Zakir Naik holds Peace Convention amidst protests in Kishanganj

By Md Mudassir Alam,

Kishanganj: Amid protests by different Muslim sects in Kishanganj, eminent Islamic scholar and televangelist Dr. Zakir Naik finished his 3-day Peace Convention with great success and positive notes. Dr. Zakir Naik who is spreading the message of Islam and true Hadith through his peace conventions for past two decades was highly excited over the response of people gathered in Kishanganj. In fact, in three days of convention (March 30 - April 1, 2012) about 8 lakh people from different parts of Seemanchal visited the venue to listen to Dr. Naik.

Without caring about the objection of self-proclaimed Mullahs, lakhs of people thronged at Kishanganj to clarify their doubts about Islam and knowing the religion of ‘Peace and Brotherhood’ from Dr. Zakir Naik, an accomplished student of comparative religion. All the trains originating from Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand and other parts of Bihar were full of people traveling to Kishanganj. The hotels and motels of Kishanganj have never witnessed full booking. Similarly, the owner of shops and restaurants in Kishanganj were highly happy of earning the high revenue in their life.

The very first day there was a crowd of about 2.5 to 3 lakh. Dr. Zakir Naik explained the reason of reading the Holy Quran by understanding it properly. After his lecture as usual he started the Question & Answer session. The non Muslims were given preference to ask the questions. Zakir Naik satisfied them with his logical answers.

On the second day of Convention, Dr. Zakir Naik after his brief session asked the audience to participate in Question and Answer session. The common questions asked were: 1) Why do you always claim Islam as the best religion? 2) Is eating beaf unethical? 3. Shall we respect our parents much more than anyone else? 4. What is Jihad? 5. Is Terrorism allowed in Islam? The entire session of 4 hours for three days spent in no time. And the people who have attended the convention said that they had never felt the session boring. In fact, they were ready to spend the whole night at the venue.

Dr. Zakir Naik presents the true religion of Islam in best way by quoting the verses from the Glorious Quran. He also put references from the Hadith before the people. Being a student of Comparative religions, Zakir Naik also has knowledge of other religious scriptures like Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible, etc. His personality and way of talking with people is also influential, and encourages people of other religions to accept Islam. During Kishanganj Peace Convention about 25 non Muslims including ladies accepted the religion of Islam without any type of pressure before the lakhs of people.

On the whole, Dr. Zakir Naik’s peace convention at Kishanganj has provided a new and positive identity among people of other religions. Many non Muslims present during the convention praised Zakir Naik for preaching the true Islam and clarifying their doubts. The followers of Islam attended the convention have also returned back to their home by carrying the real picture of their pious religion in their mind. Last but not least, the credit of Dr. Zakir Naik Peace Convention goes to Matiur Rahman, the Chairperson of Tauheed Educational Trust and his dedicated team. The 1800 volunteers who had worked day and night to make the convention successful also deserve plaudits.



Zakir Naik - True Messenger of Islam

People who are objecting Zakir Naik's activities or preaching are those Muslims as defined by most of the Hindus and Christians. They are just misguiding people by explaining illogical things about Islam. Zakir Naik is the True follower of Islam and our Prophet (PBUH). If anyone like to understand Islam then he must follow Zakir Naik not those Moulanas who used to worships graves.

Correction. Naik is no

Correction. Naik is no scholar. He himself admitted this here:

"I am not a scholar, I am just a student of comparative religion." (

Also, the serious errors he made is enough to prove to me that he is no scholar.

Is this News Report or Vote of Thanks

Zakir Naik's tour was Protested then Why You did not give a neutral picture of that protest?.May be they have raised some genuine grievances.You wrote different sects objected means this report is totally based on sect Reporting.Why dont u count them as Muslim? Why u are Supporting rather praising in a typical news Report? Is this News Report or Vote of Thanks presented from the Dias???

This is totally biased news report I have ever seen.Why u did not shown images of Zakir Naiks Gathering from different angle when u claimed it was in lacs? Doubt on these figures also.Both these pictures shows that the Ground had not more than few thousands.

Against journalistic standards

It is unfortunate that in reporting the event, the correspondent has lost all sense of his responsibility as a journalist. Having one's own preferences, likes and dislikes are the rights of everyone, but when a journalist lets these emotions affect his professional duty, it is a shame. This article reads not like the report of a journalist, but the tribute of a fan.

Students of Comparative religions in Islamic History

Can someone please give me names of people in Islamic history who were born in Muslim families and were not Islamic Scholars but were students of comparative religions? From what I know there is no one except Dr. Naik's teacher Ahmed Deedat. Other Muslim Scholars who were good in refuting the Disbelievers were firstly well grounded in Shariah Sciences and then they used to refute the Disbelievers like Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Qayyim and in our times Allaamah Taqiuddin al-Hilaalee.

Those who are objecting to

Those who are objecting to dr. zakir naik are the people about whom Allah has said in the glorious quran that "these are the people whom's heart and ear are covered by negligence". If you have objection then point out a single line of dr. zakir which is against the teachings of Quran or sahih hadith.


Hi, i have never came across any maulvi or mullah who openly says to hindu, that u should not worship idol, that u are most probably going to hell,
only a truthfull, honest, and strong person like zakir sir can says openly.
such man are born once a decade, he is not only a master of religion, but even in politics, science, any debates, and best in logical sense, that is the reason no news channel will invite him for any debate,
anyway, rather back biting him, we should understand him and get some inner confidence from him.


Saajid Salafee.typical salafee .u are awaste like other salafees.never mind just keep on shouting .we dont care.we do better things than yourl.

Such a type of comments can

Such a type of comments can utter by fools who know nothing about Islam

Biased News Report

I found this News on Net

It is relevant to this news and TCN should have covered it too.

...Good Job...

Well done zakir bhai..
People will keep objecting.. But u keep on doing good stuff.
Islam is a religion of peace.. Keep promoting peace.

Muslim never tell lie

U TCN liar bedine se kabhe deen ne failta poster boy does not know photo nekale wale bena hisab ke janume jaige

well done zakir sir, u carry

well done zakir sir, u carry on ur way 2 approach people n spread islam,bcoz ur way is based on reasons what the world need ,if ask there i=s no maulvi,mulla who openly propagates islam its only u .........whom allah s.w.t bless , never care about d criticism u receive becoz ur success hurts oters popularity,,,,,,,,,,,,dont worry about that

we are proud about him..........

he is a great scholor & student of comparative religion....The main right is to know about Islam is having for non muslims ...he is doing the right job which he is Explaing what is islam to the non-muslims