Batla House: Post-mortem report confirms Atif, Sajid were hit by blunt force

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

Batla House encounter victims Atif Ameen and Mohd Sajid were hit by ‘blunt force impact by object or surface’, besides multiple gunshot wounds. The post-mortem report, a copy of which is with, has confirmed this. The family members and relatives of the two terror suspects of Azamgarh, who gave them last bath, had claimed the bodies had multiple injuries of brutal beating. The million dollar question: why the police had to resort to beating of the suspects during a ‘genuine’ encounter.

Whether Atif Ameen and Mohd Sajid were involved in terror activities only the court can decide. But genuineness of the September 2008 Batla House encounter in which the two Azamgarh youths were killed has been contested since the day one on various counts. The injury marks other than the gunshot wounds on their bodies were presented by the families and several independent fact finding teams and human rights activists as strong proof that the encounter was fake and the duo were killed pointblank.

This is the first time since the encounter that the post-mortem report has come into public, thanks to tireless efforts of RTI activist Afroz Alam Sahil, a Jamia Millia Islamia student. To get this post-mortem report he knocked at every suitable door – Delhi police, AIIMS, Central Information Commission and National Human Rights Commission, but was shunted out on one ground or the other. Ultimately today he received the report from NHRC.

The four-page post-mortem report of Atif Amen says the cause of death was “shock and haemorrhage as a result of multiple injuries as described. All the injuries are produced by firearm ammunition except injury no 7 which is produced by blunt force impact by object or surface.”

In total the 24-year-old had 21 injuries on his body and all the injuries were “antemortem in nature,” says the report. Of 21, the number of gunshot wounds was 16.

Describing the injury no 7, the report says it was “reddish brown abrasion of 1.5x1 cm over outer and interior aspect of right knee cap.”

Similarly, Mohd Sajid, who had five bullet holes on the upper side of the head, was also beaten with blunt object.

His four-page post-mortem report mentions the cause of death was “craniocerebral damage as a result of gunshot injuries to head.”

Sajid had 14 injuries on his body. “Injury no. 1-12 are produced by firearm ammunition while injury no 13 and 14 are produced by blunt force impact on surface or by object,” confirms the report adding all the injuries were antemortem in nature.

Describing injury no. 13 the report says it was “4x2 cm abrasion, red in colour over back of chest in midline” and injury no. 14 was “laceration of size 3.5x2cm horizontally over front of right leg in the middle.”

Of 14, he had 11 gunshot wounds.

The two-page report of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma who sustained bullet injuries during the shootout mentions the cause of death as “haemorrhagic shock due to firearm injury to abdomen.”

While mentioning antemortem injuries on Inspector Sharma, the report prominently says the entry wound on left shoulder and left upper arm was explored and debrided. Similarly, the exit wound on left arm and 10 cm below left shoulder top and 8 cm above left elbow joint was also explored and debrided. The post mortem report also says that it is alleged the deceased sustained injuries during cross firing in a police encounter in Jamia Nagar on 19/09/2008, he was taken to Holy Family hospital where he died the same day at 7 pm.




birriliant story

Not FIRST CASE of Post-Mortem Manipulation

This is NOT THE FIRST CASE of Manipulation by Indian Authorities i.r.o. Post-Mortem Reports. Please read this from respected MAINSTREAM MEDIA, about two Kashmiri girls (Shopian case), who were raped - before killed.

It's the TIP-OF-AN-ICEBERG when we consider "Post Mortem" reports by Indian Authorities.

Another "Post Mortem" report which is "buried under carpet" is about SO-CALLED Pakistani Terrorists, who attacked Parliament Building during NDA (Hindutva rule). Terrorists were "carrying" Pakistani Identity Cards to IMMEDIATELY SHOW to INDIAN MEDIA, before embarking on a SUICIDAL MISSION.

Terrorists embarking on "Suicidal-missions" have to meet their BHAGWAAN, who identifies their IDENTITY, verifying with an IDENTITY CARD - manufactured by Indian Authorities.

