Latest on Hindutva hate agenda: 5Ms including ‘Poisonous Fruit of Islam’, ‘Bastard Marxists’

By M Reyaz,,

New Delhi: ‘Malicious 5’: Marxism, Macaulayism, Missionaries, Materialism and Muslim extremism are five biggest enemies of the Hindu society, claims a pamphlet distributed at the three-day World Hindu Congress 2014 that concluded here on Sunday.

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The pamphlet – a single page, two-side printed document titled ‘Thought Paper’ – published purportedly by ‘Progressive Foundation’ is full of oft-repeated rhetoric in most abusive terms to describe the ‘Malicious 5’ or simply ‘M5’ – the “five fingered fist of the demon Mayasur.”

The has a copy of it obtained from a media personnel who covered the event – was distributed on Saturday during a session on education at the conference held between November 21-23.

This fist of the demon is introduced as “a combination of five sinister anti-Hindutva forces,” which is “weakening the very source of Dharma” and “continuously weakening Hindu society for centuries now.”

Describing that the M5 disguises themselves in various forms, it says, “Sometimes an evil finger attacks Hindu society with guerrilla warfare in the form of Maoists; at the same time other finger attacks Hindus openly in the form of Jihadists,” and further adds: “With two fingers in action another finger attacks on cultural front in the form of ‘Kiss of Love’.”

The pamphlet – it could not be immediately established whether ‘Progressive Foundation’ is yet another saffron-front organization – then goes on to describe the M5, as the Hindutva organizations perceive it:

Marxism for them thus is “the thumb of the demon’s claw,” that has given birth to “multiple bastard offspring like Communists, Socialists, Liberals, Maoists, Anarchists and all other forms Leftists.” Hindutva forces’ main grudge against Leftists is that they have “infiltrated and have taken over major Indian systems like Education, Journalism, and Environment, etc.” and that they have “ridiculed every hero, every period, every episode and every precedent in which Hindus can take pride.”

The pamphlet also holds Marxists guilty of always aligning with Muslims and supporting their cause. “The same Leftists whitewashes blood thirsty Islamic History, its despicable despots and condones their crimes,” it writes, adding, “Leftists have created heinous perception in which Muslim is always secular and Hindu is always communal.”

According to the same pamphlet, the last M of the “malicious 5” is the “poisonous fruit of Islam”. “Islam aims for Muslims to be brainwashed, blackmailed, frightened and forced into the fold of Jihadism,” it says, adding, “On the other hand it toils hard to neutralise, paralyse and blacken Hindu society so that the road for forward march of Islam is clear.”

It goes on to argue that all available platforms are being used to “defeat the emergence of Hindu nationalism … by harping on India’s multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-language, multi-national and multi-cultural character.” The pamphlet then declares that the fight with Islam will be “one of the longest in the history,” and that “Crazy ideas like Islam can be reformed are a fallacy”.

Similar words have been used in the pamphlet to describe missionaries who are making “bold bid” to make a “safer haven” for Christians in the East; Westernised Indians derided as Macaulayists, after Lord Macaulay, who introduced the Western education system in India, and Materialists, who “wickedly pit individual against its own society’s value system.”

The three days long first World Hindu Congress 2014 was organised by the World Hindu Foundation, in which over 1,500 delegates from 40 countries participated. The convention was sponsored by several leading companies.

Besides, several RSS, VHP and leaders of other Sangh organisations, many BJP leaders and ministers also spoke on the occasion. Several educationists, scientists and experts from different fields were also invited to speak during the over 45 sessions. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Ashok Singhal spoke on the inaugural day expressing pride over a ‘swabhimani’ (proud) Hindu coming back to the reins of power in Delhi after 800 years after Prithviraj Chauhan.

The biggest enemy of hindu society
The biggest enemy of hindu society


After 800 years, a proud Hindu ruling Delhi: Singhal