Use of RTI to publish minority scholarship results in Bihar

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

Patna: Right to Information Act is proving a useful measure to make public information on which our babus – government officers – love to sit for months and at times years. Mohd Irshad Hussain, a PhD student and leader of a Muslim youth group, uses the Act to get the results of minority scholarship schemes, which he promptly puts on his blog for all to see.

Talking to, Hussain, who hails from Sitamadhi, a backward minority concentration district in Bihar, says he began using the RTI Act in 2008 for centrally sponsored mega minority scholarship schemes when he saw the concerned state department is delaying publication of the results of successful candidates. Officially, he says, the results should be made public in February or March but the state government normally delays it 2-5 months. Hussain files RTI for the results in the end of February and as soon as he gets the results he uploads them on his blog

This is not all. Hussain, who is doing doctoral in biochemistry from Patna University while heading Bihar chapter of Students Islamic Organisation of India, has in fact activated all district units of SIO for the scholarship schemes. The units work for making people aware of the schemes. They provide them application forms and help them submit them at concerned offices. Through his social and RTI activism, Irshad Hussain has helped several thousand people to get benefit of the schemes.

Mohd Irshad Hussain, SIO Bihar president in his Patna office

For the purpose he also runs a Student Welfare Helpline. Its contact No. is 9835438376.

However, he thinks there is a need to make changes in the schemes to make them more effective in terms of quality and implementation.

Irshad Hussain blog for student welfare:
Student Welfare Helpline: 9835438376



Hats off to Irshad Hussain.

What a fine soul... what a fine student. Gladdened my heart. Work to strengthen the IDEA OF INDIA., Husain. That is the foundation on which the pyramid or Shivala of India rests. If the foundations are under attack, that means the whole eddifice is under attack. THE IDEA OF INDIA is the finest thing about India... and that has to be preserved at all cost. RSS is bent on destroying India and turn it into a Hindu-Afghanistan. That must be fought at all costs., irrespective of consequences... Let us not be afraid of RSS Mafias., Gangs., Arms., Swords, Bombs. Let us have a hand-to-hand fight... with these Private Mafias... Save India.. the Idea of India.. and eclectic Hinduism... from Hindutva criminals and terrorists. Their ugly face must be exposed 24x7. The mask (Maukhata) had dropped... said Vajpayee famously years ago.. How very true. Apne moo se kaha, Jansanghi Vajpayee ne... aur RSS is vishwa ka subse-bada aatankvaadi organisation hai... yeh baat... baghair darr ke... khul kar.. kehna chaahiye... 24x7.

its a great initiative

its a great initiative

Wonderful work

Wonderful work


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