‘Youth must aid nation building’


New Delhi: NGO workers and others gathered at a seminar Friday called on young people to aid national building and join the fight against corruption.

Speaking at the seminar, titled “Youth Leading India into the Future”, Harpal Singh, chairman of Nanhi Chhaan Foundation, said: “Be what you are supposed to be and have the ability to take risks. Anything the youth think or do will leave an impact on society in future.”

On the issue of corruption, Harpal Singh asserted that young people need to be the pioneers of change in society.

“We all talk about corruption and express dismay, but nobody stands up and tries to change the situation. The youth must take the lead, so corruption can be dealt with,” Singh said.

Echoing similar views, the managing director of the National Skill Development Corporation, Dilip Chenoy, said that young people needed energy, ethics and enthusiasm to transform the country.

“The challenge is with this system. We work in our small areas, but it is high time to work and come up with something big,” Chenoy said.