“Communal violence in India is actually state terrorism and has definite aim”

By Jaspal Singh,

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of assassination of (former Prime Minister) Indira Gandhi. She brought death and destruction during her life and she brought death and destruction in her death.

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Thousands of people across India were killed by the goondas led by Congress leaders. In Delhi alone, right under the nose of seat of power, thousands of Sikhs were massacred by the gangs led by Congress leaders such as Kamal Nath, Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar and others. These massacres were well organized and premeditated. Needless to add, guilty have not been punished to this day.

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This was not the first time Congress goons had organized a massacre. They have a long history of such massacres. For instance, in 1969, they drenched the streets of Ahmedabad with Muslim blood and killed thousands of people. Nobody has been punished to this day for that crime.

Gujarat massacres of the 2002 were continuation of the massacres initiated by Congress leaders over the years all over the country.BJP and others were following the same template. One does not expect leaders to be punished for these massacres either.

Communal violence in India has always been organized and planned. It is never spontaneous. Always, following elements will be involved: Goondas: They are the henchmen of the rich and powerful and enjoy their protection; Police: They either close their eyes or actively join in the mayhem; Local Administration: It turns a blind eye or encourages massacres at the behest of rulers and Political leaders: Leaders of this or that party, especially the one in power, lead the goons in these massacres directly or indirectly.
One investigation into communal violence in India pointed out that there has never been a “spontaneous” communal riot in India since 1880s when they were first started to be organized by the British and their collaborators.

Some people have pointed out that communal violence in India is actually state terrorism and has definite aim. History of more than 100 years proves this. All the incidents of communal violence reveal the hand of state and its agencies behind them in one shape or other. Delhi 1984, destruction of Babri Masjid or Gujarat massacres of 2002, each one of it is clearly an evidence of this.

People have been successfully able to stop these massacres where they are organized. For instance, residents of Ram Rahim Nagar in Ahmedabad have not let anything happen there since 1969. Similarly even in Delhi in 1984, there were many areas where people relying on their own unity and forces did not let such attacks come to a pass.

On the 30th anniversary of the Sikh massacres, victims are still asking for Justice which has been eluding them and the government of the day once again has shamelessly announced compensations. Why can’t they understand that the victims and their families want Justice and not compensation?
There are suggestions that peoples’ tribunals and courts be set up to punish the guilty. These proposals have to be considered seriously as there is no hope for Justice from any part of the state including the judiciary.

(Jaspal Singh is a philosopher based in Cambridge, Massachusetts)