Tipu Sultan remembered on his 212th martyrdom anniversary

By Mohd. Faisal Fareed, TwoCircles.net,

Lucknow: Just after the martyrdom of Tipu Sultan, the British rulers announced that now they have captured India. This type of statement came first and the last time despite the fact that several rulers fought against the Britishers. These views were expressed by Vice Chancellor of Arabi, Urdu & Farsi University, Anees Ansari.

He was speaking as Chief Guest at a program organised on the occasion of 212th martyrdom anniversary of Ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan at Ravindralaya on Wednesday.

Tipu Sultan

“This statement of the British rulers reveals that Tipu Sultan was the only hindrance for the British who wanted to establish their colonialism in the country,” he added.

He said that as Tipu Sultan laid his life protecting the nation, his name should be written in golden words but it has not happened so.
“Despite there was an option with him to save his own life by compromising with Britishers but the man of honour like him preferred to die for his nation,” he added.

“Just after 1925-26, some of the people with communal feelings started writing books saying that Muslims in the country should be given the status of second grade citizens. Their followers are still found in the country,” he informed. He added that fortunately there are 15 percent of such people present in the society.

He advised that Muslims will have to increase their participation in politics for getting better place in the nation. “In Article 3 of constitution of India it was mentioned that SC/ST of Hindu and Sikh community will be given reservation. There is a good number of Muslims who come under the same category but have been excluded in the Art. 3, which is a violation of Art. 14 and 21. So, these eligible Muslims should also be included in that reservation category,” he added.

Chairman of Madarsa Board, Anwar Jalalpuri said that many people don’t know various achievements of Tipu Sultan like he knew nearly four different languages and had very good terms with the rulers of France. Adding to it, he started trading with several other countries including Iran, Iraq, etc. “But unfortunately, people of our country have forgotten him and his sacrifices for the nation,” he added.

“In one speech, former President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam said that Tipu Sultan was the missile man as he had expertise in ballistics. During his reign he founded a school of military sciences where the military of his state was given advance training,” he informed. He added that sultan used to think and work on those things which are beneficial in present as well as future. If the politicians start working like sultan then India would become super power in every aspects be it military or monetary.

Among the prominent people who were present at the program were Principal of Jamia Khadijat ul Kubra, Hajra Irfan and Registrar, Madarsa Board, Jawed Alam.