NHRC lists Batla House as fake encounter

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi, TwoCircles.net,

New Delhi: Surprised? But it’s true. The official data of the official human rights watchdog, National Human Rights Commission, has included Batla House encounter among fake encounters in the country. In the last 16 years (1993-2009), there were 1224 fake encounters across the country. The September 19, 2008 Batla House encounter in which two alleged terror suspects were killed was also registered as a fake encounter, the NHRC data say.

According to the information accessed by RTI activist Afroz Alam Sahil from NHRC after more than one year of struggle, Delhi saw 22 fake encounters between October 1993 and October 2009. The Batla House encounter is one of them. There were 1224 total fake encounters in the country in that period. Of 22 fake encounters in Delhi there are 8 cases in which Muslims are victims.

First Page of fake encounters list

Afroz Alam Sahil, a Jamia Millia Islamia student filed an application with the NHRC using RTI Act on 24/09/2008, a week after the Batla House encounter, seeking information about the number of police encounter cases reached NHRC so far. He got reply on 20/10/2008. “As per record available with the Commission, so far 2560 cases of police encounter/alleged fake encounter have come up before the NHRC,” the reply said.

Afroz filed a fresh application on 02/03/2009 seeking specific information about the number of cases of fake encounters, communal riots/caste violence, death in police custody, exploitation of women and exploitation of Dalit registered at NHRC since October 1993. The answer he got about six months later, after making several rounds of the NHRC office, said that the number of cases registered in the Commission since October 1993 in respect of fake encounters is 1224, communal riots 432, police custody deaths 2320, exploitation of women 4502 and exploitation of Dalit 17998.

Page which mentions Batla House

The 51-page state-wise report detailing 1224 fake encounters has details like case number, complainant, victim’s name, and incident place.

The case No 2811/30/8/08-09FE of Batla encounter was registered at NHRC on September 23, 2009 on the complaint of social activist Kamran Siddiqi.




We ask goverment to unearth the truth behind Late Shri Anil Sharma death in Batla house fake encounter.

Take the issue to SC and ask SC to force big medias to publish the report saying Batla House encouter was fake and two innocent students were killed by our beloved police force...The same police has killed Shri Anil Sharma as well.


Very Good news "Nehle pe

Very Good news "Nehle pe Dahla"

Who killed MC Sharma? Rajbir was killed by Anti Terror head

Now it is the matter of investigation, who eliminated Shahid MC SHarma. His friend Rajbir singh was also murdered inspite of being provide Z category security cover.

At that time, one property dealer was blamed for murder.


But Now

Recent arrest of ASP Sheoran who headed Haryana anti-terror task force is said to be involved in Rajbir Singh was killing in March 2008, said the two bullets which killed the assistant commissioner of police possibly came out of the .32 bore service revolver of ASP Sheoran, who headed the now disbanded STF. The .32 bore cannot be possessed privately and is allowed only for police and military officers.


Was MC SHarma also eliminated in similar fashion?

Give justice to MC SHarma family. Culprits should be caught and tried in court.

i believe the inspector

i believe the inspector sharma was also awarded a medal posthomusly by delhi police for his 'act of bravery' in this encounter.

Truth will never be disclosed

If Batala House encounter was fake it can be so only if the "terrorist who were allowed to escape by police" had already killed the two dead men as they were all on the payroll of police. The police can not disclose it as it would divulge details about "informer network" amongst Islamic network. The death of the police officer would have occurred in cross fire of police itself while firing additional bullets into the "dead body". Such things will never be disclosed by anybody.

I still remember just after

I still remember just after the bomb blast at CP a sketch of a person named Tauquir was released by Delhi Police. In 2006 when there was a blast in Sankat Mochan Temple in Varanasi, UP police caught a man named waliullah, and claimed him to be a member of HUJI and also charged him as a culprit in Varanasi blasts.

I just don't know after the batla hose encounter both tauquir and waliullah were nowhere in the scene. and the boys who were killed were claimed to be the major suspects in these blasts.

this statement of Delhi Police kind of confuses me. And people like us just wanted to know why these things happen??
Why do the released sketches disappear after some time.

Struggling for the answer.................

shame on delhi police

IT was apparent the day i saw the encounter on news channel and that stupid IG from delhi was saying there were proofs that the young boys where terrorists as hey had "time of india" magazines and they used to discuss "yaar kuch happening news nahi hai aaj kal" what a shame it was a cold-blooded murder where the delhi police should be held accountable