Germany's Mesut Ozil recites Holy Quran before World Cup matches

Berlin, July 3, IRNA - Germany's new star midfielder Mesut Ozil who is of Turkish-origin, recites the Holy Quran before the World Cup matches in a bid to help him focus.

Talking to the Berlin-based daily Der Tagesspiegel on Saturday, Ozil said, "I always do that before I go out (on the pitch). I pray and my team-mates know that they cannot talk to me during this brief period."

A third generation Turkish-German, Ozil has become one of the superstars at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Triple World Cup winners Germany are to face Argentina in the World Cup quarter-finals in Cape Town later in the day in what is seen as a the battle of the football titans.


May be the Qur'an was the only difference....

I expected Brazil and Argetina or any other South American and African team to be in semis and final but the exit of Brazil and Ghana and later of Argentina is disappointing. While the Germans were leading 1-0 when I went for a necessary break, I thought it would be 2-1 in Argentina's favour as it happend in the Brazil-Netherland case but it was not to be. However, it was not a passionate 'nationalistic' expectation but an impartial sports follower's wish. Germany is not so lowly ranked that it can be counted as an upset. However, the presence of many Muslim and Black people in football teams especially in French and German team is a good sign. These two countries have a chequred history of religious, recial and political history. The current system in France is not good even by the European standards. So, to have a 'third' generation boy that too from usually 'extemist secular Turkey' makes it even better that an individual seeks the blessings of the Creator while playing football. May be the victory of Germany is a sign of better things in future. May be the Maradona and Pele teams lacked a Ozil!!

Its good to see muslim

Its good to see muslim players in germany. not only muslims but also players from different countries. Integration of immigrants is a key issue in europe. Germany is doing very good unlike france.

Masha-allah..only Allah can

Masha-allah..only Allah can help,none else..

Contra España no sirve

Contra España no sirve recitar el coran

proud muslim

and this why i love Ozil! :D you can be muslim and be proud of it, and walk with no fear. this is what the ummah lacks, people like him. mashAllah.

Muslim and non-Muslim Unity

I agree with M Naqqaad. I watched the match between Argentina & Germany and was so eager to know who is the real Mesut Ozil.It was so calm when I saw his face. Finally after the glorious final match I decided to seek info on Mesut Ozil. Alhamdulillah hé is one of the devout Muslim, and I was more proud when all Germany players disregard their belief and race were fighting as a big family to play tremendously to attain as the top 3 World ranking team. Also wish to congratulate Sami Khedira for granting the victory goal defeated Uruguay. Keep it up, InsyaALLAH..

assalammualaikum..only Allah

assalammualaikum..only Allah can help u ozil...u make me so proud of u..u are only football player that i like for ever and ever,,,dont forget to Allah ok?

i don't thought that you will be a muslim

i like you a lot ozil after i have watched your match in fifa 2010. actually i am a hindu but still like you a lot.i think that you should not marry a girl who is 7 years older than you.

come india fast,i am waiting for you ,

i am very proud of u so

i am very proud of u so much;;
i didnt expect dat u r islamic..
may ALLAH bless u 4eva..

mesut ozil will be 1st ever islamic player to play for Manu.

may ALLAH bless u.
i never know that u r islam..
i founded my new islamic cousins..

I like You cause of Allah..

I'm from Indonesia,
Keep Istiqomah ok..

i'm really proud of you

i'm an afghan and muslim.i whatched all your matches since i understood you read the holly quran before each match.i'm sure god will help you in every occasion.but there is one thing that bothers me.i wish you had gotten engaged with a muslim girl who had should be aware that muslim young people look at you.just be carefull about your behavour,it's very important for us. Allah bless you

love u ozil......... nd

love u ozil.........
nd proud of u as a muslim.........
wish u get everything in ur lyf.......

the great ozil

my name is maria and i'm an arab i think that u deserve so much more than you already have

Ur da bst

First thing i'm a fan of Deutschland and turkey since i was born. Well, i was cheering for Deutschland. And liked way of playing before even before i heard u were a muslim. Bt when i heard you were a Turkish i was a bit proud, bt when i heard u ead Qur'aan you are my fav. player. and, When i get older insha allah, i'll be player like you. And good luck wid ur carrier in Real Madrid. Maay Allah blesx you.


