Terror accused writes from Jabalpur jail

Mohammed Sajid writes harrowing accounts of his torture he is bearing with the hope of being released one day.

By TCN Staff Reporter,

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Mohammed Sajid, who is languishing in Jabalpur Jail for the past one and an half years, has written a letter from the jail, describing the everyday problems he is facing in the jail for being branded a terrorist.

Sajid’s mother Shahzad Bi provided TCN a letter, which she claims is written by her son from Jabalpur jail.

One arrest but six others are affected too. Mohammad Sajid’s family struggling to survive in Ujjain. [TCN Photo]

25 year old Sajid is charged with the Piplia Mandi Dacoity Case in Mandsaur district, and he was shown arrested from a rented building in Ahmednagar Mohalla near Raja Chowk in Jabalpur with three other SIMI or IM members.

His crime Madhya Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad said that he is a SIMI or IM member and committed bank robberies in many parts of Madhya Pradesh to raise funds for the banned Organizations.

Sajid was a resident of Ujjain who barely passed his matriculation. He was working as a cookery worker, and according to his family he went to Bhopal along with his neighbour searching for a job.

But somehow he was arrested from Jabalpur in connection with the mysterious robbery case.

In the letter Sajid writes that he is suffering from skin infection which he had developed 1 ½ year ago. But jail authorities are not providing him proper medication in spite of the orders from the court for the treatment of infection.

He even alleged in the letter that he is sometimes beaten in the jail, when he approaches the jail authorities demanding proper medication.

Letter of Mohammed Sajid from jail

He writes in Hindi, “When I approached the jailer to talk to him regarding my infection, he asked me to meet the jail rounder. When I spoke to the rounder, he beat me up with lathis and shoes, but did nothing for my medication. And this is third time I have received the jail rounder’s beating.” Sajid adds us, “They are bias against us.”

Narrating the same case he also added, “When finally court has given orders for my proper medication, the jailor and jail rounder called me up and said ‘court is nothing here in jail, it is only police which is here, if you speak in the court again we will make up a nice medication for you’.”

Sajid, who was the only bread earner of his family, has three unmarried sisters and one handicap father.

Sajid has also alleged that jail authorities demand money for making things done.

Sajid in his letter reiterates that he is innocent and is being booked in fake cases. He also describes the experiences which he and other inmates accused in terror cases face.

“We are kept in 8/6 small cell, there are no separate bathrooms, they provide only a bucket to use it as latrine.” According to Sajid, this is “creating unhygienic condition in the tiny cell, in which they also perform their daily prayers.”

He also writes that security measures for them are steadily high and religious rights are totally crushed. “No religious books are allowed in our cells, our cell is being checked every day. We are not allowed to perform Friday and Eid prayers. And we are kept in our cell usually more than the normal time period,” he further writes.

Sajid even alleged that jail authorities are not allowing accused like him to study from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) jail study programme.

He also writes that fellow inmates and jail authorities often call them terrorists and pass comments, like ‘they all should be killed with guns.’

Towards the end of his letter, Sajid hopes that someone will move to the Human Rights Commission and the higher judiciary on his and his family behalf to lessen his and his fellow terror accused inmates’ pain, if not totally vanish them.

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