Muslim leaders condemn brutal killing of Sikhs by Taliban in Pakistan

By TCN News,

New Delhi: South Asian Council for Minorities(SACM) strongly condemned the brutal beheading of two innocent Sikhs by the Talibans in Pakistan.

Here is the text of the statement:

The inhuman and un-Islamic act of killing innocent civilians has once again exposed the true face of the terrorists whose only aim is to use the name of Islam, the religion of peace and mercy, for their nefarious designs, ulterior motives and worldy pleasures. These are the people who denigrate the name of Islam and bring disrepute to all Muslims of the World.

No civilised Muslim would accept the logic of killing innocents in the name of religion. Safeguarding the lives of its minorities from lawlessness, mayhem and protecting their lives and property is the paramount duty of an Islamic State.

The continuous pressure on the Sikh community in Pakistan is alarming and demands urgent attention of civil society, religious leaderhship and the establishment in Pakistan.

We appeal to the Government of Pakistan to immediately take strong steps against all those forces which are hell-bent on terrorising minorities in the name of religion and ensure their safety and security.

Shaikh Ali Muhyuddin Al-Quradaghi, World Council of Muslim Scholars (Qatar)

Hannan Mollah, former member of Parliament, India

Moosa Raza, Chairman, Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians (MOEMIN)

Navaid Hamid, Secretary, South Asian Council for Minorities (SACM)

Niaz Farooqui, Secretary, Jamiat Ulama e Hind

Nusrat Ali, Secretay General, Jamaat i Islami Hind

Shahid Lateef, Editor, Daily Inquilab, Mumbai

Shahid Siddiqui, Editor, Nai Duniya, New Delhi

Zafar Mehmood, President, Interfaith Colation for Peace

Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor, The Milli Gazette, New Delhi