Fighting communalism through social service

By Faisal Khan,

We strongly believe that we can’t fight with communalism only through seminars, symposiums and long discussions in the groups specially those holding the same ideology as us. For the social service in the truest sense, the society at large must be faced in the field itself.

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The Rajasthan unit of Khudai Khidmatgar has exhibited it recently where they organized the free and voluntary water distribution to the masses by running a water stall in the Hanuman Mela in Bikaner that attracted the attention from the people of all walks of life. It was different from the other philanthropists and humanitarian operations just because it was being run by the youth who has came there for the social service and were enthusiastic in serving the free water to the people.

Fighting communalism through social service

Deepak Sharma, one of the organizer, said that everyone who was passing by that water stall was seen curious as why an organization as Khudai Khidmatgar is doing this to which they were replied by our volunteers that it is the ideological base of our movement to serve the mass at the grass root level which is the social service in the truest of the sense. More than 30 people joined Khudai Khidmatgar on the spot.

We strongly feel that without doing these types of things, we can’t involve masses with heart in our organization which in fact hampers the motto of our movement.

Faisal Khan has revived the Khudai Khidmatgar movement in India.