Madhubani youths: Police deny but media link them with terror

By Manzar Bilal,,

Patna: Two Muslim youths — Ghayur Jamali and Mohammad Ajmal — were arrested from Madhubani district of Bihar on 24th Nov. by a team of Delhi Police with the help of local Police. Though the allegations against the arrested persons were not revealed by Delhi Police, media tagged them with terror links without any proofs. Some said they had link with Pakistan based terror groups while some other ‘found’ their involvement in Delhi High Court blast, Jama Masjid firing and Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore.

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Ghayur Jamali is a resident of Darbar Mohalla under Sakri Police station, Madhubani district. He is a student of a Darbhanga based Madarsa and had come home to spend Bakrid holidays. His father Dr. Nasrul Jamal is Homeopath practitioner. He was arrested from his home.

Mohammad Ajmal was arrested from Singhania Chowk under Kotwali Police station in Madhubani town. He was living in a rented house for some time back.

Ghayur’s father rejects allegation against his son

Dr. Nasrul Jamal rejected terror charges against his son. “All the allegations against my son are baseless. He is just 24 and studying in Madarsa Ahmadia Salafia, Darbhanga. He is a good orator and has been addressing religious meetings in the nearby villages and also a good translator of Arabi-Urdu but never involved in any anti-nation activities. In his lifetime he never went outside of Bihar except Mumbai where he went for some days in 2009 on the invitation of a relative” he said.

“The Police came to arrest my son and said that a passport was made from Ranchi, Jharkhand, on the name of Ghayur while the fact is that my son never made any passport in his life” Dr. Nasrul said adding “In July 2011 my son was going from home to his Madarsaa when his bag was stolen in the bus which was carrying his PAN Card, some photos, residential proof and mobile phone which was gifted to him by a relative.”

He also said that local police informed him four days before his arrest that his son is wanted in a case. “After receiving the information, I advised my son to hide for some days but he refused to do so saying ‘When I did not commit any crime then why Police will arrest me?’ On the day of the arrest, he was taking bath when a person came in plain clothe and asked my son if lost his passport? My son said ‘When I did not make my passport then how it could be lost?’ Later we came to know that he was policeman” added Dr. Nasrul.

Police refuses to link them with terror

Both the arrested persons were taken to Delhi but the team of Delhi Police did not reveal the charges and allegations against them before media. While local police said that they just cooperated with Delhi Police in connection with a fake passport case.

Darbhanga zone IG R K Mishra said that as of now it cannot be said with any certainty that the two arrested persons had any terrorist links. “Only a thorough investigation would reveal their links” he added.

Darbhanga zone DIG Sudhanshu Kumar also ruled out the possibility of any link of the arrested persons with any terrorist organization.

“The Delhi police team had sought our help and we co-operated with the members of the visiting team” Mr. Sudhanshu said while confirming the arrest but refused to divulge details saying Delhi Police could tell the real reason of their arrest.

In his reaction to the arrest, Bihar Home Secretary Amir Subhani said no FIR had been lodged in Madhubani against them. “The case against them seems to be related to a fake passport,” he was quoted as saying in media.

Similarly, Bihar DGP Abhayanand also did not link them with terror. “Bihar police had received requisition for assistance to arrest them in connection with some case in Delhi. The arrests were made on the basis of information passed by the Delhi Police” he said.

Media tags them with terror links

The family and even police refused to link the arrested persons with terror groups but media not only tagged them with terror links but also declared whole Bihar specially Madhubani district as refuge of terror.

According to the police, basically the case against them was issuance of fake passport but the mainstream media ignored it and highlighted the terror link.

The leading English daily Times of India gave this headline: ‘Delhi police arrest 2 for terror links’ while Hindustan Times’ heading was “2 held in Madhubani for terror links”. Patna edition of English daily Telegraph went far ahead and made headline for this news as “Bihar refuge for LeT duo: Two suspected terrorists nabbed from Madhubani.”

As of now it is not probed that arrested people are guilty or not. May be they are really involved and may be they are innocent and will be acquitted by the court as it happened with hundreds of Muslim youths in the country. The question arises here is: Will media show the same gesture to highlight their innocence as they propagated their ‘crime’ without any proof?