French burqa ban is an infringement on women’s right: Bazm-e-Khwateen

By staff reporter,

Lucknow: Bazm-e-Khwateen, a women organisation in Lucknow has decried the ban on burqa imposed by French government. The organisation termed it as an infringement on Islamic shariah, personal independence and women's right.

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President, Bazm-E-Khwateen, Begum Shahnaz Sidrat stated that burqa or veil in any form cannot be termed as a sign of backwardness. "It is a means for women to remain modest while they are venturing out for work or other purposes. The females of western countries do not use veil and are thus promoting indecency rather than development," she said.

Sidrat also stated that there is no particular form of burqa in the religion and the veil may differ as per climate, educational environment and local conditions. "One should be in her limit while going outside and should be decent in her appearance," she said.


Niqab ban in France : she takes off her niqab live !

Niqab ban in France : she takes off her niqab live !

Begani shaadi men Abdullah

Begani shaadi men Abdullah diwana...., our folks are preferring and we are not forcing them, then why the hell there is so fuss all about. They have suddenly started showing concern / symphathy towards Middle East with bombing them, tomorrow they might dictate us how and what to eat and speak. I dont know hamara kab zamaana aeyga...?
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Women's right ?

The french government has already been infringing on womens rights all the time.
No woman is legally permitted to walk naked in public.
Dont you think this law infringes ones personal independence and right

Burqa mein rehno do...!!!!!

Zaheer Khan who could'nt find a muslim girl just because all muslim girls are in Burqa...!!!so he found he is a cricketer and earns crores of rupees every month...way to go.......

What about Isha?Does she

What about Isha?Does she think all hindus
are bhikaris?

Ban Burka - Accept Sachar+Ranganatha Mishra Report

Yes. Burka must be banned. We want our muslim sisters to become Doctors, CAs, IIT-ians, study Media, study Law (5-yr integrated BA BL at NLS/Nalsar). That is more important for us. When muslims become educated and rich., to that extent India becomes rich and educated. It is all within the bowl. The Hindus are not so much interested in their own development., than in keeping the muslims down. This is called the "sadistic" streak. The condition of "appeased" muslims is visible to the naked eye. A strong leader is needed who will take up the RSS-BJP challenge head on. Apply Sachar + Mishra Report., and make it into Law. Amend the partial and biased order of 1950. Make all Muslims BCs (except the creamy layer., i.e. whose income after tax is.. say Rs. 5 lakh/annually).. Be sensible. RSS-BJP will instigate riots., kill few thousand muslims., burn buses., kill and rape and burn. The state., police (vanzara-ised ?) and army (purohit-ised)., must meet these riot-eers/arsonists / RSS terrorists., and crush them. Affirmative action is needed. Hindus must celebrate Muslim success and growth-story IN India. They regard Muslims as the "other"., foreigners., "turks"., etc. This sick mindset needs to be burnt on the funeral pyre. Indian Muslims are co-owners of India Inc.