Move ahead, leave Gujarat riots behind: Deoband Rector

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

Patna: A week after getting elected as rector (vice-chancellor) of Darul Uloom Deoband, Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi, seems to have courted a controversy by saying All is Well in Gujarat under chief minister Narendra Modi, an accused in the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom.

A leading English daily quoted the Maulana in a news report on 19th Jan. 2011 as saying: All communities are prospering in Gujarat and there is no discrimination against the minorities in the state as far as development is concerned.

Darul Uloom Deoband mosque

When contacted MBA degree holder Maulana Vastanvi to verify his statement in Times of India the Surat (Gujarat)-based cleric said: “Muslims are doing businesses here. They are getting education. There has been no violence in the last eight years. They are living peacefully in Gujarat. Now tell me my son, what should I say? Should I say Muslims are oppressed here, they are facing atrocities. If I say so, Modi will ask me where are the oppressed Muslims, and then how many such Muslims will stand behind me?

“Why should I create a controversy by saying everything is wrong in the state and nothing is good for Muslims?” he asked.

On the Gujarat riots also he reiterated his views: The riots happened eight years ago. It was wrong. It brought bad repute to the state and the country. “But what should we do now? Should we sit and weep or should we move ahead? But it does not mean the guilty should not be punished. Those involved in the riots should be punished and justice should reach the victims,” said Maulana Vastanvi who has been elected rector of Deoband after the death of Maulana Marghoobur Rahman last month.

However, on the issue of relief to riot victims, the Maulana said his complete views were not published by the paper. “As far as relief work riot is concerned, it has been carried out very well by government and people of Gujarat,” the TOI had quoted him as saying.

When TCN asked him how he can say so when several hundreds of riot victims are still reported to be living in relief camps, the Maulana said this was not his complete view. “I had also said that the victims should be rehabilitated. Houses should be built for those whose homes were looted, put on fire and destroyed,” he said.

According to the Maulana, he had also demanded release of innocent Muslim youths who have been put behind bars in terror cases but this also did not get space. There are hundreds of Muslims languishing in Gujarat jails in terror cases.




When I read the report of the speech of Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi, the newly elected Vice Chancellor of the world famous Islamic seminary Darul Uloom, Deoband in The Times of India and TCN, I had the feeling that Insha Allah he will be able to do something for the Muslims in Gujarat from where he hails. He is different from the stereotypes who continue to repeat things like a parrot and do not want to move on......The Maulana has used every word cautiously based on his findings. It shows his interest in the welfare of the community and country. We also hope that under his able guidance, the Darul Uloom will be able to do things which are so necessary for the students now-a-days. We can expect a better future for the Islamic students there. We are sure that it would not have been easy for him to say what he said in the midst of strong feelings among the people about the happenings in Gujarat. We can and should win the hearts of the people by and the administrators by our proper approaches and certainly a struggle is not a solution. The Maulana is an Islamic scholar with an MBA degree. Perhaps it is the first time that a scholar of his calibre has been elected as the Vice Chancellor of the seminary. We wish them all the best and thank him for his forward looking free, frank and fearless speech delivered soon after assuming the office....It is hoped that his speech will be published in the seminary periodicals and the Darul Uloom graduates living in different parts of the country, nay world, will adopt a policy in accordance with his thinking and take the community forward to make our country a beautiful place to live in.

Living in fear, not peacefully.

Muslims of the state live in fear, and some one who is in fear cannot be at peace. As Maulana says "those involved in riots should be punished", this means, they are yet to be punished. Justice is yet to be delivered. And without justice there just can't be peace. Period.


you are a freak.
they leave in fear because they dont fear ALLAH.
and ALLAH is the justice giver, not people or governments
so open your eyes and ask forgiveness From Allah not people

About Vastinvi Sahab's statement

it is an stupid statement from self calling genius of muslim Society he should be dismissed form the post of head of Darul uloom deoband's Muhtamim (Chancellor)

Resign immediately and seek forgiveness

It is a very sad day for Indian Muslims. Justice has yet not delivered and fake encounters are rampant in Modi's Gujarat. Thousands of Innoncent youth in jail for fabricated charges and still justice has been side tracked by Gujarat Government. Intimidation of Activists like Teestaji and MukulSaheb has been on the rise. Please mind your business at Akkalkuva institution and do not speak on behalf of the Muslim Community of Gujarat. You are in the circles of Zafar Sareshwala's who had sold there soul to Modi. Immediately ask forgiveness from the victim of Gujarat and resign from your newly elected position of Deoband. Deoband future is in Jeopardy.

its an unfortunate day for

its an unfortunate day for indian muslims to have a person on the most respectable seat beginning his career of leading muslims in india with his praise of their most detested person... while he shud have taken head on the enemies of muslims, he has showered praises on them.... at the least, he cud just shut up

