Human Rights Protection Association condemns Rajnath Singh’s Israel visit

By Staff reporter,

At a time when one after another countries are sidelining Israel, Indian Home Minister’s visit will send wrong message to the international community: HRPA

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Mumbai: Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s ongoing Israel visit has been condemned by the Human Rights Protection Association (HRPA) and has cautioned India from increasing proximity with a country which has time and again “disobeyed” United Nation’s pronouncement of non-building houses in the West Bank and has been declared as a violator of human rights for bombing civilians in Gaza.

HRPA has said that due to Israel’s aggression against the people of Palestine, it is losing support from the international community and one after another counties are accepting Palestine to be the separate state. It has reminded that since long time India too has portrayed to be with Palestinian people and has stressed for maintaining global peace but the new regime, under the influence of a section of Indian community is growing closeness with Israel which is not good in the interest of larger section of Indian people.

It has also said that currently hostile situation has been created by Israel in Jerusalem due to obstructing Muslims from entering Holy Al-Aqsa mosque and by attempts of right wing Israelis of destructing it because of which countries are pulling their ambassadors from Israel expressing their disapproval but at the same time Indian Home minister is visiting there and is being welcomed by Israel on red carpet, which is against the set protocol, that suggest to the world that how India is in proximity to it despite international flak against Israel.

Mr. Shamim Ahmed, National President (India) & International Convener for HRPA said, “Indian Home Minister’s visit to Israel at this time of juncture when Israel is blocking Muslims from their holy mosque will clearly send out a wrong message to the international community”.

He also said that to maintain global peace it is necessary that all religions in the world and their religious holy places are respected by all but Israel has time and again obstructed Muslims from entering their mosque let alone its soldiers entered the mosque with their boots on.

He also appealed to the International community to view Israel’s aggression as a terrorist act and observe it to be a global issue because Israel’s hostility is helping the already increased terrorism in the world.

[With inputs from Urdutimes]