Islamic organisations in Karnataka condemn assault on Muslim cattle transporters, demand action

By Shaik Zakeer Hussain, TwoCircles,net

Bangalore: A group of Islamic organisations working under the umbrella of ‘Mission Possible for Justice and Rights’ expressed their anger against the Gurgaon Gau Raksha Dal and its leader Dharmendra Yadav for forcing two Muslim cattle transporters Mukhtiar and Rizwan, to eat cow dung and drink its urine, in the name of protecting the cow.

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The incident that occurred on June 10 surfaced to public notice after a video emerged showing a group of people forcing two Muslims youths to eat what they call as the ‘panchgavya’ (a concoction of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd and ghee).

In the video, the two men are shown sitting on the road attempting to wash the concoction down their throats with water, while the miscreants are seen forcing them to chant ‘Gau Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

Addressing reporters at a press conference held here at the Press Club of Bangalore, Mission Possible’s president Shariff Bin Basheer (Umar Shariff), questioned the purpose of the law if organisations such as these are on loose. “What’s the difference between ISIS and these goons who carried such a heinous act against our Muslim brothers, that too in the month of Ramadan”.

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He also lashed out at the Faridabad Police department, under whose jurisdiction the incident took place, for arresting the victims, instead of the culprits.

Warning that Muslims ‘cannot be bogged down by such unruly goons,’ the organisation called for a ban on the Gau Raksha Dal and demanded strict against the members connected to the incident.