Amidst protest, road blockade, Delhi police release two youth detained

By Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: The two boys, Ammar Yasir,and Aabdul Wajid who were detained by the special sell sleuths at 7 am on Sunday were released late night, amidst angry protest in the capital.

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Earlier, hundreds of angry protesters blocked the arterial highway near Shaheen Bagh locality of the national capital all through the day, till late night calling for the immediate release of two Muslim youth detained by the Delhi Police.

Two youth were picked by the Delhi police in the early hours of Sunday morning in connection to an alleged conspiracy to carry out terror attacks during the upcoming general elections. According to the gathered protesters and representatives of the youth’s family, Delhi police detained Ammar Yasir and Muhammad Wajid, both final year engineering students at Jaipur, Rajasthan’s Global Technology Institute from Abul Fazal Enclave in Shaheen Bagh, where they had come on Saturday.

The detention followed the arrest of four alleged Indian Mujahideen operatives from Rajasthan, including a Pakistani national, who were purportedly planning to carry out terror attacks during the upcoming general elections. One of them allegedly knew the persons arrested in Jaipur, as they were students in same college.

The men were identified as Waqas alias Zia-ur-Rehman of Pakistan, Waqar Azhar, Mohammad Mahroof and Saquib Ansari, Delhi Police Special Commissioner S.N. Srivastava said here.

According to police, Waqas was arrested at the Ajmer railway station while coming from Mumbai. He disclosed the hideout of his other associates.

The Delhi Police Special Cell and Rajasthan Police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad arrested the three men named by Waqas from Jaipur and Jodhpur Saturday.

According to police, one of the alleged operatives escaped. TCN sources claimed that the parents and relatives of this boy has have been ‘illegally’ detained by police, although this could not be confirmed.

According to our sources, besides the arrest of four persons in Rajasthan and detention of two in Delhi, two more persons have been detained in Rajasthan itself, although police has not spoken about them.

Both youths were in the national capital, as one of them was apparently preparing to leave for Saudi Arabia for his pilgrimage (Umrah). Angry protesters claimed that the students had no connection to any anti-national outfits, and are clearly angry against the police action.

Among the protesters gathered was Aam Admi Party’s Amanathullah, who speaking to TCN said that the youth were detained based on an FIR filed in 2011. Mr. Amanathullah alleged that there is no GD entry against the detention filed by the police, and he further argued that, if the detention is based on a 2011 FIR, then how was the youth able to obtain the passport, and a visa to Saudi Arabia, and how come the police did not detain them in 2011.

He said that the allegation against them, about their links to terror outfits and the alleged conspiracy to assassinate the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, is a “farce,” and is an attempt by the intelligence agencies of the country to recreate the tainted image of Modi, who is also BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate in the forthcoming elections. To prove his point Mr. Amanathullah said that the 2011 FIR which is 56/11, does not mentions the conspiracy to assassinate Narendra Modi, then how come the media is not questioning the police in this regard.

Very few representatives of the mainstream media was present, besides Urdu press and some Muslim news portals and the angry residents were evidently enraged by this insensitivity shown towards this case by the media. One of the youth, even hauled one of our reporters who was on field reporting the story.

Delhi police had earlier promised family members of the youth, and their representatives that the detained students will be released in two after questioning, however that promise has not been kept, they alleged.

The protestors have demanded the release of the youths, and have threatened to continue their protest as long as the youths in question remain in detention.

Okhla MLA Asif Md Khan and MP Sandeep Dikshit had visited the Special Cell in Lodi Road to meet them. “One is innocent and the second is being questioned about his role,” Khan was told by the police, according to Okhla Times.

(With inputs from IANS)


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