Australia apologises to Dr Haneef; Will India to Dr Junaid?

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,

New Delhi: Despite Islamophobia and Muslim bashing, what gives the West upper hand on us (India) is their boldness to admit mistakes and offer damage compensation. Today Australia apologized to Dr Mohamed Haneef of Bangalore for his wrongful detention in 2007 over a failed terror attack and offered compensation. Will our country India do it to Dr Ibrahim Ali Junaid of Hyderabad?

“The AFP (Australian Federal Police) acknowledges that it was mistaken and that Dr. Haneef was innocent of the offence of which he was suspected,” said a statement on Australian attorney-general’s website. “The (government) apologises and hopes that the compensation to be paid to Dr. Haneef will mark the end of an unfortunate chapter and allow Dr. Haneef to move forward with his life and career,” the site added.

Dr Mohamed Haneef [Photo by]

Dr Haneef was arrested under anti-terror laws at Brisbane airport after a failed terror attack in Britain, and was detained for 12 days before being charged. He was charged with giving support to a terrorist organisation after his mobile phone SIM card was wrongly linked to the attempted car-bombing. His arrest was condemned worldwide, forcing the Australian government to set up an inquiry into the case. The government investigating agency found him innocent and he was released.

The Australian government has today apologized after offering payment of undisclosed compensation to Dr Haneef.

And now take the case of doctor in Hyderabad.

Dr Ibrahim Ali Junaid, 28, is a practicing BUMS doctor at a private hospital in Hyderabad. He was in the final year of his medical course when Hyderabad police picked him in August 2007 in connection with the Mecca Masjid blast case. He was exposed to third degree torture for five days and was forced to admit his ‘role’ in the blasts but he didn’t. Yet, he was charged with hatching conspiracy for terrorist activities in the country. But about one and half years later in December 2008 the court acquitted him of all charges.

Two years have passed since his acquittal. Still there is no compensation, leave alone apology. And he is not alone.

Dr Ibrahim Ali Junaid

Scores of innocent educated Muslim youths were picked up following terror attacks in last 10 years in the country, including Malegaon, Ajmer, Hyderabad, and Samjhauta Express train blasts. Years after these attacks and after destroying the life and career of Muslim youths our investigating agencies have now got strong evidence of involvement of Hindutva terror groups and their cadres in these blasts. They have been put behind bars also. Still the government is shying from apologizing to these khaki terror victims and offering them proper damage compensation.


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