TNTJ to support DMK if Muslim quota increased to 7% before elections

By TCN News,

Chennai: The Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) has offered electoral support to the ruling DMK if the state government increased the present 3.5% Muslim quota to 7% before the coming assembly poll. The General Body of TNTJ made the offer at the end of its conclave on 30th January at Salem, Tamil Nadu.

TNTJ General Body members from Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and delegates from Gulf countries were present during the 11th General Body.

The meeting passed resolutions on various issues confronting the community and the country.

As of now TNTJ has not declared support to any party or alliance as alliances are yet to be formed and their election manifestos are yet to come out. However, it announced to support ruling DMK if it increased Muslim quota.

“It also pressurizes the ruling DMK party to increases the percentage of Muslim reservation of 3.5% to 5-7%. If this is done before the election, TNTJ will support DMK else the state executive meeting will decide to whom it render it support,” said the TNTJ resolution on the coming Tamil Nadu assembly election.

The group also demanded implementation of the 10% Muslim quota at national level as recommended by the Ranganath Mishra Commission.

“TNTJ general body requests the central government immediately to implement the recommendation of Ranganath Misra Committee. It requests the central government to provide 10% special reservation for Muslims all over India. TNTJ also condemns the congress party for delaying it even it was in their election manifestos before and gained the Muslim vote bank with false promises,” the resolution on Muslim reservation said.

TNTJ passed resolutions on various other issues including Allahabad High Court verdict in Babri Masjid title suit, Hindutva terrorism and compensation to Muslim youths falsely implicated in terror cases.

Babri Masjid – Ram Janma Bhoomi

The general body strongly condemns the verdict delivered by the Allahabad high court and completely denies the verdict and considers it to be an injustice to Muslims. The General Body also seeks the fair judgment in the Babri Masjid title suit and also request the government to take action on culprits as per Liberhan Commission report.

Threat to National Security

Bajrang Dal, RSS, and sangh parivar outfits are the threat to national security and integrity. They are no less than the Maoist, they are the root cause of all the bomb blast in the country, on considering the above facts the TNTJ request the government to ban on these outfits.

Compensation for Innocent Muslims

TNTJ request the government to provide compensation for the innocents arrested in various cases in which they had no involvement, also they should be declared guiltless through the public media.

Dr. Mohammed Hanif was arrested by Australian government, even though he was not a offender. Recently Australian government has sought his forgiveness for afflict him and given him a huge compensation. This is a best example, Indian government should also follow the same.



good decision

TNTJ takes correct decision about state election. Insha allahu we will support.

There is a massive denial of

There is a massive denial of public and private employment of Muslims. This is a loss to the nation and of course to the Muslims.

In the case of absence of reservations in public recruitment, Indian Muslim minorities have lost at least 10% share in the total salaries and pensions.

In India about 75% of the Govt., Expenditure goes towards payment of salaries, wages, allowances and pensions. Is it not unfair that a few minority Hindu upper castes get say 30% of this total Govt., Expenditure where as the economically weaker Indian Muslim minorities get only 2 to 3% of the Govt. Expenditure because today the Indian Muslim share of the public sector employment is between 2 to 3%

The reality is that in a developing country, the Govt., alone has the power and resources to uplift the deprived, provide relief and rehabilitation in situations of distress, invest in economic development and to give hope of justice to the victims.

In a multi-segmented society only the Govt can give a due share to all sections, to provide education and employment, to eliminate hostile discrimination based on religion and caste.

The State power is monopolized by a few dominant groups and the Govt. resources are largely used for the comfort and progress of these dominant castes. That is unfair.

DMK under Kalighar Karunanidhi has been trying to address these issues, partly for political reasons. If the entire Tamil Muslims are united and vote en-block to a particular political party, that political party can get 60 MLA seats from Muslim minority votes alone.

Because right now in indian democracy, it is the 5-10% marginal votes that decide the fate of the election results. Karunanidhi knows this much more than anybody else.

Least Harmful Politician is Karunanidhi, others, not reliable

I give one solid example of Muslim religious and political unity during the fourth Assembly election in Tamil Nad in 1967.

In Tamil Nad, Muslims constitute only 6% of the population. But under the leadership of Qayide Millat Ismail Sahib( Indian Union Muslim league), the Muslims were well united. Ismail Sahib politically allied with DMK led by Annadurai then.

In the 1967 elections, DMK won with a large majority winning 137 seats ( out of 234) But in the previous election ( 1962) DMK had won only 7 seats.

After the 1967, elections a Muslim newspaper called MARUMALARCHI ( Editor A.M.Yusuf)from Trichy analyzed the results, constituency-wise and proved that in 58 constituencies DMK MLAs had won only by a margin of between 3,000 to 7,000 votes. And these 3000 to 7,000 votes were en-block polled by the Muslims of the State.