To ADD-AN-INSULT-TO-INJURY - vital evidence has been ignored / sidelined i.e. killed-terrorists WERE found to be NON-CIRCUMCISED. This fact was HIDDEN either intentionally, or for "journalistic" concerns. But, the terrorists were Pakistanis, carrying Indian manufactured "Identity Cards".

If you have any doubt(s), please take time to also read this, dating back to January / February 2000:

RAW is getting FANTASTIC training from Mossad help.

Thank you for your reading.

An Indian

There is a famous saying: CHOOR KI DAADHI MEIN TIL
English translation: There is a mole in thief's beard.

There is another saying: DAAL mein KANKAR (There is stone in daal)
In my view, there are MORE STONES than actual DAAL.

I don't wish to give any

I don't wish to give any clarification about the alleged involvement of Atif and Saif in the terror act, but the post-mortem report is an eye-opener for the deaf and dumb Central Government, Indian Police, NHRC and those who have made the tendency to blame Muslims for any terror attack...Why the same people have kept a mum over alleged involvement of Sadhavi Paragya, and death of Hemant Karkare under mysterious circumstances. I have doubt, whether India is a real democratic country or it is just a cliche...

pm report of batla house encounter eaths

jo chup rahegi zabane khanjar

to lahu pukarega aastin se
well done .lrt the the truth prevail.

Not hit but "had suffered blunt injuries"

The postmortem report does NOT say that the "dead" were hit by blunt force but "had suffered blunt injuries" which are of anti-mortem in nature. The injuries could have been due any number of reasons including during efforts to escape the police. Why should the police shoot them in a Muslim locality when they could have taken them to anywhere else in India and did the same thing if they were in custody??? And if the police had planned the FAKE ENCOUNTER so meticulously they could have changed the "nature of blunt injuries to postmortem" (suffered after death) with out any difficulty.

9/11 Jews did it, 26/11 Hindutva, Batala encounter FAKE. Barelly riots by Bajrangis POOR MUSLIMS, as pure as a DOVE and is suffering. It is a JOKE.

Good justification by BLIND SUPPORTER

Good JUSTIFICATION by a "BLIND SUPPORTER" of wrong actions in Kal-Yug Bharat.

Go to "GOOGLE" website, type THERMITE you can read a lot about it, it's properties, with whom it is available, and where it ended. Mohamed Ata, the ring-leader of nine-eleven is a "convict" of Israeli prison. How did he leave and became a ring-leader of highjackers is a "mystery" and noteworthy ???

Concerning Mumbai 26/11 - volumes have been written; as India is trying to "cry-fowl" aping America to gain sympathy - and to justify its own excesses inside India. This is nothing new, as India is carrying on it's own version of excesses (I mean racial discrimination), with resultant RELIGIOUS CONVERSION of indigeneous Indians, inside India.

If you have audio and video software on your computers, please see this. It's a ten-minute clip from Bollywood movie "Nayak". Watch it at-least from the third to six-minute OR up-to end.

Readers need to remember, even Bollywood movies are based on real-life incidents.

"Anonymous" or AK Singh, have nothing to justify about the FAKE "post-mortem" report in Batla House Encounter. Readers can discern from their comments - what is their intention. It's a clear-copy intention that Hindutva and GOI are doing in Kal-Yug India.

"Anonymous", recent Bareili Riots are NO-DOUBT the work of Bajrangis, so are the riots of "Godhra" after they (yep, they - I mean Kar-Sevaks) burned Kar-Sevaks by pouring Kerosene from Inside Bogie S-6, and torching it from inside (suicidal act), killing themselves and other Kar-Sevaks.

I don't get excited OR agitated by your instigating comments, appreciating police, Hindutva, GOI. It only shows your mentality. INJUSTICE is INJUSTICE done by anyone; whether you ACCEPT or REJECT - it's your conscience that will give you right answer.

An Indian

Doodh ka Doodh, Paani ka Paani.

Thank you.


People like "Indian" are the reason Muslims remain backward. They want to mislead/misguide keeping Muslims always backward. Muslims, keep away from people like him1

Thank you Shoeb K or whoever you maybe

Thank you Shoeb K - or WHOEVER you maybe, as your name and posting is (not verified) by TCN web-site editorial staff.

