Dalit Muslim leaders urge Baba Ramdev to lead their fight

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi, TwoCircles.net,

New Delhi: Claiming that political Ulema and upper caste Muslims never supported their movement, Dalit Muslim leaders metaphorically with folded hands today urged Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev to take up their case and lead the fight for Dalit Muslim reservation.

“We are not free, we are not getting justice. We want you to bring us in mainstream, we want you to fight for our right,” said Dr Ejaz Ali, National President, All India United Muslim Morcha, pointing to Baba Ramdev who was sitting on the stage at a conference organized by the morcha at India Islamic Cultural Centre on Saturday.

Baba Ramdev addressing the conference for Dalit Muslim reservation on 12th May 2012 at India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi

Praising the leadership quality of Baba Ramdev, Dr. Ejaz, former Rajya Sabha MP said: “We have followed and supported everyone in Bihar, UP and at the Centre for last 50 years, but they all have betrayed us. We see a leadership quality in you. We think the way you have honestly utilized god-gifted quality to solve a problem of the people, we hope you will take up our case.”

Pleading Baba for help, Anis Mansoori, a Dalit Muslim leader from UP, said: “Political Ulema and upper caste Muslims are responsible for the situation common Muslims find themselves in today. These Muslims have not supported our demand for SC status to Dalit Muslims. Baba we have great hope from you, you will help us.”

Former MP Dr Ejaz Ali, National President, All India United Muslim Morcha, talking something important to Baba Ramdev

From 1936 to 1950 Dalit Muslims got reservation like Dalit Hindus but in 1950 amendment through a presidential order was made in Article 341 excluding Muslims from the reservation, he said.

Former Lok Sabha MP Ilyas Azmi asked Muslims to support the movement of Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. He recalled how he convinced Muslim Majlis in 1975 to support the movement of Jai Prakash Narayan. He said whoever does good work Muslims should support them, whether they are RSS or BJP. He even said Muslims had wholeheartedly supported Janata Party (which later became Bharatiya Janata Party) in the elections held soon after the emergency was lifted in 1977.

Former MP Ilyas Azmi speaking

Baba Ramdev did not disappoint the Dalit Muslim leaders, nor the audience overwhelmingly comprising Muslims. First he began his speech by offering Salam to the audience, and in response receiving clapping. He said recently he had addressed a Muslim audience in Lucknow and had started his speech with Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. This time the clapping was louder.

While clearly supporting the Dalit Muslim reservation issue, he categorically denied he has any political ambition.

“Our religious books whether it is Ved, Geeta, Puran or Quran all talk about justice. They term injustice as against religion. Injustice has no religion, whether it is done with Hindus, Muslims, Sikh or Christians. All who believe in justice should oppose discrimination in Article 341. Dalit is dalit whether he is Hindu or Muslim,” said Yoga Guru who for last one year has been leading campaign against corruption and to bring back black money.

He said he had no idea until recently that there is discrimination in quota for Dalits. “We had no idea there would be discrimination, we thought dalit is dalit and everyone will be getting quota, we came to know from Dr Ejaz Ali that Muslim Dalit and Christian Dalit are not getting quota like Hindu and Sikh Dalits.”

A copy of Quran (with translation in Hindi) was offered to Baba Ramdev

Then he clearly said he is ready to take up the fight for Dalit Muslim reservation. He said if maulanas have not helped Dalit Muslim leaders, he will help them.

“If maualanas and ulema have not fought your battle, we Babas are ready to fight for you now. If maulanas have bent before politicians, then this baba will face all odds and fight for you,” said Baba Ramdev.

He, however, said the main fight is against corruption and black money.

“Our fight may start from here, but our main target is corruption and the black money,” he said.

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