World peace day observed with painting for peace in South Asia

    By TCN News,

    New Delhi: A group of youths gathered to observe World Peace Day through paintings/ sketching on the theme “Painting for Peace (India-Pakistan-Afghanistan)” in Nehru Park at 11 AM. This was a culminating program of a week long Tree for Harmony campaign, that is an annual initiative of India based organization Mission Bhartiyam.

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    This Painting for Peace-India-Pakistan-Afghanistan was done in collaboration with The catalyst and Xeebiz International, two organisations based in Pakistan.

    Tree for Harmony is a campaign where we clubbed Peace and Environment together and tried to symbolize a Tree as a strong symbol of harmony. Under this initiative, we plant and encourage people to plant the symbolic “Harmony Tree”. Along with that, a discussion was also organised on use any medium like painting/ essay competition to spread awareness as well as initiate thinking on cause for Peace or/and Environment”, remarked Devika Mittal, one of the organizers.

    The programme began with a small discussion on environment and some issues or causes for harmony. There was a discussion on the theme of the programme i.e. peace for India-Pakistan-Afghanistan.

    Moenam Hossain, a postgraduate student of Sociology at South Asian University, talked about the scenario in his country, Bangladesh. He highlighted the problem of communal tensions in the country.

    Rohit Bhardwaj, an architect by profession, talked about the need to think about environment during designing and construction of buildings.

    The discussion was followed by the expression on the sheets.

    Dilmeet Singh, a student of architecture, through his art asked that when God made us all equal, why do we create difference? Why is there a hierarchy of superiority and inferiority? Why are some lives considered to be less precious than others?

    There were several paintings on borders acting as barriers for peace and prosperity.

    Ravi Nitesh, founder of Mission Bhartiyam and engineer by profession, in his work remarked that peace cannot be produced out of the barrel of a gun.

    In the programme, the paintings on Indo-pak peace made by school students for the annual Indo-Pak peace calendar were also exhibited.