Who is stopping you Shoeb K, from progressing???

Who is stopping you Shoeb K, from getting good education???

Who is harassing you Shoeb K, tarnishing your name???

Who is torturing you Shoeb K, in India???

Who is holding you backward Shoeb K, and in which area of your development???

Who is misleading you Shoeb K, and how???

If you have answers to above questions, post your response - otherwise SHUT-UP, instead of making personal attack.

Thank you,

An Indian

Examples of "hypocrites" like you, is replete in history - Islamic and Indian.

Shoeb K - read these on TCN

Shoeb K - or WHOEVER you maybe hiding under that name; as TCN website editorial staff has NOT VERIFIED your identity.

Anyhow, kindly take time to read these reports, before making your shameless comments against anyone, in future.

After reading above, read this report about an innocent person arrested, acquitted several times - without charges.

Thank you again for your "immature", "lopsided", "biased", "shameless" comment.

An Indian

Filmi Mr An Indian

You should try your luck in Indian films as you seem to base your opinion on films and so seem to follow them religiously.

You should make a movie with you ideas of Md Atta escaping from israel prison and then hatching 911 with CIA and Mossad. Maybe you can add some masala with Atta coming to India and dancing with RAW girls. Then surprise..he reveals his real name as Arun, a Hindu which is secretly recorded, but RAW finds it and tries to destroy. They some islamic sypathiser finds it and writes an article and RAW is after them. The article shows red band on hand and claims he is hindu. Then people get tensed and confront Obama with chappal.Again a surprise..Osama comes infront and protects Obama and which is noted by your favourite writers and flash images and people now know Osama is not muslims but infact a bengali hindu by name Amaso (read backwards)..well.

This is the HIT movie of the century. All your ilk will watch how peaceful your religion is and go happy to homes.

Good script writing - will you finance ???

Mr. Giri you are good at making stories, including script-writing. You can be a producer of the movie too!!!

Thank you.

An Indian

BTW (by the way) you may have not seen hollywood movie, produced and directed by Michael Moore on similar lines - on the same title. Just "google" it, and you will find clips on "youtube" as well.

Mr Indian's movie sponsorship

We have lot of fake communist hindus like Arundhati Roy, Karat, atheist Karunanidhi who are happy to sponsor the movie. I will be happy to see the seriously comic movie. Don't mind paying $10 for it when it releases in my city.

why do you always expand abbreviations for FYI or BTW..Either you think people don't understand or you have plenty of time to write and proof read.

Not SPONSOR - it needs a PRODUCER

Thank you Mr. Giri for your response. Since you are a great "script-writer", you can be a producer too.

Writing that much, you should know the difference between SPONSOR and PRODUCER.

Thank you.

An Indian

BTW, I write for spreading TRUTH, and I don't know about your intentions - but most of your writing appears to spread LIES. Whether your writings are PAID or UNPAID, you know. Thank you.

Hello! Mr.Man Who Knew Too Much!

Taking cue from a part of the Report, "ante mortem blunt injuries", you have built
up a case!While this has struck you so well, what made you gloss over the multiple bullet injuries on the body of the victim?Obviously it is a "FAKE ENCOUNTER".Not all you ingenuity nor the expertise of police to cover such things up,could not make any difference. "Truth and Murder will one day be out!" said Sakespeare.

The multiple bullet injuries

The multiple bullet injuries are the precise reason why it is not a fake encounter. Had the terrorist been arrested by police and then shot, police could have just "fired ONE bullet on the head of the victim" and there would have been no need to fire anymore as police could have easily confirmed that the terrorist is dead. More bullets are fired into the terrorist when it is NOT sure that the terrorist is dead or not. A captive wild Buffalo requires one shot on the precise point on the head to be killed but if the same Buffalo is being hunted, the hunter will fire till he is sure that the animal is dead and then only go near it. That is what has happened here too.

Indian must read the article in OUTLOOK "Bareilly Burns Amid Barelwi Triumph by ARSHAD ALAM" a Muslim Journalist and then comment on the issue.

Like elimination of an...

