Fill the properties with Muslim students., muslim girls., etc). You can live a very decent honourable life., in a small bungalow., or a nice apartment., with 2 cars... and 2 servants. I have seen how the great Raja Amir Mohammed Khan (your father) lived in London. He was a true Prince. Unfortunately if you think commercial, try to turn your palaces into hotels / apartments / malls., that will not materialise. RSS will train its guns on you., and you will lose all your property.

The Govt. has allowed the ordinance to lapse. Now you must join hands with the people of Lucknow., to put political pressure., so that the locks / seals are removed. If the Collector & DM does not unlock immediately (they are very quick in locking, but very slow in un-locking... ).. then take thousands of muslims., and break those locks with your hand... and then and there., gift all those properties to running Muslim organisations.

I want to see a Muslim Girls High School in Butlers Palace. I want to see a Muslim High School in Mahmudabad House. Immediately FILL these palaces. INKO BHAR DO... FILL UP KAR DO.. in the shortest possible time. As for where will you live... a modest bungalow.. or a nice apartment.. with 2 servants.. 2 cars.. a telephone.. and a decent source of living.. middle class life...

Think about it, Raja Saheb. You will lose all of it., if you try to HOLD all of it. In order to possess what you do not possess, you must go by way of dispossession (TS Eliot). When you donate all of these properties to the Muslims of Lucknow... the soul of your father... will be happy... and you will also feel great joy inside your heart... as having accomplished something Great. Think about it.

Raja Mahmudabad and enemy money

Pakistanis in London say Abidi of Bank of Credit Comm Intl paid for Raja M.Amir Mohammad Khan's election as MLA of Congress Party.The Raja and his wife when in Pakistan met their erstwhile friend former P.M.Nawaz Shareef. Wife's family close to CIA. You cant touch them.

kindly also explain same ABOUT : Nizam + Raja of Gwalior

kindly can u also explain same ABOUT : Nizam + Raja of Gwalior

1) We have seen enough since 1947-2010

2) we should be bright and look forward future of our country

3) People of India need "RAJA" AND MAHARAJA'S again we can not go more
with dreaded CRIMINALS / Please try to understand

4) ref: [email protected] DEBATE world were laughing upon us in 1967 PRIVY
PURSEE ? bills now null and void

5) we are also working with United Nations , we need Global Sympathy to become
" ECONOMIC SUPER POWER" once again ?? "Golden Birds"

we can be much better than before INSHA ALLAH

with best regards

Mohammed Ali BAIG Parsaiyan
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Hockey Player
[email protected]
[email protected]

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My Grandpa Haji Sulaiman Mitwani AKBOATWALE / deve 40 building

1) WHO WAS AKBOATWALE / Cotton King /Shipping King
My Grandpa Haji Sulaiman Mitwani AKBOATWALE / deve 40 building for British Navy
in Colaba 400005/India (Including Afghan Church
Respected Sir

During my Stay in Bombay in July 2010 , I have handed over the Documents
to Senior Vice President (Securities) Shri DK Singh 98193 73355 regarding my Properties in Bombay

I request you to call him and he may kindly forward you the copies.

Note : The Times of India + Economics Times 10 days before
news declares about Maharaja of Mahmudabad UP retained
back all his properties from Custodian
because Hon'able Prime Minister of India
has Directly Intervened and Passed the Ordinance.

I have Claimed the same and very soon I am moving to Bombay High
Court to Claim 40 Buildings in Colaba Area .

I may hope India Bulls Real Estate to stand beside me. God bless you all

Hockey Player
Turkish Translator

[email protected]
[email protected]

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Mohammed Ali BAIG

My grandpa was only Indian who settled BACK TO INDIA/after

Hon'able Chief Justice Of Bombay High Court

THRU:Hon'able Chief Justice of Delhi High Court

Most Respectable Showeth

that Jinnah House in Malabar Hills , in fact , developed much before than Mohammed Ali JINNAH was borned , and that was developed by my real Grandpa "HAJI SULAIMAN MITWANI" (was also known as "AKBOTWALE) + (cotton king / Shipping king )business typhoon of British time,

note worthy : He was the only (first) Indian Muslim who has sold his PROPERTY in Pakistan /Iran/ Muscat Oman ... and SETTLED in India Bombay
No other Indian Muslim did the said example in Sub-Continental History

Prayer to see Column :2 , Para: 05 Historian says :Mohammed Ali Jinnah (in fact was from Bhendi Bazar area) and was trying to wander in South Bombay area / he was not even borned in that area

2) My grandpa has developed 40 buildings on CRZ areas in Bombay for British Navy those were fighting in Afghanistan during those days and developed Bungalows for Army officers on Malabar Hills Bombay 400006.

3) In fact , Jinnah was brought to India by some British Officers (in conspiracy) to stand him as a STRONG and well educated Muslim Leader against Moti Lal Nehru and Jawahar Lal Nehru ( to share leadership between 2 communities )
and divide them at right time ?

4) I have worked with Turkish Historians /diplomats/ Politicians between 1974-1986 in Middle east . and learned many facts , (Many Historical documents/books either destroyed and/or smuggled outside India ( some books are AVAILABLE: in Cleveland .USA Library which can Enlightened many facts indeed .

5) Like Mukesh Ambani under construction property in Colaba why this property was not taken by "Custodian of Evacuee Property"

I came back to India in 1986 end , but at that time it was difficult to explain these and hardly to believe the same .

this application is symply written as information

6) During my stay in Germany/Middle east I have met some close Officers worked with Mohammed Ali JINNAH in his office "they told that JINNAH WAS EXTREMELY AGAINST HIS RELATIVES ANY CLOSE FRIEND IN CASE THEY USE HIS NAME FOR ANY CLAIM AND BENEFIT"

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Finally he lost it again.

Finally he lost it again. Chori ka maal kabhi kaam nahin aataa.

Never met a more corrupt

Never met a more corrupt swindler than Mohammad Amir Mohammad Khan (Sulaiman) who stole so much from so many in such a short time.

Fwd: Fw: Raja of Mehmoodabad by sameen khan of sherpur

Sincere felicitations on winning the case-you deserved to win-your father was a friend of mine so i had been asked to write an article on him-he was also a great man-so was your grand father-sherpur-my estate in india has had a friendly relationship with mahmudabad-so your father came for a tiger shoot to sherpur but he shot with a movie camera.with best wishes,samin khan,barrister-at-law.

Are in your senses? He lost

Are in your senses? He lost the case by relying on the politicians he had lobbied. Paid Crores of Rupees!