Speaking in favor of the Tyrant and Unjust ruler

As Salaamu Alaikum,

It would have been better had the respected maulana sahaab demanded justice for thousands of victims from the Gujarat pogrom instead he joined the ranks of those investors who promised more investments into the state from the recently concluded summit. The chief architect from one of the worst riots is still free and portrayed as the hero of the hindutva forces. I am not sure how Allah (swt) will be pleased with such statements...

well think positive

Take the positive out of it..I think Maulana played politics with Modi. now Modi is in the spot for dealing justly with muslims. I think this was a wise thing to do by Maulana

With due respect to Maulana,

With due respect to Maulana, inspite of being aware that the issue of Modi is very sensitive and that justice has not been done both to the victims as well Mr Modi has not been brough to book, respected Maulana should have desisted from speaking on this issue. Merely worldly progress made by Gujarat State would be of no use if the affected people at large are still suffering. Instead he should have worked towards ameliorating the problems of the affected muslims. By such misconceived statement, respected Maulana has brought disrepute to the high exalted Chair that he is occupying and brought anger among muslims. If the resoected maulana does not mend his ways, he may not be able to do justice to his job.

Shameful Statement.

In my last posting I wrongly supported 'Courtier' Wastanvi for his appointment as vice chancellor of Deoband Madrasa.
I have seen most of the office bearers of this religious educational institution of certain creed always remained controversial by their deeds or issuing unnecessary Fatwas and creating unrest among Muslims.
I congratulates TCN asking pinching question about butcher Modi and riots effected victims, he didn't answer any question comfortably, though shamelessly praising Modi and his associates.

Balanced News

Good news item. The person involved has been contacted. No one bothered to ask Maulana Vastanvi why he issued such a statement praising Modi. It is good that TCN published his full observations regarding the state of Muslims in Gujarat. It is pathetic that fuss is being made about his statement while no one botheres to know what he actually said.

Those opposing blindly have little realization that a propaganda against the elected Mohtamim of DUD is a propaganda against the universtity itself. This is an attempt by anti-DUD elements to make an image of DUD that it praises that person Hitler Modi who conducted genocide of Muslims in the state. The sooner they realize the better it would be. Those opposing the Mohtamim must consult the Shura of DUD to ask for his resignation. It will be the best way to remove the misconeption from the minds of people that they have the Shura asked resignation from Vastanvi. Time is to act wisely. Not unconsioulsy faling prey to the propagandas of anti-DUD media.

Darul-uloom has queer ways - But Muslims always are for peace

Deoband's or Barelvi's all have their own queer ways, in providing guidelines, so much so that most Muslims get frustrated to the core at their 'Fatwas' that are only useful in increasing the circulation and hits of 'Tabloid' media, online (New Media) and offline (Old timer media like Print and TV).

Nevertheless, in this case of Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi's statement, Muslims need to understand that we have to demonstrate to the world our 'Intent of Peace'.

All through the Muslim history many a times 'Muslims' had forgiven their grave enemies for their gravest atrocities and had made them understand the 'Noble' cause of 'Islam', so much so to make their enemies see the 'Truth' and become friends of Muslims, if not embracing Islam.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) has been leading mankind in this respect, by his act of repetitively forgiving the gravest of his personal, family and other enemies and showing every Muslim who followed him what 'Islamic Nobility' really is. Muslims who had followed the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) too had one many an enemies by their 'Islamic Nobility'.

Let us hope under the new Maulana, Darul-uloom not only guide Muslims to show Gujarat, India and the World how forgiving they were but also, take steps in helping the families and off springs of victims to progress and prosperity apart from introspecting the blunders of 'Darul-uloom' in flimsy fathwas, divisive guidance with Hanafiwala and Urduwala mentality (When are you guys gonna become Muslimwalas?) and media mishandling. It is high time 'Darul-uloom' set right all these things in its own house and become a true guiding light to Muslims in the Indian Sub-continent.

Oh,Allah.. we beseech thee to guide the leaders of Muslims in Righteousness and subsequently Muslims in Righteousness.

Deobandi maulana is following the lines of his elders

What more can be expected from the Institution where Ulema-e-Hind acts as Proxy to Congress and where there is long history of compromising Islamic aqaid for the sake of Booty and power and Posts.

The mahmood madani and group have said against babari masjid,they have very long history of betraying..

open ur eyes

You are right.

Brother, you are very much right,
This is the tradition of Deoband's cleric for courting any body on power, Modi, Advani, Indira or Sonia.
They are power hungry Mullahs.

the respected newly elected

the respected newly elected rector of Darul uloom Deoband is requested that he should avoid such statements and try to uplift the causes of Muslim & seminary.