Yes "Anonymous". Your example of a "captive buffalo" is similar to elimination of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare in the bye-lanes of Mumbai, even though he was wearing a bullet-proof life-vest.

Hemant Karkare's assasins, although being "OUTSIDE TERRORISTS", had time, could identify their victim, knew the soft-spot, had "presence of mind", and "interest to ensure" their victim is "actually dead".

And then "OUTSIDE TERRORISTS" (I mean killer's) and their supporters rejoiced, upon hearing Hemant Karkare's death news, when it was telecasted on TV. Hat's off, to your stup.....

Thank you.

An Indian

I will read OUTLOOK, as you suggested - and will post an appropriate comment, under appropriate article.

You can be an assistant to D.G.Vanzara


Reading your supporting comment(s) and description to support FAKE ENCOUNTER, I believe you can be a good ASSISTANT to ENCOUNTER SPECIALIST - D.G. Vanzara.

You can also get some reward(s) and favour(s) from Naari-Hatyakari C.M. of Gujarat, who can recommend his party high-command to give you some medals at coming Indian Independence Day celebrations.

An Indian

It is not supporting ENCOUNTER but logical reasoning.

Why should police fire 14-16 bullets at a captured terrorist when just ONE or TWO bullets would have killed them?? The example of killing a capture Buffalo vis-a-vis wild Buffalo amply clarifies it.

Mr Kharkare died because the bullet proof was defective as he had chest wounds and any bullet proof which doesn't stop bullet on the chest is no bullet proof at all.

The status of GUJARAT CM is known to all, and those who have seen his efficiency dare not commence another riots or train burning during his tenure as CM. Had BJP followed Gujarat CM's method there would NOT have been riots in Barelly, UP too. Lathoon ka BHOOTH batoon se nahin mantha. Some people have to keep getting kicked for them to behave. Else they become like Taliban of AFPAK.

Sangh Parivar is other face of Talibans

Post Mortem Report(s) of FAKE Batla House Encounter is published above, if you know HOW TO READ and INTERPRET !!!

Also read the book "Who Killed Karkare", and then give examples by whatever you are FEEBLY trying to justify.

Find out, the meaning of "Z"-level security ???

Find out, who gave "death threats" days before Hemant Karkare's death ???

Find out, who demanded "Narco-analysis" on Hemant Karkare ???

Find out, who called Hemant Karkare a "desh-drohi" before his death ???

Last, but not least, find out WHO BENEFITED from his death ???

Why are Hemant Karkare's cell phone records, and police communication(s) with him are NOT RELEASED - even to his wife Kavita Karkare. Why is RTI being denied ??? What's there to hide (cover-up) ???


There are Talibans of Afghanistan and Pakistan (AFPAK), and we have Talibans of India - Sangh Parivar and their goons. Both are TWINS - or better still, I would call "Siamese Twins". Both need to be eliminated, if public is to live peacefully.

I wrote earlier, there is one-bull to handle hundreds of buffaloes. Buffaloes line in front of Bull. You know for what - Thank you.

An Indian

If you can publish 7/10 of An Indian - publish reply too

---The postmortem report can just state that “the DEAD has blunt injury on the body which is anti-mortem in nature” which essentially means the terrorist has been hit with a “something blunt” before his death. How ii has occurred can not be commented upon by postmortem as they haven’t seen it happen. It could be very well that the terrorist who escaped from Batala sold these two to police (MUKHBERI) for cash and immobilized them by hitting them with blunt weapon before fleeing.

--- A book written by a MUSLIM to spread TAQUIA need not be read.

--- Z level security to STF chief who is responsible for fighting terrorist does not mean that he hides inside his house when MUMBAI is attacked.

-- No comments on Narco/ desh drohi etc because it is inappropriate speak ill of a dead man.

-- Cell Phone/radio records are not being released because MUMBAI police has many things to hide. It has been widely reported that many IPS officers refused to fight the terrorist. The communication of Kharkare would have all those details as he would have been one of the senior IPS officer directing his subordinates and record of disgraceful conduct of MUMBAI police would be known to all. Nothing can happen to a DEAD MAN but effort is on to shelter the LIVING.

