Why privilege to Italian Marines and not Madani: VS Achuthanandan

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Thiruvananthapuram: Former Chief Minister of Kerala and top opposition leader VS Achuthanandan has questioned the logic of letting free murder indicted Italian marines for spending Christmas along with family back home.

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Speaking in the state assembly, Achuthanandan asked if same privilege would be extended to long serving as under-trial Abdul Nasar Madani and allow him to spend a day with his family on some Muslim festive day.

He expressed his surprise that an Italian gets the privilege that even Madani, an Indian citizen is devoid of.

“It is on the central government guarantee the Italian marines are now being released for two weeks to spend Christmas with their families. The Kerala state government hasn’t gone for an appeal against this decision as well. But the Keralites languishing in jails all across the country are not getting any such benefits. Madani has been jailed for more than a decade without being proved guilty and he was not allowed to spend a single Muslim festive day along with his family,” Achuthanandan today said.

He added that this is a good example revealing the double standards of the Kerala government. “They are unable to bring into practice what they have been saying before the public and the opposition,” he said.

On meeting media persons outside the assembly Achuthandan again lashed out at the Kerala government saying, “Madani unable to get a single day parole points at how biased the Kerala govt is.”