Moulana should have restrained from talking on the issue

I think Maulana vansanvi should have shown restrain while talking to media. He must remember that now he is rector of a seminary which respected world wide not by muslims only but also by fellow citzens. He must remember that his utterances may drag even darululoon in controversy. And I think if moulana is not wrong totally those who are annoyed by his statements are also not wrong. So Moulana saheb be careful while talking to english and electronic media. On should not talk on every issue which reporters want.

" Wiyh due respect to Mohtamim Saheb "

Assalam u Alaikum
Mohtamim Darul Uloom Deoband is a highly qualified person with M.B.A degree in addition to religous
qualifications.He should apply his experience of managing
institutions to improve The "Darululoom".
" Maulana saheb please keep away from politics."
Professor M Shakeel Khan.
Dean Faculty of languages
Panjab University Chandigarh
Chandigarh - 160014(India).

Follow the footsteps of old Mohtamims

It is better to avoid any such statements, Media & judiciary is how much saffronised a simple man can't understand so please don’t talk with media persons if you need to say something just release statements through press release , Put your all effort on educational and research related work

We Must Move On

I support Maulan Vastanvi. While we do not forget 2002, we must emphasize the positive, and we should participate as best we can in Gujarat's impressive development, while continuing to pursue justice. We did succeed in bringing the world's attention to the massacre. Now it is time to move on.

blind maolana.

I think maolana has gone mad, he is praising a person whos policy is based on extream muslim DUSHMANI.did he never heard of modis speeches? i cant understand based on what he is glorifing such a criminal mind modi.what he is trying to gain from such a ridiculous statment? shame on u maolana, kya tumhen besahara,bebas ouraton our bachhon ki chhikh pukar sunai nahi deti? jail me pade hue bhaiyon ki fehrist tumari nazron se nahi guzri? kya zindagi our maal o daulat se itna pyar hai ke achhe our bure ki tameez bhool gaye? u hurt millions of muslims. SHAME ON U IF U HAVE SAID THE SAME STATMENT WHAT IS CIRCULATING IN MEDIA.


what a non sense idea. the person knows very well that his home not burnt his business not destroyed and his girls are not raped. he can say whatever he wants

He is right

Some ppl not understand moulana G M vastanvi's statment .i storngly belive he did not giv any wrong statment ..



Gujuatar carnage is not a

Gujuatar carnage is not a historical thing.Its various phases are still continuing.The actual incidnt itself happened only recently.The culprits including Modi got no punishment.He did not repent it.He still continues torturing of Muslims.He still support those fanatic groups who plants bombs in major cities of India, trains and Masjids.He was the caretaker of Aseemanada.The rector of a prestigious institution should never have praised a worst criminal.i think the rector do not consider the emotions of children in front of whome mothers gangraped and fathers burnt alive.A supporter of Modi never should be the rector of deoband.

Seems greed plays a very

Seems greed plays a very important role in his life, for sure he is going to get a photo opt with Modi, a house / land in Gujarat may be some cash even. After all he is an MBA, nice thinking. Good retired life.

Irresponsible Person

He should be immediately out of Deoband.

Vastanvi is a Sangh Parivar's Nominee.

There are hundreds and thousands of Maulanas in India with professional degrees in Engineering,Medicine and Social Sciences,it is a different matter that they first became Doctors,Engineer,Professors and then Islamic Scholars.[Tableegi Jamaat is full of Professionally qualified Maulanas/Islamic Scholars.],What is so great about having an MBA degree?In Academic Muslim/Islamic world it is hardly a qualification.Is Darul Uloom Deoband or for that matter Nadva or Al Azhar or Jamia Nizamia Hyderabad or MANUU OR Jamia Millia Islamia or Jamia Hamdard or AMU short of Professors in Islamic studies,Muftis and Phd Scholars with Doctorates in Arabic,Islamic studies, Persian,Urdu and English.Darul Uloom Deoband has several highly qualified teachers like Maulana Madrasi who is an Engineer by qualification and an Islamic Scholar of International repute.Infact their is this beautiful photograph of Masjid Rashidia in TCN story,this Masjid is a technical marvell and this is the personal and professional contribution of Maulana Madrasi apart from taking Bhokhari Shareef classes at Darul uloom Deoband.We also have Nationally acclaimed Professor Akhtarul Wassey a well known Islamic Scholar and HOD of Jamia's Department of Islamic studies.Are the Muftis teaching in the above Institutions in anyway less than High Court/Supreme Court Judges.Technically a degree of Mufti is equal to Professorship.Why are we muslims victim to the targetted propaganda that Maulanas/Islamic Scholars are uneducated? Only Mr.Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi MBA,the darling of Anti Muslim Press and Anti Muslim Gujarati VHP President Praveen Bhai Togadia/Narendra Modi is an educated Maulana/Islamic Scholar.Despite printing Huge apology advertisements in Jewish/Zionist controlled Urdu press[22-01-11]this Munafiq defends himself by smartly repeating what he had apologised for in today's HT-[22-01-11].Can Vastanvi's qualifications match the required qualifications of a sheikh of an Islamic University of the sature of Darul-uloom-Deoband? Does he stand any where near late Maulana Ali Miyan Nadvi[rh] or Maulana Qadri/Qadir Pasha of Jamia Nizamia Hyd.or any of the former sheikhs of Darul Uloom Deoband.The only qualification in which he superseeds all is his closeness and patronage of Sangh Parivar.This conspiracy against Islam and Islams strongest University Darul Uloom Deoband could not succeed and lies exposed before all with Vastanvi offering to resign,thanks TCN.May Allah protect him from commiting suicide for commiting such a conspiracy against Islam.

