Will teach Arundhati Roy a lesson: Bajrang Dal

By TCN Staff Reporter

New Delhi: If Arundhati Roy continues with her anti-India tirade then Bajrang Dal will teach her a lesson and will do the same thing with her what it has already done to painter Maqbool Fida Hussain, warned Delhi Bajrang Dal chief Vinod Bansal.

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He was speaking at a function in South Delhi on Wednesday to celebrate the accession of Kashmir to India.

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Advising the Booker prize winner not to adopt the path of MF Hussain, the leader of the RSS affiliate said that Ms. Roy was misusing the right to freedom of expression and if she doesn’t correct her ways then the Hindutva group will teach her a lesson.

The Hindu fundamentalist group will hound the Leftist writer out of the country by filing hundreds of first information reports across India, as it has done in the case of Mr. Hussain, forcing him to remain in exile in Dubai, warned Mr. Bansal.

Almost echoing the same aggressive tone, Smriti Irani, BJP women’s wing president, also warned Ms. Roy. She advised Ms. Roy not to test the “tolerance of our democracy.” The women’s wing considered Ms. Roy’s statement supporting Azadi for Kashmir and her act of sharing stage with Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, as crossing “all boundaries.”

A celebrated leftist writer and a staunch supporter of Azadi for the Kashmiris, Ms. Roy has recently made comments favoring Azadi for Kashmir, which as usual made the headlines of the press. But this was not the first time that some thing like this had happened.

Ms. Roy is known for courting controversies through her writings and speeches either by supporting Naxal movement in India or making ‘radical’ statements favoring Azadi for Kashmir.