You are moeslim mesut Özil.... That's why I love you so damn much ozil... May Allah bless you. I'm indonesia, puhlease come to indonesia, I'm waiting for you :)


very good ozil for recites holy quran

May Allah Bless U ozil Best

May Allah Bless U ozil Best Of Luck

Alhamdulilah! I really

Alhamdulilah! I really appreciated heard that ozil is muslim, u are my hero in football my name is musa abubakar from nigeria jigawa state kazaure L.G.A. Gwale quaters. Pls ozil i need ur email address or phone number. Thank's ur beloved.

May Allah bless you!

im proud of u ozil! u now is one of my fav player...keep doing that thing...May Allah always help you

best wish

i was so pleased when i heared that ure a muslim may Allah help you.

May Allah help you on your career mesut özil.

May Allah help you mesut özil, i need your email or phone number thank you.


Mesut Ozil is the only player whose simplicity captivated my heart. I love the way he plays. And above all, I feel extremely happy that he is a MUSLIM. Please send me your e-mail or phone number so that I can say hello to you. May Allah empower you.

Thank You Allah

Thank You Allah for creating such a beautiful talent for the football world and for muslims.
Now he is one of my favourites.

Mesut your so kindhearted!!

I know that my best player is cristiano ronaldo, and i just can't start loving you as my best player just bczx your religion is the same as mine (ISLAM!)I like to be neautral,but know i am lovin you as my favorite player, bcz their are many causes, your modest gd kindhearted Muslim Turkish like me but i am half turkish half arabic(lebanese). mesut plz take care of your religion dont forget it neither your country!! bye greets!!


Salam alaykum Mesut, please dont leave Real madrid cos I'm from Nigeria, I'm a Real madrid fan and I'm also proud to choose you as my fav player. Keep it up Mesut you are absolutely dynamite.

What do you expect from a

What do you expect from a Turkish man? Wooot Turkey!

best wishes

i wish you the best wishes from the deepest of my heart..I pray for your happiness and success everyday to Allah..Keep on going like this..MAy Allah give you all the happiness and success in the whole world..I know that we can never meet unless if fate wants us to meet..we are so far away..i know you but you doesnt even know whether im in this world or not..Youre the only football player i ever supported..youre the man of my you el b` happy ozil..


LOVE ur my hero

thnx allah

me tnx allah for giving a gr8 player and hpy to knw he is a muslim

i m vvery happy to see that

i m vvery happy to see that ozil is muslim ... and i pray to God that give him more strength to play good futbol. love u dear


so you are a muslim! Alhamdulillah!!!!!!!

there is no allah exist

there is no allah exist everything is done by man i laugh on those who still in these ridiculous god

As a Muslim lady, I support

As a Muslim lady, I support Ozil's decision to date or marry whoever he likes. A woman worthy of him will respect and love him and he the same to her. Never hastily judge and never think a non-Muslim is a bad choice. It only provokes a very insular community rather than one that says 'come and learn about us'. Why do why face one direction during prayer? Why did people come from far to gather at Mecca? To build relations, to learn, to feel unified.

God is the only judge in the end. Only He will decide if what we did in life was right or wrong. If you must judge, worry about the individuals who commit actual crimes. Worry about the violence in this world and the lack of respect we humans give one another. There is horrible abuse and pain that needs our attention.

The woman he is currently dating is lovely and they look happy. My blessing and hopes for them. I'm even glad she's older than him. That says a great deal about his lack of small-mindedness. Take example from this.



best wishes