RSS members assault Hindu, Muslim students for singing Christmas Carols

By Staff Reporter

The Chadayamangalam police on Sunday filed a case against eleven persons, all of them associated with RSS, for assaulting teenagers for singing Christmas Carol songs in Kollam district.

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According to local media reports, one of the suspects, Jayakumar, questioned a group of teenagers what religion they belonged to while they arrived in his house as part of a Carol group. When they said they they belonged to Hindu and Muslim families, Jayakumar demanded to know why a non-Christian group was out singing Christmas carols.

“Jayakumar shouted at us while he came to know there were no Christians in the group. He said that Christmas should be celebrated only by Christians and not people from other religions,” said 16 year old Abdullah.

The group, however, left the house. But Jayakumar and a few of his relatives barged into the compound while they entered to next house and started beating the group.

While the group asked the teenagers to sing Hindu devotional songs, they refused to do.

According to Abdulla, the group kicked the teenagers on their chests. Abdulla alleged that they were all part of RSS, saying he has seen them organising Shakha meetings at the locality.

The attack continued while the victims were taken into hospital in a car.

The Chadayamangalam police have registered a case against Jayakumar and 10 others under the Juvenile Justice Act.