Protests held in Indian cities in support of Palestine

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Protest demonstrations were held in some cities in India on Friday to express solidarity with Palestine and the Al-Quds Millennium March. In Mumbai some people were detained while they were protesting outside the Israeli Consulate while in Azamgarh, Rashtriya Ulema Council leaders used Friday Sermons to apprise masses of the situation in Palestine. On the other hand, some members of Delhi-based All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) are taking part in the Global March to Jerusalem.

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Mumbai: Protest outside Israeli Consulate
Police detained activists who were protesting to support the Global March to Jerusalem outside Israeli Consulate here on Friday.

“Marine line Police did not allow the protest and detained us for three hours” said Abdul Muqeet, a protestor of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO). However, the protestors were able to submit the memorandum asking Israel to free Palestine and leave India.

Aslam Gazi, Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (Maharashtra) said, “We have handed over the Memorandum to officer demanding Israel to free Palestine and accept Jerusalem as its capital.”

Aslam Gazi said March 30th is the land day for the Palestinians. He explained, “The Land day is an annual event that commemorates the killing of six Arabs who were protesting Israeli land policies on March 30, 1976.”

Young activists of Vidyarthi Bharthi also participated in the protest. Kishore Jagtap informed that some members mainly young students of his organization are the part of Global Caravan.

He said, “Today’s protest in Mumbai is a part of Global agitation against Zionism and in Solidarity with Palestinians. It’s not only Muslim or Arab issue. It’s the issue of humanity and liberty. Christians form major part of Palestine. India has always supported the Palestinians’ right of freedom.”

Some 37 Indians are the part of Global March to Jerusalem who were recently detained by the Lebanon forces on the border for 24 hours on their way to Jerusalem. Later on they were granted the Visa. Kishore said that, “We are very grateful to Mani Shankar Aiyyer, Digvijay Singh, Jitendra Awhad, Ramdas Athavle and Ramesh Bagwe for their support to get the Indians of Global March free from Lebanon.”

Delhi: Two members of AIUMB taking part in Global March
All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) has sent its two activists in a massive Protest holding on the Israeli borders on Land Day today on 30th march. Indian activists are with Asian Caravan who have reached Israeli borders today and have joined Global Caravan at Lebanon. The Indian Caravan of 37 activists including 10 women was detained at Beirut Port but was issued Visa finally from where they marched towards Israel to Protest against the atrocities of Israel against Palestine and to show solidarity with the movement of Global March.

Azamgarh: Ulema Council holds protest, submits memo to DM
Maulana Amir Rashadi and Maulana Mohammad Tahir Madni, President and Secretary respectively of Ulama Council, told the Friday congregation in Jamiatur Rashad Mosque, about the state of affairs in Palestine and the great danger to Al-Aqsa mosque. Maulana Tahir Madni in his address prior to Friday prayers linked the start of terrorist activities in India with the increasing influence of Israel. He warned the government about nefarious design of “Mossad” to destabilize India and exhorted it to sever diplomatic links with Israel. Maulana Tahir described the barbarism of Israeli forces on innocent Palestine citizens inclusive of children and old people. Recent incidence where dogs were unleashed on hapless Palestinians and gathering of millions at Palestinian border was narrated by Maulana Tahir.

He appealed to the congregation to join the ‘Al-Quds Millennium March’ and led a procession to local Mehta Park. Later a memorandum was submitted to the District Magistrate condemning atrocities of Israel and pressurizing government of India to close diplomatic offices of Israel in India.