Communal Harmony Meeting Held at Aligarh

    By TCN News,

    Aligarh: A communal harmony meeting was organised by Shanti Samiti under the aegis of Aligarh Udyog Vyapar Pratinidhi Mandal at Mamta Lodge, Shahjamal, Aligarh.

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    Addressing the meeting Inspector General of Police of Aligarh Range, Prakash D. said that people of Aligarh are peace loving but sometimes, several anti-social elements try to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the city but it is heartening to see the people of Aligarh have been successful in diffusing such malicious attempts. He said that Aligarh Udyog Vyapar Pratinidhi Mandal is a composition of traders of all religions and sects and they are united for their common goals and they deserve appreciation for this.

    Dr. Shakeel Samdani addressing the gathering.

    District Magistrate of Aligarh, Rajiv Rautala said that the time has come when the people of city are expected to change their perception and thinking and don’t fall prey to rumours. They must maintain communal harmony and brotherhood as this is the key of success for any prosperous city. He appealed to the public to maintain communal harmony for the sake of development of the city. He congratulated the organisers for organising the programme.

    President of Aligarh Vyapar Pratinidhi Mandal, Gyanchandra Varshney said that their organisation is a non-political group of traders of all religions. We are traders why should we quarrel. He appealed to everyone that they must maintain the atmosphere of peace and harmony of all sections of the society.

    President of Sir Syed Awareness Forum (SAF) and senior faculty of A.M.U Dr. Shakeel Samdani said that if Muslims and Hindus living in India feel that they can live in peace by fighting with each other then they are totally wrong in their assumption. They are supposed to live with peace and harmony and maintain cordial relations with each other as it is in the interest of the country.

    Dr. Samdani said that the new generation should be taught those lessons which promote communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims. By citing the example of various rulers of India, especially Babar, Humayun, Akbar, Tipu Sultan, and Shivaji, he said that all these rulers were very secular and we should highlight those incidents which can promote communal harmony and secularism in India.

    He also said that whatever duties and responsibilities police and administration are having they are doing it but the social organisations and society at large are also responsible to maintain the social setup in order and if people are behaving in a matured and disciplined manner, it will help the police and administration to carry on their duties smoothly. He said that the riots and communal clashes are weakening the social fabric of the country and ultimately hindering its progress, that’s why everybody must unite together to fight with this menace.

    Sitting on dias Prakash D (I.G), Rajeev Rautela (D.M.), Dr. Shakeel Samdani and Rammohan Singh.

    Vice President of Aligarh Udyog Vyapar Pratinidhi Mandal, Haji Aslam Ansari also appealed to everyone to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the city and said that it is the need of the hour to maintain peace and harmony not only in Aligarh but in the entire nation.

    The meeting was attended by A.D.M (City), D.S Sachan, C.O First Gyanandra Singh, C.O Two, Ram Mohan Singh, Sardar Dhal Singh, Gulzar Khan, Khallu Sherwani, Bablu Pathan, Yaqoob Ansari of Momin Conference, Haji Mukhtar, Haji Khalid Sayeed, Bhupendra Varshney, Sipu Sarraf, Anupam Varshney, Gayaparshad Girraj, Social Activist Mansoor Ilahi, Abdullah Samdani, Maazul Haque, Research Scholar, Shoeb Ali, Ex-Cabinet Member, AMUSU, Raja Sahpau, Annu Bidi, Sanjay Agarwal etc.

    The programme was attended by large number of Hindus and Muslims and it was a great success.