No end to grief of DSP Ziaul Haq’s widow

By Special Correspondent,

Deoria: “He has been murdered. He has been shot in stomach, head and chest. It is a conspiracy and handiwork of a sharpshooter. He has been dragged and killed. I was asking this again—has he been killed by Raja. Police claimed—No Madam. The mob does not kill like this; I know it is a conspiracy.”

These are the words filled with anger, grief and sorrow by Parveen Azad, widow of martyred Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ziaul Haq. She narrated her sorrow and grief in pieces whenever any media person asked her for comment. While saying all these she often trembled but in another moment composed herself realizing that there is a long battle ahead.

Last Look--Brave widow Parveen Azad with the martyred DSP Ziaul Haq

“He has been beaten by rods on head. There are wounds at several places, let the CM himself see it, he is also educated,” Parveen said while she waged a battle on March 4 forcing CM Akhilesh Yadav to come down to Deoria in her husband's native village.

Mincing no words, Parveen stated that her husband often told her about the developments. “Raja does everything. Rest all are animals, like mouse. If I had power, I would change it. Arresting done on illegal sand mining was released on the directions of higher up,” Parveen told her husband's discussion. She also said that her husband had told her that officers were asked to visit the durbar of Raja when he was in Kunda.

Everybody is deaf and speechless in that area. She stated that with a heavy heart, she herself had checked every wound of her husband. “The belt was open. I know it was very hard for him to put the belt. If he came for 1-2 hours, he never took off the belt. I want the postmortem report and it’s CD. I am a medical student and can very well understand how he was killed,” she said.

Crying inconsolably she stated that whenever there was a communal problem, her husband was posted. He used to call the revolver as a toy as it will never fire. Nobody informed us about the death, somehow we reached Pratapgarh. .

When DGP A C Sharma reached Deoria, Parveen said —He was just like a child, very innocent. He was shot here (putting her finger on the chest of DGP). The DGP replied that she will get justice. “No it will not happen, he was very much worried. He was not sycophant, he never compromised. He was very intelligent and preferred to keep quiet on politician's recommendations,” she continued. The DGP stated—I know it. Parveen again stated-- “You don't know anything. He never bought a bed for himself and slept on the charpoy given by the department. Akhilesh should come and see that how goondagardi is being done.”

DGP replied that he was a member of their family. With her trembling frame, Parveen stated- “Only the one who is suffering can understand all these things. I know several policemen had been killed. But I am the eldest daughter in law of this family. What will happen to the parents? There is no democracy in Kunda, only King rules,” she whined.

Parveen insisted that CM should come here. DGP hints that he is like her father but Parveen pointing towards her parents stated -- “Today even if they say anything I will not accept. Till the accused are arrested, I will not listen”.

The resolve of the young widow forced CM Akhilesh Yadav and Minister Azam Khan reached her village at Deoria. Akhilesh remained there for 22 minutes. He listened patiently to the pleas of Parveen. All her demands were met.

“I have come to tell you that I am with you in this hour of grief. My whole government is with you. Please have trust on me” Akhilesh stated.

Akhilesh also gave Rs 50 lakhs as compensation, assured jobs to the family and CBI probe in the whole incident.