Anonymous - read this w.r.o. Bareilli Riots of March 2010

"Anonymous", after spilling your BLIND-SUPPORT to Hindutva Actions, you can feel proud OR feel "ashamed" on reading this latest article about Bareilli Riots.

Everyone knows Hindutva / RSS / VHP have an agenda how to "manufacture riots" and blame on other community, and how to return to power OR score political points.

They successfully did by DEMOLISHING A HISTORICAL STRUCTURE - but now people realized your/ their SHAMELESS TACTICS. And now they (Hindutva) are unable to build a temple in Ayodhya (as promised) at very site of DEMOLISHED SITE. A cheque CANNOT be CASHED TWICE. Your WRONG intentions are VERY-CLEAR. Temple @ Ayodhya, "does not" AND "cannot" feed millions of STARVING INDIANS.

Thank you.

An Indian

It has been proved "WITHOUT DOUBT" there is always a political hand in riots, abusing religious sentiments. And Hindutva, being a politico-religious organization ((khichdi of various parties)) seizes "every opportunity" to ABUSE sentiments of innocent Indians, and accomplishes their objectives. And this obviously TAINTS Hindu Religion. Now it is for "Raju Kuriens", "Anonymous", "Giri", and other BLIND SUPPORTERS how to stop Hindu Religion, from getting TAINTED from abuse.


DEMOLISHING A HISTORICAL STRUCTURE is your perception of AYODYA' BJP is out of power because they did not it

Not hit but "had suffered blunt injuries" - Read this now

After your BLIND, FEEBLE, "WRONG SUPPORT" of police interpretation of "post-mortem" reports of two FAKE ENCOUNTERS, read this report, removing any JUNK from your BRAIN.

With your BLIND SUPPORT - it is clear you are a DIE-HARD SUPPORTER or MAYBE AN ACTIVE PARTY-WORKER of HINDUTVA. Well, that's your right - your choice.

Good Luck, anyhow for getting tainted, because the chauvinist organization, you "so-dearly" love and support, is TAINTED.

An Indian

Why don't people remain "nomaL"?

Long ago the Press Council of India has issued a "code of Ethics for news-papers , media and journalists.It has clearly laid down
:"An accused o a victimshall not nedescribed byhis caste or community whnthe same does not have anything to do withoffence or crime!"
How, then, names and community labels are so callously given importance in bomb blast cases?Just because of such revelations bloggers make comments not on the basis of fatc of the case but the accused of a paticular community. Hope our media willbe guided by its "dharma" in future atleast.

Batla Encounter

We all need an answer from the UPA government. The Muslims who are flocking towards the UPA government should first ask for an honest answer. Maybe the answer is there. Why do Muslims end up making choice amongst the lesser evil. Lack of Muslim leadership is one of the reasons why we are always taken for granted. What is the answer? The answer is not the mini parties that are mushrooming in certain parts of the eastern Uttar Pradesh. The answer lies in a towering personality who can do hard bargain with the so called existing "Muslim Friendly" parties.

Batla Encounter

Dear Tanvir,

I can sense your frustration!I would say two points.

1. Pleaseeeee do not relate this incident with Muslims.

2. Whatever has happend in Batla case, truth will be coming out. If victims were innocent, I am expecting a honest judicial action from government. But I think this is not good idea to involve communaliity and majority to get justice. We have a judicial system.There is no surity that communal leadership can improve the things. I am sure it will make situetion from wrost to wroster.

Who killed MC Sharma? Rajbir was killed by Anti Terror head

Post Mortem report has proved that those two boys were killed in cold bold.

Now it is the matter of investigation, who eliminated Shahid MC SHarma. His friend Rajbir singh was also murdered inspite of being provide Z category security cover.

At that time, one property dealer was blamed for murder.

But Now

Recent arrest of ASP Sheoran who headed Haryana anti-terror task force is said to be involved in Rajbir Singh was killing in March 2008, said the two bullets which killed the assistant commissioner of police possibly came out of the .32 bore service revolver of ASP Sheoran, who headed the now disbanded STF. The .32 bore cannot be possessed privately and is allowed only for police and military officers.