Why Vastanvi is a Good Choice

There is no evidence to suggest Maulana Vastanvi's close association with the Sangh Parivar. It is also not true that his main asset is his MBA degree. He is being supported for his past achievements in the field of madrasa development, his independent thinking and his propensity to building bridges with other communities.

Vastanvi is a Sangh Parivar's Nominee.

First of all Mr. A. Sohail Siddiqui should learn English from a better institution so that he can convey a message in properly written English. Now coming to him calling Khadim-ul-Quran Hazrat Maulana Gulam Vastanvi Sahab a "Munafiq", I wonder how he has derived such a claptrap word for him. Mr. Siddiqui, you can go through his entire life, right from his childhood, find one such instance where there is an act of "Munafiq-ism" from him. I have no doubt that you are a SHIA follower and Muslims knows it very well that who are Munafiqs and who loves Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq(R.A.) and Hazrat Umar ibn Khattab(R.A.). You must be aware of all the deeds of your so called forefathers during the regime of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq(R.A.) and Hazrat Umar ibn Khattab(R.A.) and try to meditate yourself whenever you get time and judge yourself first before justifying anyone else a “Munafiq”.
We acclaim supremacy as well as authenticity of late Janab Maulana Ali Miya Nadvi(R.A.) and other great members of governing body in University of Deobandh but that does not mean that such qualities does not exist in Khadim-ul-Quran Hazrat Maulana Gulam Vastanvi Sahab, and who are you to decide that how close or far he is from his fore-governors? Mr. Siddiqui, you are a hair in wheat flour, no one will recognize you when you are departed, so better you know yourself first, and before I come to this conclusion that you are an agent of Zionist or lesser SHIAs, better you change your conduct and avoid such controversial statements.
Second, you have tried to judge the pious position of Vice Chancellor of one of the Greatest Islamic Institution of the world on the basis of professional qualification, whereas this reputed position has always been achieved by doing great deeds and conducts and years of striving hard in front of Allah (S.W.T.). Thousands of Islamic Madressas and Masjids are being constructed and firm up under Khadim-ul-Quran Hazrat Maulana Gulam Vastanvi Sahab’s superior abilities and surveillance. Running such institutions and Masjids requires a huge contribution and efforts and he has never shied away from making such efforts and his entire life has gone into serving Ummah. Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, we are happy that Khadim-ul-Quran Hazrat Maulana Gulam Vastanvi Sahab is now going to dedicate his life to serve one of the greatest Islamic Institution, and there is nothing that you or your sponsors can do about it. Apart from all, the Shurahs who has selected Khadim-ul-Quran Hazrat Maulana Gulam Vastanvi Sahab are far better judge of a person then you and your sponsors. Also notice that these people always see contribution, efforts and abilities to choose a wise person on this honorable seat.
Apart from all, he is not like you media people who conceal truth to be revealed in front of people by taking under table money. Further, it is you media people who have twisted his statement just for your own TRP’s sake and own benefits. You media people are always bar against justice, don’t you see “Arushi Talwar’s Case”? Why there is no judgement following on this case? It is because of you greedy and characterless people who do not give proper news to the viewers. You media people always depend on sources which may be wrong at times that is what happened in Arushi Talwar’s case. Please do your deeds with dedication to truth.

vastanavi is good vc for darul uloom

he is very good person
his statement's no cleanchit for modi(kafir)

Views on Story happens with Moulana Vastanvi.

Assalam u Alaikum,

I have met Moulana Vastanvi Sahab at "Darul uloom Rahmania,Mahabubnager" in the year 2007/2008

I have seen him,Mashallah,his speech,his taqwa,his simpleness, every thing is admirable.

I am praying Allah (SWT),Please forgive me and him and all Ummathe Muslima if any mistake happen which we know or dont know. Aameen!