Hence ensuring DMK’s massive victory and formation of the State Govt. first time in their political history under Annadurai.

Everyone knows that in 80% of the constituencies, it is just the 5-10% of the marginal votes that decide the fate. Hence Muslims can be the kingmakers if we are united, but in Tamil Nadu itself we are figting like sworn enemies in politics. Is it for wealth and name?

The senior leaders of DMK of Tamil Nad know the punching power of Tamil Muslims particularly now after the emergence of TMMK( A Muslim based political party) and this urged Karunanidhi to announce 3.5% reservations for Muslim in Tamil Nadu ( in 2008), a big development after 61 years of independence while on an all India level, Muslims have failed to achieve this small concession

In Tamil Nadu right now we have the following Muslim political parties 1. Muslim progressive party 2. Two foolishly divided Muslim League, one supporting Jayalalita and another supporting Karunanidhi. 4 Tawheed jamaat two groups led by ego based rivals.

If the leaders of these parties have any Islamic spirit and sense in them, let them join hands and support DMK in Tamil Nadu. If they are for satisfying their individual ego, May Allah help the community. I swear by Allah I do not belong to any political party. But I do swear that in spite of all the shortcomings and political dishonesty of all the political parties, in Tamil Nadu, should Tamil Muslims join together and support the least harmful party in their interest that is the party run by Dr Kalaighar Karunanidhi.

Congress has no political power in TN, hence forget about it. ADMK can never be trusted, the party will do a somersault after coming to power. Other political parties like Pattali Makkal Party can not get even three MLA seats standing alone.Muslims should not go for seats in TN but we should have the lobbying influence and pressure groups, reservations and employment and educational empowerment.

election vote correct

election vote correct decision .tntj ins ha all aha coming soon 7%

Reservations Empower the Poor in India

The constitution allows equality of treatment of all its citizens regardless of their religion. So why do you want to discriminate and deny this to minorities?

Rejecting reservations to Indian Muslims saying that they adhere to an alien culture is sheer prejudice and against Indias constitution

Reservation was the biggest success story of Indias independence. In 1957, over 80% of the Reserve Bank jobs, IAS, IFS and IPS, middle and senior officers of the Postal Dept and Railways were held by Brahmins and other so called upper caste people.

The system was rotten, one sided, totally discriminatory and favoured a particular caste(s) and now in 2010 we find hundreds of harijan IAS officers, doctors, Engineers, Architects, Accountants and so on because of the intelligent work of the towering personality V.P.Singh by his Mandal Commission.

Those who say that reservation is a curse have a private axe to grind. Those who say caste based and poverty based reservations has not brought a semblance of levelling to a significant extent are lying. Count the number of IAS officers among the Harijan since 1950. This happened because of reservations.


Appreciate the decision taken by TNTJ, wait and see!

we shouldnot accept the

we shouldnot accept the decision of the divisive force(TN TJ) of the community ,
We get into politics , we shouldnot beg for 7% quota . Also we shouldn't belive D.M.K , because we know about the comment of Karunanadi on Babari masjid judgement. Also on behalf of birthday of anna he released many criminals (conformed criminals) from jail , no muslims have been released , there are many muslims youths who wasted there lives in jail for years, arrested on suspect . D.M.K dont care about that . So encourage muslim parties,to make a change


Dear Brother,
You have said that TNTJ decision is divisive, i strongly disagree your statement, TNTJ decision is welcomed by the all folk of people, Read the complete resolutions of TNTJ General Body Meeting, It clearly says it will support the part Which brings good for the community, Even in the last assembly elections TNTJ supported ADMK for forming a committee to review the reservation and to implement it unfortunately ADMK was not in power, But DMK has understood the loss of TNTJ and muslims support, It was the record TN Elections that an opposition secured 70+ seats, this is only because of Muslim votes. Even the DMK minister won with less margin, But still Karunanithi was delaying the reservation, After the JAIL BARO ,Karunanithi's govt announced reservation, by this 1000s of people especially poor muslim students are benefitted. Alhamdulilah. You have said that we have get in to Politics, But as of now we have no gateway, there are numerous political part claim they do good for the commumnity but the seek the betterment of themselves, It is better than to have 1000 Engineering Students, Doctors and Jobs than to have a 5 muslim MLA and making corrpution and earning himself.
We never support DMK or ADMK .. But this is teh time for us sell ourself for the betterment for our community...
TNTJ sees DMK and ADMK or any other party at the same distance, we neither love or hate them ,,, But we are always looking for the communal interest



correct decision

i think its correct desicion ....