Communal cops, terror bogey, and Muslims

By Kashif-ul-Huda,

Thousands of Muslims have suffered under false terror charges; some have even been killed in fake encounters. With the revelation that Hindutva terrorists were behind several blasts all across India, Muslims thought that they can finally stop living under the fear of being framed in false terror charges . But latest evidence in the phone recording obtained by show the Muslim ordeal is far from over.

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On Tuesday May 17th, A BHU student Mohammad Isa Azmi had a scuffle with a shopkeeper Vikram Sahgal when he accidentally knocked over Sahgal’s bike. Shopkeeper abused Isa Azmi when he heard his full name calling him a terrorist. “You want to do jihad in the country?” he yelled.

Some policemen who were nearby arrived on the scene and they too joined in beating Azmi and his friend Azhar Abbas. Both Azmi and Abbas were taken to the police outpost and beaten there too and released only after three hours after the intervention of many activists including Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi, Secretary General, People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and Azmi’s brother Moosa Azmi who himself is a human rights activist.

Moosa quickly had a medical examination done on Isa Azmi which revealved that he had sustained multiple fractures and 11 injuries. The medical report which becomes a legal document apparently infuriated police officer A. K. Singh.

Isa Azmi was beaten up and then told not to press charges.

In the phone conversation obtained by Vikram Sahgal can be heard relaying to Moosa that police is threatening to shut down Moosa’s NGO on false terror charges. He adds that you can spend a lifetime clearing your name.

This evidence clearly shows how police continue to be communal and nothing has been done to combat this communal mindset of cops all across India. This recording is also a concrete evidence of how Muslims of India continue to suffer and live under a daily fear of being falsely labeled as terrorist.

People’s Vigilance committee on Human Rights (PVCHR ) has written to National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), National Commission of Minorities (NCM), Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Ms. Mayawati, the Prime Minister’s Office, Rahul Gandhi and also UN Human Rights Commission. Will anyone take interest in this case remains to be seen.