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Mecca Masjid: Apology offer gimmick, Rehabilitate victims: CLMC

By TCN News,

Hyderabad: Hyderabad-based Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee of India (CLMC) has termed as political gimmick the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Kiran Reddy’s offer of apology for atrocities on innocent Muslim youths in Mecca Masjid blast case, and demanded rehabilitation package for the khaki victims if the CM is sincere in his statement.

Dozens of innocent Muslim youths were detained and tortured illegally in Mecca Masjid bomb blast and other terror cases. All of them were acquitted by the court. And now the CBI investigation in the case has found Hindu terrorists behind the blast.

Dr Ibrahim Ali Junaid of Hyderabad, one of many Muslim youths implicated in Mecca Masjid blast case but later acquitted by the court

“We want to make it clear that Chief Minister has not said anything that can be considered as apologetic. Instead, he sprinkled salt on the wounds of Muslims by admitting the facts of illegal detention, torture and implication of fake cases against Muslim youths” said Lateef Md Khan, General Secretary of CLMC.

The Chief Minster had offered apology after the opposition leader of Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen Akbaruddin Owaisi during Question Hour in the State Assembly on Dec. 16 demanded that the government should apologize to Muslims as the educated youths of the community were falsely implicated in terror cases in the aftermath of Mecca Masjid blast but now it is clear by CBI probe that it was the handiwork of Hindu extremist organizations.

Lateef Md Khan said that it is not for the first time when such statement has come from the state government. “In November 2008 state government had used the same words and announced compensation and rehabilitation plans of the victims but nothing has been done in this regard till the date” he said.

He also said that the National Commission for Minorities had visited Hyderabad and presented the report on the atrocities in 2008 to the state government and recommended it to take immediate measures to correct its mistakes but the government did nothing so far.

He urged the chief Minster that if he is serious he should take immediate step for rehabilitation of the victims whose lives ruined by the police.

“If the government is really serious, it should plead apology Muslim youths who suffered khaki torture by providing at least twenty lakh as compensation to each of them. The government should punish the police officers who are guilty of implication of Muslim youth in false cases and tortured inhumanly” he demanded.