In Shahid Azmi’s death community lost a brilliant lawyer: CLMC

By TCN News,

New Delhi: The Hyderabad-based Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee has expressed its deep sorrow over the gruesome murder of Shahid Azmi, a prominent lawyer who worked selflessly, tirelessly for the cause of oppressed Muslims. “He was an advocate of Muslims in true sense and community lost a great fighter,” said Lateef Mohammad Khan, General Secretary, CLMC.

“This committee believes that those who killed Shahid Azmi are the people who are responsible for detaining Muslims in Maharashtra. He was murdered because he was the advocate of those Muslims who are languishing in jails. Shahid Azmi was a polite, intelligent and brave advocate,” Khan said.

He was arrested under TADA for raising the voice against atrocities at the age of sixteen and was put behind bars. He completed his education in Tihar jail; did LLB after release from the jail. The aim of doing law was to help the oppressed people; strive against the atrocities and injustice. He became a famous lawyer in a very short period and was always ready to help every Muslim in need. He collected nominal fee from the clients. He successfully argued the TADA and POTA cases in the court and a number of innocent youths were acquitted. Just at the age of 32 years, his name is included in the list of top most lawyers. He was the last hope of the oppressed people especially Muslims; and this was the reason that he was murdered.

“It is very sad that the police have not been able to trace the murderers till now and the government also seems to be not serious in this matter. Therefore one can imagine, if someone else would have been murdered in place of Shahid Azmi, it would have been highlighted nation wide and there would have been wide debate on the murder,” Khan lamented.

“Civil Liberties believe that the murder of Shahid Azmi has brought great loss to the Muslim community; and this loss is irreparable. Shahid Azmi was a member of CPDR and also was connected with International Association of Peoples Lawyer (IAPL). Civil Liberties pay its tribute to Shahid Azmi and express its solidarity with the family and demand with the government to take immediate action and order for judicial enquiry.”