Shia, Sunni speakers share stage at Chennai event

By TCN News,

Chennai: Shia and Sunni speakers came together on stage to talk about ‘Importance of Hijab in women empowerment’ and the topic of Islamic bondage between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

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The seminar ‘Importance of Hijab in Women Empowerment’ was addressed by Sayeda Sabika Haider, Tabassum Aun, Aalima Ummey Laila and Fathima Muzaffar Sahiba. It was held on Sunday, April 5 at ‘Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (as) Islamic Centre’ at Perambur, a statement from the Chennai Shia Youth Association said.

Shia, Sunni speakers shared stage at a Chennai event speaking on ‘Importance of Hijab in Women Empowerment’ (Photo credit: Chennai Shia Youth Association)​

“There is always a need for unity and brotherhood amongst all of us, be it among Muslims or outsiders. Keeping this in consideration, this unity programme for ladies with the seminar having one Sunni speaker and three Shia speakers was organised. The speakers spoke on the topic and Islamic bondage between Shia and Sunni Muslims,” the statement said.

Hundreds of women participated and benefitted from the seminar. The programme was hosted by Sister Gulshan.

A photo exhibition on ‘Importance of Hijab in Women Empowerment’ was showcased and an Islamic Tamil book stall too was put up at the event venue. Tamil books and a booklet ‘Why Hijab’ were also distributed for free to all.