Was MC SHarma also eliminated in similar fashion. Is govt/police using use and throw policy when it comes to encounter specialist?

give justice to MC SHarma family.

real vs fake encounters

Police is good in fake encounters. Satbir encounter, Cannuaght place encounter, ansal palaza encounter .............

When they are involved in real encounters, they fail miserably. Like case of Ghanshyam Kewat, 400 security personnel against one dacoit.

What is real and what is fake

Was 26/11 fake? It was done by Muslim jihadis from Pakistan (I say Muslim because the Quran says you are Muslims first and then citizens of nations).

Were Mumbai Train Blasts fake? It was done by Indian Mujahideen which was proven and members captured.

Were Assam Blasts fake? Was 9/11 fake? Was Ahmedi Killing fake?

If they were not fake, then the Government has every right to kill these brainwashed terrorists. Terrorists have no trials, human rights, etc. Otherwise Indian Army in Kashmir would have a case against them every week since they are killing so many Jihadis.

Bottom line: Jihadis must be killed like Ishrat Jahan, and evidence will come later in the form of Headley who said that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist. Jai Hind.

BATLA HOUSE ENCOUNTER is FAKE as are other....

Anonymous Baabu (LIAR) @ 16 July 2010 - 11:25 pm.

Batla-House is a FAKE-ENCOUNTER, and all the other incidents you mention have "Saffron" foot-prints. Accept it OR just SHUT-UP - instead of TIME and AGAIN attempting to make: Jhootha Prachaar of Sangh Parivaar.

I.R.O. your comment about 26/11 - I proved you wrong. If you are still "unsatisfied" and acting like "kuttay-ki-duum", let readers read this:


First they arrest "shadows" show them on TV abusing Media, PROTECTING "actual" culprits / suspects. Later, the police SILENTLY releases Muslim Youths in MIDDLE OF NIGHT, without an APOLOGY - then they ARREST real CULPRITS. Once this happens - BARKING / HOUNDING against Media and Investigators STARTS, and EVERY attempt is made to DIVERT from ISSUE, while ATTEMPTING to PROTECT actual CULPRITS.

Every-one of "your comment" ("Anonymous" and later "Anonymous Baabu") on TCN-Platform has been PROVED WRONG. Since I proved you WRONG "every-time", I labeled you "LIAR" (Jhootey).

Do you want me to address you as: "Jhootey Baabu" ???

An Indian

If ANYONE wants to read about 9/11 - INTERNET is ABUNDANT with FACTS and MYTHS. Just "google" and thousands of articles will pop-up. Good Luck "Jhootey Baabu".

26/11 = Karkare?

You are in a very serious imagination deficit. 26/11 was done by Pakistani Jihadis who massacred 100s of innocent civilians. You are talking about Karkare. Incidentally Karkare was killed in the jeep which belonged to ACP Shantilal Bhamre who was my father's friend. The fact that Shantilal Bhamre got down the jeep and let Karkare take it was purely coincidental. You can check with ACP Bhamre with the facts first who is the Traffic RTO cop now. We have honoured Shri Bhamre as Bhamre was also going to go to his death. The larger issue of Islamic terrorism which killed 100s of INNOCENT civilians is not even acknowledged by you which shows how hypocritical you are.

Caught you!! RSS criminal

Thanks for this post. This 'proves' the suspicion that you are the product (i.e. son) of a perverted extremist Hindu terrorist i.e an RSS member. Since 'coincidences' always happen at the convenience of RSS, this only goes to show that your RSS father's RSS friend Bhamre was accomplice to the crime of murdering Karkare. And hence, his subsequent 'honouring'.

Good reply

Well said brother.
Keep doing the good work.
The post mortem reports says they were hot by "blunt force", during gun battle in residential area in a 2 or 3 storyed building , the terrorists will get hit on hardsurface or will fall down thats what "blunt force " is . From karkare to sharma anti-indians are making mockery of sacrifises of brave sons of India. Shame on them.
Jai Hind

...corection fr you z dat

...corection fr you z dat islam speaks of protection of ur country as any oder rule..get ur facts ryt n get real...!jai hind