9 cops accompanying Khalid Mujahid suspended

By TwoCircles.net Staff reporter,

Lucknow: In sudden move, Akhilesh Yadav led UP government has suspended nine policemen who accompanied Khalid Mujahid while escorting him from Faizabad to Lucknow Jail on Saturday. Khalid had died under mysterious circumstances on his way back from Faizabad near Ram Sanehi Ghat last Saturday.

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He was declared brought dead by the doctors at district hospital in Barabanki. Later, on the complain of his uncle Zahir Alam Falahi, a case was registered against 42 police officers including former DGP Vikram Singh, ADG Brijlal and others who were on duty during the time of Khalid’s arrest.

Khalid Mujahid

These suspended 9 police officers are different from these 42 policemen.

The suspended policemen include Sub Inspector Ram Awadhram, constables Chandrashekhar, Anand Prakash, Jitendra,Manoj Kumar, Ramji Yadav, Deepak Kumar, Jaiprakash and constable driver Lalaram.

All were posted at Lucknow police lines. They had escorted Khalid Mujahid, Tariq Qasmi from Lucknow Jail to Faizabad court. The suspension orders have been issued by SSP Lucknow, J Ravindra Gaud. The reason being given for suspension is laxity in duty for not taking Khalid to nearest hospital for treatment.

Khalid pic before post mortem

Khalid had fainted on way at Barabanki, according to police and was taken to District Hospital, Barabanki where he was declared brought dead by the doctors. Autopsy report has been inconclusive in finding out the reason for death. However, photographs taken before his body was taken for the autopsy, accessed by TCN, clearly show torture marks on the face and blood clots. Speaking to TCN, his uncle Zaheer Alam Falahi, who saw the dead body in the hospital, confirmed that although his nephew was quite fair, his face appeared to have turned black and that his neck was swollen as if someone twisted it. There were blood marks as well on face, and ankle, elbow, etc had turned black.

Khalid along with Tariq Qasmi was arrested by Special Task Force (STF) on 20 December 2007 from Barabanki. Huge explosives were also shown as recovered from his possession. STF claimed that he was involved in the serial blasts which occurred in Gorakhpur, Faizabad and Lucknow. Later, Nimesh Commission was constituted headed by Justice R D Nimesh who in its report raised fingers over STF’s claim about the place of arrest.

Janaza of Khalid Mujahid

Later, Samajwadi Party government headed by CM Akhilesh Yadav as per their poll promise had moved a plea to revoke the terror charges but they were turned down by local court in Barabanki. Process was however going on for withdrawing his case from other districts.