Brother of terror accused alleges harassment by ATS Mumbai, seeks police protection

By TCN Staff Reporter

New Delhi: Taquee Ahmed, brother of Naquee Ahmed, whom the ATS alleges to be involved in the 13/7 Mumbai blasts, has alleged that he is being harassed by the Mumbai ATS, since his brother Naquee Ahmad was “illegally detained and falsely implicated in a case by the Maharashtra ATS.” He has also written a letter to the Commissioner of Delhi police asking for police protection.

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“Since the detention and implication of my brother, the ATS has also been hounding me…They have been serving me summons to appear before them for questioning,” says Taquee in the letter, a copy of which is in the possession of

What provoked Taquee’s letter to the senior cop of the national capital, was the fact that on Monday February 13, the ATS again appeared in Delhi to serve “summons under the provision of section 160 Cr.PC”.

Importantly Tquee as well as the Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association (JTSA), claim that notice issued under Section 160 CrPC is illegal as Mumbai ATS doesnt have jurisdiction over Delhi and hence it can’t issue summons for Delhi.

“Today, another ATS team came to serve me a notice under Section 160 CrPC, which is invalid and illegal as 160 CrPc cannot be invoked in Delhi by the Mumbai ATS,” Taquee says in his letter to the Commissioner of police.

Taquee also claims that the Mumbai ATS has been harassing him and his relatives in Mumbai and issuing threats to implicate them in false cases, if he doesn’t appear before the ATS in Mumbai. He has also asked the Commissioner of Delhi Police safety for his and his family’s safety from the threats of Mumbai ATS.

It’s important to recall here that the Maharashtra ATS had first landed in Delhi to question—or rather take Taquee for questioning to Mumbai on 18th January 2012. The presence of vigilant civil rights group and media tamed the ATS and they promised to serve proper summons.

The JTSA termed ATS summons as completely illegal, “But the summons they served, tells a story of appalling lack of procedure—either the ATS can’t be bothered to follow law or they are simply ignorant of it,” says Manisha Sethi, president JTSA.

Sethi also questions the Mumbai ATS jurisdiction over Delhi, “Since when did Jamia Nagar come within the limits of ATS’ station? Maybe the ATS is not used to serving summons or following procedure in the course of investigation.”