‘Encounter’ of five Muslim UTs: Inquest Panchnama shows over a dozen bullets and other mysterious injuries on victims’ bodies

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Hyderabad: The new official details emerging from the encounter of five under trail Muslim prisoners is likely to further drag the Telangana police and its government in more embarrassing position. The Inquest Panchnama report available with TwoCircles.net details injuries on dead bodies of the gory shoot-out.

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Five under trials, accused in terror cases – namely Mohammed Viqaruddin, Amjed Ali, Mohammed Haneef, Mohammed Zaker and Izhar Khan – were shot dead on April 7 while they were being taken from Warangal prison to Hyderabad criminal court for a trial. Police claimed to have opened fire when the accused tried to snatch a weapon from a policeman in the running vehicle between Aler and Jangaon, about 80 km from Hyderabad, in an area bordering Warangal and Nalgonda districts. However, their families, lawyers and civil rights activists find the police version questionable and have termed it as a ‘revenge’ and ‘retaliation’ against the death of cops in another encounter few days earlier.

Mohammed Viqaruddin, Mohammed Haneef, Amjed Ali, Riyaz Khan and Izhar Khan. All five killed in encounter

The Inquest Panchnama which is conducted on suspicious killing under section 174 of Criminal Procedure Code directs the nearest magistrate conducting the Panchnama to have two or more witness who are ‘respectable inhabitants of the neighbourhood’ and in their presence investigate the injuries on the dead body. The Inquest Panchnama report is the initial step before moving the dead bodies for the post mortem.

In the midst of whole administrative procedure, subsequent to the encounter getting lampooned, the Panchnama stands no distinct. Revenue Divisional Officer of Bhongir with the rank of executive magistrate conducted five different Inquest Panchnamas at Jangaon Government Hospital mortuary.

Executive Magistrate astonishingly took local Village Revenue Officers and more shockingly the accused escort police men as the witness of the inquest. Only on two occasions in addition to the officers, a 20 and other 22 year old local Dalit students were taken as a witness.

The same escort policemen witness to the Inquest Panchnama, in their written description of events recorded in Panchnama described the deceased prisoners as ‘ISI Terrorists’.

Photo of one the accused killed by Police, shows he is handcuffed.

The five separate inquest Panchnamas were prepared in Telugu under crime no. 35/ 2015 Aleru Police Station on the same day of the incident, started at 1:45 pm and finished at 3:45 pm taking two hours to complete.

The Inquest Panchnama began with the dead body of Lucknow resident Izhar Khan, described as the D1 or Deceased 1. Izhar’s body had 18 bullet injuries. The injuries description on the Panchnama report details: 1) Three bullet injuries on the right leg 2) Three bullet injuries on right thigh 3) Three bullet injuries on left thigh 4) left and right front knee one bullet injury each 5) stomach left side one bullet injury and on right side two bullet wounds 6) Left shoulder one bullet injury.

Besides the above, the injuries which raise the eyebrows are: 7) Back head right side one bullet injury 8) Body lower back one bullet injury 9) Back of head on the above one more bullet injury. The above mentioned wounds clearly suggest that deceased was shot to kill from behind.

Another suspicious injury on D1 as described by Panchnama is 10) an undescribed injury on left leg plantar due to which skin is paled.

D2 Syed Amjed Ali received 11 bullet injuries 4 among them were found on his left side throat. The other injuries were, 1) On middle of the chest 2 inches width one bullet injury, 2) on back bone’s middle one bullet injury, 3) Right shoulder near to near there were two bullet injuries, 4) Left shoulder two bullet injuries, 5) on shoulder pit two bullet injuries.

The D3, Doctor Mohammed Haneef a native of Gujarat received a dozen bullet injuries: 1) on left ear’s side one bullet injury, 2) on right side jaw one bullet injury, 3) on left side of shoulder two bullet wounds, 4) on left shoulder muscles three bullet injuries, 5) on right hand shoulder’s muscle one bullet injury, 6) on left thigh one bullet injury, 7) on left knee one bullet injury, 8) on left heap two bullet injuries.

According to Inquest Panchnama on Dr. Haneef’s dead body they were some unexplained injuries on right side of chest.

The D4 Mohammed Zaker’s 11 bullet injury ridden dead body speak volumes on the style of encounter. Half of those bullet injuries were received on the backside of his body; they are: 1) back head right side one bullet injury, 2) near spinal column left side back three bullet injuries, 3) back bone right side one bullet injury, 4) right side collar bone one bullet injury.

The other wounds on body includes, 5) left hand one bullet injury, 6) left hand underarm one bullet injury, 7) right side arm one bullet injury and 8) left side of chest (near the heart) two bullet injuries.

The Panchnama also describe unexplained scratch wounds on D4’s stomach.

The D5 Mohammed Vikaruddin’s dead body, on whose name the whole encounter story has been cooked up, in fact, appears as most suspicious. No exact count of bullet injuries on his body was presented in the Inquest Panchnama. Three columns of bullet injuries on his chest were shown but exact number of wounds remain undisclosed.

The other mentioned injuries were: 1) on right neck two bullet injuries, 2) on left hand shoulder two bullet injuries, 3) on left shoulder side three bullet injuries, 4) on back body right and left side one bullet injury each, 5) on right side shoulder one bullet injury.

7) The Inquest Panchnama also showed that in the middle of his head one bullet wound was found.

But a specific injury mentioned in the Panchnama which is becoming bone of the contention is, 8) ‘Right hand’s thumb finger’s inside portion was cut off’.

One of the lawyers from the team of advocates representing the victims’ families in the courts, told TwoCircles.net, that from the very beginning they knew encounter was a revenge killing of the Telangana police.

The cases slapped on Viqar related to alleged assassination of police officers, the cut off injury on his right hand figures manifests something very rotten, he added.

The post mortem reports of the five deceased is still lying protected with the police nearly a month after the encounter. Neither the victims’ families nor the High Court have been provided with the post mortem reports yet, although the case is being heard.

With Inquest Panchnama opening a pandora box the post mortem report can surely generate more trouble for the police and government in this controversial ‘encounter’.

Encounter' of five Muslim UTs: Inquest Panchnama shows over a dozen bullets and other mysterious injuries on vic tims’ bodies

Encounter' of five Muslim UTs: Inquest Panchnama shows over a dozen bullets and other mysterious injuries on vic tims’ bodies


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