Gujarat Riots: No Reconciliation before Justice: ex-CJI

By TCN Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: “No reconciliation is possible before truth is out,” said former Chief Justice of India (CJI), Justice J S Verma while speaking at a function here on Sunday, organised by ANHAD and others to commemorate the Gujarat massacre of 2002. “Complete justice should be done to the victims of the massacre,” he added.

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Dwelling upon the concept of complete justice, he said, “Reparation, Rehabilitation, Identification of perpetrators and assurance of non-repetition are pre-requisite for reconciliation” adding “unless complete justice is done, there is no point in reconciliation”. He categorically held, “there is no question of forget and forgive”.

Justice Verma speaking at the program held to commemorate the Gujarat Riots 2002 in Delhi

Justice Verma, who was the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) at the time of massacres while referring to his visit said, “I felt ashamed knowing the brutalities done to the victims, especially women and children”. According to him, the union governments have also failed to ensure justice for the victims of the massacre. Appealing to the common citizen of India, he urged, “So long Minorities are left to defend themselves the violence will continue. Hence, Majority must come forward”.

Silent Majority must come forward: Bhatt

IPS officer Sanjeev Bhat said, “No real justice has been done in last ten years” adding “it has been years of shame for people, police and administration of Gujarat”. He advised, “Silent majority has to come forward as there is no change and the tragedy still continues”. Drawing a parallel with Nazi Germany, he alleged, “The democratic space in Gujarat is shrinking day by day and it is rushing towards fascism by its leaps and bounds”. In Nazi Germany, he said, “there was no less development; in fact, it was best kind of development and discipline in Germany’s history ever”. But can it be a model for us, he asked. “The truth will come out for sure, whether justice shall prevail or not, is a million dollar question”. We have to work towards to break the myth that ‘Modi is Gujarat and Gujarat is Modi’. “And I am hopeful and promise to fight till justice is ensured,” IPS Bhatt added