Civil rights activist threatened with life on social media for tweeting about Sangeet Som

By Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: Hindutva trolls have threatened to kill young human rights activist Ravi Nitesh, founder of Mission Bhartiyam, on his Twitter account for writing on politics over beef. Ravi Nitesh had made a joke on Twitter after news came out that that BJP MLA Sangeet Som was one of the directors in a company that had applied for opening a slaughter house.

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Sangeet Som has clarified that he has no more anything to do with the company, adding that he sold his stakes long back.

Ravi Nitesh is quite active on social media and he writes regularly against the rising wave of violent Hindutva politics. This particular ‘threatening’ tweet came from a person who keeps his display picture of Amit Shah. This tweet included abuses and even life threat in case Ravi Nitesh does not stop tweeting. This thread reads, “You will be butchered in the same slaughter area.”

Recent Photo of Ravi Nitesh with Irom Sharmila

Ravi Nitesh, who works and writes on human rights issues, has received abuses from extremists and religious fundamentalists earlier also, but this time, abuse is also mixed with direct threat of life.

“With the rising pattern of right wingers in society as well as on social media, it seems that there is a well planned strategy of these hate mongers to spread hatred in society and to disintegrate society through all possible ways including instigating violence, torture and threats,” Ravi Nitesh later said.

He has also filed a written complaint to the Office of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Cyber Crime Cell of the Delhi Police on Friday.

“In the same line of my tweets on the said evening of 8th October, where I had written few tweets about Beef ban and Beef politics. In response of the same, I received a threat tweet from this user named Shakti Singh, but this tweet does not have any mention of difference of opinion, instead it directly centered on my personal liberty as it was advising me to ‘Keep silence’, equipped with the ‘life threat’ as it further says ‘you will be butchered in the same slaughter area’. These threats also had abuses,” Ravi Nitesh wrote in the complaint to the Delhi Police.

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Sounding concerned, he wrote, “In view of continuous attacks upon people who are registering their dissent in peaceful manners of writing or through using democratic spaces, this threat is dangerous for me and posses serious weight that can have its implication to stop my voice (coming for secularism, communal harmony and human rights) with use of violence or through taking my life.”

He has urged the Delhi Police to take cognizance of this matter and take immediate action as per Indian laws.

Among other things, Ravi Nitesh is involved in Aghaz-e-Dosti, Indo-Pak peace friendship forum; Save Sharmila Campaign against armed forces special power act, and regularly writes on issues of human rights from riot and conflict ridden areas.