Kerala likely to lose its much celebrated EFLU campus to Andhra

By TCN Staff Reporter,

Panakkad [Malappuram]: The negligence on the part of Kerala Revenue Ministry is about to bring about a situation that the English and Foreign Languages University [EFLU] campus proposed to be build at Panakkad, Malappuram will be shifted to Andhra Pradesh.

The Kerala Revenue Department has been sitting over the land transfer procedures for quite a few time and the 125 Crore Rupees kept apart for the off campus in the 12th Five Year Plan will be lost if not utilized by March 2013.

It is believed that the students from the Hyderabad based Osmania University is making some busy moves behind the curtains by placing the new union Human resource minister Pallam Raju and AP CM Kiran Kumar Reddy in the forefront.

Three months back, the state ministerial level meeting had decided to transfer 75 acres of land for the proposed campus, but the delay from the part of state Revenue ministry has been quite mysterious until now. Still none in the revenue department is able to clarify regarding – when the land transfer would take place. The EFLU executive council meeting will be taking place by the end of November and it is expected that this meeting would take a final decision regarding the off campus.

The indifferent attitude from the part of revenue department is about to cause a huge damage to the educational prospects of the Muslim majority district –Malappuram. Muslim girls from conservative families who quite often preferred campuses in and around their locality were in great hope of studying at the off campuses of the well renowned national universities like EFLU and AMU, but their dreams has now been shattered by conspiracies from the part of a few AMU based officials and administrators against its off campus at Malappuram and the Kerala Revenue departments negligence in transferring land to the proposed EFLU campus.

It is the present UDF govt who took up the task of starting an EFLU campus at Panakkad, Malappuram. Indian Union Muslim League [IUML], a major ruling ally of the UDF govt has been considering this project, a matter of pride. If the land is not availed with in two-three weeks, it will be almost impossible to start classes next academic year and the same is the case with the appointment of the teaching and non-teaching staffs.

The land at Panakkad was under the ownership of Industrial Ministry and it had months back transferred the ownership to the Revenue Ministry foreseeing the fact that, it was the Revenue Ministry who could sanction land to the off-campus.

Though Education Minister Abdurrab and Revenue Minister Adoor Prakash has been assuring that they are on the way taking necessary steps for the land transfer nothing positive seems happening from the part of Revenue Department.

It is being said that, Adoor Prakash has signed the land transfer, the top educational department sources reveals that, they have not received any directions from the part of Revenue Ministry.

A team including top EFLU authorities had delayed their second visit to the proposed site at Panakkad, considering the fact that the land transfer is yet to take place.

The campus initially was expected to cater bachelors, masters and PhD level courses in Arabic and English. Initially, there were plans to carry out around100 staff appointments as well.

There have been criticisms like, the ill-feelings that took place in between the state educational and revenue ministries ahead of the emerging Kerala investors meet, is the reason behind the revenue department’s negligence towards the EFLU campus.

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