Rahul’s team member Nadeem Javed strong contender in Jaunpur

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi, TwoCircles.net,

Jaunpur: Congress party is rising from ashes in Jaunpur, thanks to Nadeem Javed, former youth Congress leader and a team member of Rahul Gandhi. For decades, Congress was nowhere in the scene here, after fielding Javed, Jaunpur native and former president of NSUI, youth wing of Congress, the party is giving strong contest in the Jaunpur assembly constituency.

“Road and light are big problems here in Jaunpur. Congress candidate Nadeem Javed is contesting on the issue of development as Congress has no caste base,” says Mohd Tahir Advocate in Jaunpur.

About Nadeem Javed, he says: “He is young, energetic, has high approaches, so people are pinning hope on him. Sitting MLA Javed Ansari of Samajwadi Party has disappointed people,” says Adv. Tahir.

Dr. Mohd Osama, an AMU topper of 1970s, strongly supports Nadeem Javed. While admitting that Congress is responsible for backwardness of Muslims, he says the youth Congress leader Nadeem Javed is pulling Muslims to the party in this constituency.

“Congress is responsible for the backwardness of Muslims as it ruled most of the time after independence. Muslims are backward in education, they have not got justice. I myself was put in jail after Babri Masjid demolition. But things are changing after coming of Nadeem Javed. People are once again pinning hope on Congress because of Nadeem in this constituency. The competition is between Congress and Samajwadi Party,” says Dr. Osama.

“Congress has started here from zero but soon Nadeem has become a hero. His personal approach and personality have magnetic appeal for Muslims and all. He is now getting support of all,” he further says, adding there is resentment against Mayawati and the sitting MLA of Samajwadi Party has done nothing in last five years.

“Maywati has done nothing for Muslims in last five years. There is resentment against her,” he says.

There are 16 candidates for Jaunpur seat, of them five are Muslims. While Samajwadi Party has fielded sitting MLA Javed Ansari, Congress has fielded youth leader Nadeem Javed. Kamal Azis is contesting on the ticket of National Loktantrik Party and Zahid Akhtar is from Lok Jan Shakti Party. One Muslim candidate is independent.

In the 2009 Lok Sabha election, Ulema Council had fielded party secretary Dr Tasleem Rahmani who had polled about 60000 votes. This time the party has fielded a woman candidate Archana. But it seems the party has lost ground here. Dr. Osama says it can’t get even 10000 votes in this election.

There are about 4 lakh voters in Jaunpur assembly constituency – Muslims constitute more than 1.5 lakh. While chamars are 45000 Yadavs are 38000 and other OBCs are 42000.

Candidates in Jaunpur
JAVED ANSARI ADVOCATE--------Samajwadi Party
TEJBAHADUR MAURYA 'PAPPU'-------Bahujan Samaj Party
NADEEM JAVED----------------------------Indian National Congress
SURENDRA PRATAP----------------------Bharatiya Janata Party
ARCHANA-----------------------------------Rashtriya Ulama Council F
AMIT SINGH 'VATS'----------------------Rashtriya lokmanch
KAMAL AZIZ------------------------------National Loktantrik Party
ZAHID AKHTAR--------------------------Lok Jan Shakti Party
RAJMANI----------------------------------Lokpriya Samaj Party
RAM NARESH---------------------------Indian Justice Party
ANWAROOL KHAN--------------------Independent
ROHIT KUMAR---------------------------Independent
VIJAY BAHADUR-----------------------Independent


nadeem javed Win in jaunpur

Congrats Nadeem javed for winning Jaunpur Sadar seat today!!!! as per exit poll


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Nadeem Javed sucess at Jaunpur u.p

Congrats to Nadeem,Young,bright,charistamatic,bold,willing to change JAUNPUR & WILL CHANGE THE JAUNPUR IN A VERY SHORT TIME....All the best with sucess Ahead........